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Dr. Brandt KENS Apothecary Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Masks

Fun and Gimmicky Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier Skin Recharging Magnet Mask That Visibly Smoothen and Brighten My Skin within 10 Minutes!

Dr Brandt Magnetight 1
I love quirky beauty products. I bet all girls do. That’s what makes them buy it! Sometimes you thought you’ve seen it all, used it all, then something quirkier came out and it blew your mind. This was what makes my eye balls popped out of the socket several months ago. I first saw this new Dr. Brand Magnetight Skin Recharging Magnet Mask from Tati of Glam Life Guru channel. I quickly went on Kensapothecary website to see if we have it here in Malaysia and most importantly the price but to only find out that we do not have it. Yet. Fast forward to a month or two ago, we can finally buy Magnetight mask.

I have the mask for quite some time now. I did a quick Insta Stories first impression, literally bringing you along as I unbox and apply the mask for the first time, and many of you DM-ed me saying you saw a significant smoother and brighter skin as soon as I removed the mask. I promised an Insta Video and that took me a while to post up because my eczema on the forehead is having too much fun. It would be so weird to see a red patch on the forehead hehe. If you missed the video, you can check it out here.

Budget - Skin Care Budget Buy Hada Labo Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Cleanser

Hada Labo AHA + BHA Face Wash: Does Your Face Need Acne Control or Oil Control?

Hada Labo AHA+BHA Face Wash
Oh wow. I’ve been sitting on this draft for hours and yet I have not type anything down lol 😛

So, Hada Labo brought out two new AHA + BHA face wash and I got it a few months back. I have been desperately trying to used up my every other face wash so that I can open one of the Hada Labo AHA + BHA Face Wash to try. To be honest I have not tried their AHA + BHA cleanser before so you can understand why I’m so intrigued, especially when I have been receiving DMs on the Instagram on the difference between these two.

The Hada Labo AHA + BHA Face Wash comes in two variants – AHA + BHA Acne Control Face Wash and AHA + BHA Oil Control Face Wash. First thing first, both of the variants are formulated with the same Triple Anti-Pollution Formula to purify and protect the skin from environmental pollution. This is done by reducing the particles ability to adhere to the skin and also to form a protective barrier on the skin to shield against pollution damages. Then these face wash are formulated with Double Action Exfoliating Formula, whereas AHA (Glycolic Acid) and BHA (Salicylic Acid) in the formulation helped to soften skin, remove dead skin cells and restore its natural radiance overall.

ALBION Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Beauty Tool Skin Care - Toner

The Thick and Fluffy but Incredibly Durable ALBION Facial Cotton – L [Soft]

Albion Facial Cotton L 1
I have a soft spot for facial cotton. Good, huge, fluffy and soft facial cotton. I used to buy RMK one a lot until I discovered this ALBION Japan Facial Cotton – L [Soft]. Goodbye RMK, Hello ALBION!

I went for the official launch of ALBION last year and went home with their iconic Skin Conditioner Essential along with other product. Then a few days later the product manager kindly mailed over a pack of ALBION Facial Cotton – L [Soft] because I was told I could benefit the full effect of using Skin Conditioner Essential with the facial cotton. I finished the whole pack and I have bought another one since 🙂 . It is only these few days I restarted the ALBION 2-step skin toning, and hence restarted using this ALBION Facial Cotton – L [Soft]. Yes, I stopped this routine a few months ago to try other products. Then I remembered how much I love this facial cotton and the ALBION products.

Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Anti-Ageing Skin Care - Firming Skin Care - Wrinkle / Fine Lines Swiss Line

Never Ever Going Out Without Swiss Line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II Beforehand

Swiss Line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II
Regardless of age, every women want to have a firmer, lifted face. I for one sought after face lifting product since I was 26 years old after being on Hyperthyroidism medication. For some reason medication changed my sharp face feature into a different face shape. That, I am not happy with as I too developed some other skin issue as well. But the most obvious change after being put on massive medication is my face shape. After so many years of trial and error with trying out products that claimed to make one face sharper, I have come to a conclusion that those claim are near to impossible. Having said that, I do notice that all these products do lift and firm but not changing the face feature itself. So when the new Swiss Line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II landed on my review table, I was ready to see a firmer and lifted face.

Right off the bat, the Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II is one expensive product. RM698 expensive! How am I going to repurchase this if I do like it? We’ll figure that out 😛 . I was pretty excited about this one. Anything that said “lifting” excites me. The beautiful gold serum came housed in a sturdy box. The bottle was nestled in an inner shell. Love the fancy feel when I slide the box out 😀 . My first impression according to @whoisthatcarguy was priceless. I went WHOAAAAAA so loud because I wasn’t expecting a gold bottle of serum lol.

Hada Labo Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Anti-Ageing

Enjoying Skincare Layering with Hada Labo Lifting & Firming Essence in Between

Hada Labo Lifting & Firming Essence
Nothing excites me more than seeing new anti-aging skincare range in the market. Although my skin type took a sharp turn from combination oily to dehydrated, I still see shine on the face because of the skin dehydration that causes sebum to keep the skin hydrated. People say, your skin will become dry as you grew older. That is so true and exactly what happened to me. And so I have put anti-aging skincare as my top priority, followed by hydrating skincare. Prevention is always better than cure. Remember that 🙂

What if you can get the best of both world – anti-aging + hyration? With Hada Labo’s new and improved Lifting & Firming range you can! I received the whole entire set of six Lifting & Firming products consisting of Lotion (Rich), Milk, Cream, Wrinkle Care Cream, Mask and Essence. I have finished the whole box of face mask and at the same time I took out the Hada Labo Lifting & Firming Essence to use first as I like to sandwich and layer my skincare.

Kocostar Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Masks

Customize Your Home Mask Treatment with KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet and Have Fun Along the Way

Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet
Some people find it odd that I am not a fan of sheet mask and love cream or wash off mask to death. That is because my masking time is always at night, when I am penning down a blog review. I find that sheet mask tend to slide down my face and pull my skin downward along the way, especially those that are heavily soaked with essence. Those are heavy! Now this, this KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet is my new found love. I love these to death. More than my wash off mask? Maybe. Probably. Well, who’s counting? 😀

I posted a short video on Instagram using KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet for the first time, probably one to two months ago and I did not expect it to gained so many views. If you missed it, go click on the link to view the video 🙂 . KOCOSTAR is a Korean brand and it is a new brand available at Sephora. KOCOSTAR offers all sorts of home treatment mask series ranging from hair to toe masks. You can read all about KOCOSTAR at this link as well 😉