Mamonde High Cover Liquid Cushion 1

Mamonde High Cover Liquid Cushion Hits All the Check List I Have for Cushion Product

Mamonde High Cover Liquid Cushion 1
When it comes to cushion foundation, I only have one top favourite. It puzzled me how cushion foundation dries up so fast. As if it we were in a warp speed or something. The April Skin cushion that I have been saving for special event use only is barely useable now and I have only used it not more than 5 times! Sulwhasoo or even Innisfree lasts longer than that. Then, came along this new Mamonde High Cover Liquid Cushion.

I am not into BB Cream in general regardless whatever form it comes in, especially if it comes in a cushion. However that is a different story when it comes to liquid cushion. I can jump straight to the end of my review now telling you that this Mamonde High Cover Liquid Cushion hits all the check list I have for cushion product. This, I like!

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Park Shin Hye

8 Facts You Need To Know About Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye
Once again, I am lost in the Korean star news on who is who lol. For you hardcore Korean star fans, rejoice! Because Mamonde Malaysia brand ambassador Park Shin Hye will be visiting Malaysia this October. Whether you know Park Shin Hye or not (like me), let’s get to know her first while we wait for her arrival to Malaysia, aight!


8 Facts About Park Shin Hye

#1 – Park is 26 years old this year. Her birthday falls on 18th February 1990.

#2 – Her first acting debut started in 2003, in a drama called Stairway to Heaven, which earned her the Best Young Actress Award by SBS Drama Awards. Park’s career rose when she starred in the K-drama ‘The Heirs’ alongside Lee Min Ho, where she played Cha Eun-Sang. ‘The Heirs’ was a huge success in China with one billion views on (a popular video viewing site in China) while Park had more than 11 million followers Weibo, the highest number followers for a Korean female actress.

#3 – She was awarded the ‘Popular Foreign Actress Award’ at the Chinese Anhui Drama Awards. Park’s popularity continues to soar with her role as Choi In-ha in the drama Pinocchio which earned her Forbes Korea’s Top 40 Most Popular Celebrities. In the drama ‘Doctors’ that is currently airing on SBS, Park plays the female lead which makes her more popular than before. SBS expects to reach a 20 per cent viewership rating nationwide in the coming weeks with this drama gaining popularity.

#4 – Park has won more than 23 drama and TV awards which also include the Prime Minister’s Award at the 6th Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards and the Most Popular Actress (Film) at the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards in 2015.

Park Shin Hye
#5 – Park has been the face of Mamonde since 2014. She was selected because of her pure beauty and her multiple talents that fit the brand’s image and also the brand message, ‘Inspired by Flowers’. The very same year, Mamonde’s Creamy Tint Color Balm which was used by Park in the drama ‘Pinocchio’, saw a sales surge which earned the phenomena, the ‘Park Shin Hye Lipstick Effect.’ Similarly this year, Mamonde’s new Highlight Lip Tint #6 (Pin Spot) which happens to be Park’s favourite, which she also uses in the drama ‘Doctors’, was seen flying off the shelves.

#6 – Mamonde hopes for the same phnomena for its new Cover Powder Cushion with the release of two new TV commercials in June, starring Park Shin Hye and K-pop boy group BTOB’s Sungjae. In the TV commercial, Sungjae was featured as being mesmerised by Park’s beauty which was complemented by the Cover Powder Cushion. The shades of the Cover Powder Cushion are light and bright just like the petals of the Peach flower which gave Park’s face the soft glow.

#7 – Park recently engaged with 100 lucky fans at a Mamonde fan signing event at Aritaum, Korea. At the session, she wrote and handed out autographed postcards to each of her fans.

#8 – When asked what is her favourite Mamonde products, Park revealed that she love the Highlight Lip Tint #6, Cover Powder Cushion and the Mamonde Flower Essence Masks on her Instagram.


Fans, be on the look out for more information on Park Shin Hye’s visit this October on Mamonde Malaysia’s Facebook page. I will share more when I know more about her visit 🙂


Mamonde Malaysia 1

Mamonde, South Korea Imported Cosmetic Brand Debut in Malaysia This August 2016

Mamonde Malaysia 1
Mamonde, a leading global premium cosmetic brand fully imported from South Korea is scheduled to be launched in Malaysia this coming August 2016 with its first beauty counter in Aeon Bandar Utama. Mamonde will be the latest skincare brand under leading cosmetic company, AmorePacific Malaysia’s umbrella.

The word Mamonde is the french word for My World. It is a beauty brand that offers quite a wide selection of skincare and makeup products. Price are pretty affordable. Let me just warn you. It is priced at the lower price than Laneige. Say between RM6 to RM169?

Mamonde Malaysia 2
Mamonde Malaysia 3
Mamonde’s skincare uses flowers as its key ingredients formulation. It is the first of its kind in the market for this formulation. Why flowers? It is said that blossoming flower together with its scent and colours naturally emits a inherent vitality and surging energy that is able to change one mood and calms the heart. Therefore an intensive research and development was done at AmorePacific Research Institute, uncovering the link between flowers and woman’s beauty. These research was done on various types of flowers, from the root to the stem up to the flower petals. Flowers contain moisturizing properties and skin nourishing ingredients that not only provide moisturization to the skin but also to balance oil production.

Each Mamonde skincare range uses different flower as its key ingredient. They are five main range with five different key flower ingredient and functions.

Mamonde Malaysia 4

Honeysuckle, an enduring winter flower is widely grown on the mountains and in the forests. The blossoms are white but gradually turn yellow with age.


Mamonde Malaysia 5

Hibiscus blooms beautifully under sunshine on summer days. Each hibiscus shrub is capable of growing up to 5,000 trumpet-shaped flowers over a long season.


Mamonde Malaysia 6

Narcissus grows and blooms in bunches by the sea, revealing its pure and elegant beauty especially when clustered.


Mamonde Malaysia 7
Lotus Flower

Lotus breathes as the sun rises and anchors itself firmly on a puddle of mud. The deep, noble scent that travels in wind is sure to attract you.


Mamonde Malaysia 8

Camellia is a flower capable of enduring long winter is adaptable even in the ocean. The flower is also capable of preserving its intoxicating scent regardless of its surrounding.


Mamonde aims to bring women’s beauty into a bloom through the eyes of nature and wisdom found in the flowers’ vitality, which is now available in their products. Lookout for Mamonde first ever beauty counter this August 2016 in Aeon Bandar Utama 😀

For more information, please visit Mamonde Malaysia Facebook Page or Instagram for more updates.