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Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer is My Ultimate Favourite Bronzer of All Time. There, I Said It

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Ahhh the most raved Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer that everyone is eyeballing. This would be the easiest product review for me as I’ve already been using it for a few months before it’s available here in Malaysia AND I LOVE IT. Oppsss! I shouldn’t have jumped to the end of the review at the beginning huh 😛 . A few months ago, I spilled the beans on Instagram Stories that Physicians Formula Malaysia would be bringing in the Butter Bronzer but as a limited edition release. If you missed several announcement on that and still asking me about Butter Bronzer, hmmm, it means you are not stalking me close enough 😛 . And the official announce was also made on Physicians Formula Malaysia Instagram on 16th August. Just bear in mind that this will be a limited edition release an only available for a limited time only while the stock lasts, so don’t procrastinate for too long.

The full name of this is Butter Bronzer Murumuru Butter Bronzer. I know, weird that they repeated Butter Bronzer twice. I’m just going to call it Butter Bronzer for short. This bronzer is infused with Murumuru Butter, Cupuacu Butter and Tucuma Butter from the Amazon for that Brazilian glow. This may be a bit confusing to some – glow in a bronzer. No, you will not look all shimmery because this is a matte bronzer. So don’t worry.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer 2
Butter Bronzer is available in two shades – Light Bronzer and Bronzer. Light Bronzer would be too light and muddy for me based on swatches available online. So I go with Bronzer shade, which turned out to be just nice on me with build-able coverage. One of the reason why everyone is raving about this bronzer is the scent. It is said to have a pina colada scent. I don’t detect any coconut scent but to me it smells like beach holiday and I think many people agree with me on that 😀 .

Every Physicians Formula product comes with a brush or applicator. So is this Butter Bronzer, except that you don’t exactly get a brush but a sponge applicator some sort. I still have yet to use the applicator so I can’t comment on it because I love my bronzer line to be precise and diffused at the same time.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer 3
Butter Bronzer is said to be an ultra-rich bronzer that are creamy and soft. You must be wondering how it is a powder product creamy, eh? Well, the texture is said to mimic a powder and cream bronzer in one. The powder consistency feels like a velvety soft powder that goes on the skin beautifully without caking up. It also blends effortlessly and beautifully on the skin. This bronzer has a soft shade payoff despite using the darkest shade among the two shades available. That is also how I like my bronzer to be. Soft but build-able. I usually put on a soft first layer and build up to the shade I want. It is really not a super pigmented into-your-face kind of bronzer but once you build it up, it is absolutely beautiful! That is why the beauty community is still going crazy over this bronzer even after a year of launching it.

I am on the Western makeup trend so I like my face shape to look like they have dimension instead of the Korean or Japanese makeup style with a slap of white into your face kinda look. Nothing wrong with it, just a personal preference. The funny thing is, when I simply chisel up my face dimension, it doesn’t appear on the photo but if I build it up, it is wonderful! This is the Western makeup trend so please take my face shot comparison with a pinch of salt. You may not like it but I like it 😛

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer 5
I don’t use any other “contour” product to contour, just this Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. The brush I like to use with bronzer is the Real Techniques Cheek Brush from the Nic’s Pick set. It has a fluffy but tapered brush that I can easily do a contour line first before diffusing out with the same brush. But I go through phases with bronzer brush LOL. As of now, this is it.

The million dollar question is, should you get this Butter Bronzer. HELL YES! Run to it, don’t walk as it may just run out of stock. Remember, RUN!


Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer Murumuru Butter Bronzer is available at the following selected Watsons stores for a limited time only.
1. Watsons Mid Valley
2. Watsons Pavilion
3. Watsons KLCC
4. Watsons Sunway Pyramid
5. Watsons Kinta City
6. Watsons Ipoh Parade
7. Watsons City Square
8. Watsons KSL2
9. Watsons Gurney Plaza
10. Watsons IOI City Putrajaya
11. Watsons Sky Avenue
12. Watsons KLIA2 Gateway

Price: RM69.90

For more information, please visit Physicians Formula Malaysia Facebook Page and Instagram page or Physicians Formula Malaysia Website.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • I like buildable bronze. I like how it look and not too sheer or oily on face.

    • Oh it’s not too sheer as it looked super natural on the skin. I like to build up accordingly to the makeup I had on that day so bronzer to contour is always the 3rd last step.


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