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Swiss Line Cell Shock White NEW Collection Now Has Advanced Whitening to Brightening and Clarity

Swiss Line Cell Shock White
Swiss Line best seller Cell Shock White collection since 7 years ago with the debut of “no whiter white than Cell Shock White”, now has advanced whitening to brightening and clarify. The new concept is to redefine beautiful skin as precious as diamond, as radiating an impeccable healthy glow.

Cell Shock White now has the support of Cellactel 2 White Complex, a component existed in the original Cell Shock White Collection. It is also enhanced with state-of-the-art Diamond Clusters, Syn®-ake Peptide, Spot-Off Complex and HD-White Complex. Why diamond? Besides a girl’s best friend (that’s what I always like to tell the guys LOL), it has extraordinary optical properties. On the skin, diamonds has a ability to alter the quality of light reflection from the skin to achieve an immaculate finish. Swiss Line then disperse micronized real diamonds onto the skin through suspending and trapped diamonds into micro-capsules using interaction of two marine polymers. So when Diamond Clusters are in contact with the skin, it is evenly dispersed. Another ingredient called the Syn®-ake Peptide delivers a non-invasive plumping effect. The muscle-relaxant action of the peptide works by smoothing the expression lines. Smoothen skin surface also support the diamond dispersion found in Cell Shock White.

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Never Ever Going Out Without Swiss Line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II Beforehand

Swiss Line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II
Regardless of age, every women want to have a firmer, lifted face. I for one sought after face lifting product since I was 26 years old after being on Hyperthyroidism medication. For some reason medication changed my sharp face feature into a different face shape. That, I am not happy with as I too developed some other skin issue as well. But the most obvious change after being put on massive medication is my face shape. After so many years of trial and error with trying out products that claimed to make one face sharper, I have come to a conclusion that those claim are near to impossible. Having said that, I do notice that all these products do lift and firm but not changing the face feature itself. So when the new Swiss Line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II landed on my review table, I was ready to see a firmer and lifted face.

Right off the bat, the Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II is one expensive product. RM698 expensive! How am I going to repurchase this if I do like it? We’ll figure that out 😛 . I was pretty excited about this one. Anything that said “lifting” excites me. The beautiful gold serum came housed in a sturdy box. The bottle was nestled in an inner shell. Love the fancy feel when I slide the box out 😀 . My first impression according to @whoisthatcarguy was priceless. I went WHOAAAAAA so loud because I wasn’t expecting a gold bottle of serum lol.

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More Pre-Essence? YES! Swiss Line Launched Not One But TWO Cell Shock Facial Essence

Swiss Line Cell Shock Facial Boosting Essence and Cell Shock White Facial Brightening Essence
Recently more and more brands came out with facial boosting essence or better known as pre-serum. And all launched at the same time! One of the brand who recently launched a pre-essence and that is Swiss Line Cell Shock Facial Boosting Essence and Cell Shock White Facial Brightening Essence. According to Swiss Line research, they have found a clinically proven modern formula to tackle “urban stress” on our skin. This formula found in the new Cell Shock Facial Boosting Essence and Cell Shock White Facial Brightening Essence is Urban-Detox Complex and it will be added into more subsequent Swiss Line products in the future.

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Beauty News: Swiss Line Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth-Inducing Eye Cream Addresses Problem From a Pigmentation and Complexion Point of View

Swiss Line Cell Shock Youth-Inducing Eye Cream
Eyes are the window to the soul they say. Agree or not the eye area tells a lot about our age, not the neck, not the hands but the eye area. Despite driving for more than 2 hours to Swiss Line Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth-Inducing Eye Cream media launch yesterday, I was this close to call the PR and tell them I will not be able to make it. I hate being late. That stress me up a lot and it shows on my eyes. Hello wrinkles!