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Review: Scrub-a-Dub Dub with Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish

Since I’m taking a break from working, I’m also on shopping ban as I’m no longer earning any income or whatsoever. Good for me because I can take this opportunity to be more hardworking in using up all the beauty product stash that I have. Like I said before I have a very good self-control on shopping but I do plan to splurge on Make Up For Ever products during their official opening of Pro Boutique which was held last Friday. I don’t know if it’s fated or what. I have to absent myself from the event that day as I was rushing some freelance job that I took on. So no haul for me.

I went to Sephora KLCC last Sunday to hunt for gifts for a dear friend of mine. Since I can’t shop for myself doesn’t mean I can’t shop for somebody else right? Right? There’s something about spending on other people. It makes me happy to see my friends caught in surprise with small gifts that I got for them. Among the array of gifts I bought, I also pick up a tub of Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish.

Soap & Glory Flake Away 1

Here’s the thing. This friend of mine has everything. She is more knowledgable in beauty than I do, she’s a professional makeup artist, she’s young, she’s pretty and cute, she’s very fashionable and she literally doesn’t need anything. She is the only friend that is able to make me scratch my head thinking what to get for her. While I was at Sephora, I scroll back at our Whatsapp chat because we do talk about beauty stuff most of the time. In conclusion, I can’t give her jewellery because she have tons and she have better taste than I do LOL, she doesn’t use body stuff, hair care stuff or bath stuff. However she did say she only use Soap & Glory. But which? Hair? Bath? See the dilemma I’m in? In the end I pick up one miniature body wash, one Flake Away, one miniature shampoo and one miniature conditioner from Soap & Glory for my friend and some other stuff from Sephora. Then I saw that other full size body scrub is only RM39. I double confirm Flake Away price with the BA as the price tag was not anywhere visible. Price indeed is RM39 so I put the miniature back and took the full size instead. I wasn’t sure if I’ll gift my friend this as well because afterall she did say she don’t use any bath stuff 🙂 . I decided that I will only think about it at home. If the gift box can fit, I’ll gift her Flake Away as well.

You’re reading this review means you can already guess that I didn’t send out Soap & Glory Flake Away to my friend. I wasn’t able to fit the large tub into the largest gift box that was given by Sephora and I already fill the box to the top brim forcefully. That means this Flake Away is mine *evil laugh*

When I first untwist the cover off, I was greeted with a burst of sweet candy scent. This body polish wasn’t like what I expected – dry and coarse. Instead this Soap & Glory Flake Away is more of a finely milled type. One would not have guess that it contain shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, skin smoothing sea salt, grapeseed and sugar as it sit smoothly in the tub. I wasn’t really paying attention to what I bought. This is body polish, not body scrub. But it works the same for me 🙂

Soap & Glory Flake Away 2
The first thing that I notice when I scoop Flake Away out from the tub is the sugar grains. Boy the look is deceiving at first but once you touch it you will definitely feel the sugar and sea salt. It is more runnier than any other body scrub. I suppose all body polish is like this.

Soap & Glory Flake Away 3
I can clearly see the transparent sugar grains, sea salt and peach seed powder grains. My nose also detected a strong peach scent from the body polish. It smells absolutely amazing. Where have I been all this while eh? No wonder a few of my friends only use Soap & Glory. Although the texture is more runnier, I can still feel the soft exfoliating from the sugar. The body polish warms up a bit when I start scrubbing. There is also a strong sugary scent burst during scrubbing that I can almost lick my own arm. Just kidding 😀

Soap & Glory Flake Away 4
There’s this tagline on the outside tub of Soap & Glory Flake Away that says “it might be fine if her friends are flaky, but lady’s legs should never be”. Well, true to that. I’m not flaky but my skin do feel extra soft and smooth after rinsing. I like that the scent lingers on for a good few hours. If you see me smelling myself next time, it’s because of Soap & Glory Flake Away 😀

You know what? I will definitely repurchase this. It lives up to it’s rave, it’s more affordable than every other body scrub or body polish that I’ve used and it smells oh-so-good too. This big 300ml tub will last you for a good few months maybe but I doubt it’s going to last more than a month for me as I’ve already used up a quarter of it. You wanna know something odd? I couldn’t find the content ml/gram on the tub at all. I only knew that this is 300ml after searching in Soap & Glory website. How odd.


Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish is available at all Sephora outlet nationwide.

Price: RM39 for 300ml



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • I enjoy reading your post…you are a funny girl! haha…I love looking at Soap & Glory products too due to it’s design and the smell is amazing, I got one Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It before tried them once but it feel so ‘spicy’ on my skin >.< Then I sold it away lol

    • This is call shopping without knowing what to get lol. Soap & Glory should bring in the makeup product in. A bit boring already keep looking at the same thing. The old product like shower gel, scrub, shampoo and conditioner is still cheap but all the new product like skin care is a bit expensive. I can spend on counter brand already paying that price. I think Scrub Your Nose is suppose to burn a bit. Heard it’s quite a hit product.

  • I have always wanted this! Next time I visit Sephora I will definitely bag it out, thanks for the honest review Fiona ^_^ all these while I only have their shower cream and The Righteous Body Butter. Time to add more 😀

    • Really? I never even know about this hehe. I don’t browse very long in Sephora. This is the longest trip I ever made. I must say…RM39 is really affordable. Even The Body Soap one is about RM59, if I recall correctly. Shower gel, shampoo and conditioner price is also quite okay…RM49 each if I remember correctly 😛

  • The scrub look so fine like face scrub. I am sure you will be more relax after using the body polish.

    • Looks like face scrub. Body feels soooo smooth after using. The smell is yummylicious. Actually I accidentally ter-kiss the body polish while smelling it. Taste like sugar haha

      • hahaha!! You are so funny. Don’t eat yourself up while you bathing and using this body polish!

        • Accidentally one hahaha. The ingredients look like normal food to me 😛

  • I did see this at Sephora but cannot remember whether I liked the smell or otherwise. RM39 is cheap for a tub of body polish. Was keeping an eye on Clarins Toning Body Polisher because it was raved by a blogger I know but that one cost RM152. Maybe I will check the Soap and Glory one again. Thanks for the review 🙂

    • There’s 3 type of body scrub. Nearly took a miniature of Scrub ‘Em & Leave ‘Em. Luckily I decided not to be lazy and open up the tester tub to smell. The smells was awesome (for me). Oh Clarins! Try Clarins one first. I like all their stuff 🙂

  • I wanted to get this but I ended up repurchasing the Breakfast Scrub since there’s more product and the scent is just.. heavenly. I will try this next time! 😀

    • Breakfast Scrub is more expensive. I’ve no plan to pick this up one. Also no plan to buy something for myself. I guess this is like a present to myself since my friend’s gift box is already full haha!

  • I want to scrub-a-dub-dub too hihihi. Actually I bought this after reading your review. It sounded so delicious and RM39 for a huge jar is not bad. So far I’m loving the body polish. Thanks for the review.

    • Yay! I’m glad to hear you like it too. I think I’m already down half a tub. When I review this I’ve used 1/4. And that’s only 2 times usage hehe


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