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Never Ever Going Out Without Swiss Line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II Beforehand

Swiss Line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II
Regardless of age, every women want to have a firmer, lifted face. I for one sought after face lifting product since I was 26 years old after being on Hyperthyroidism medication. For some reason medication changed my sharp face feature into a different face shape. That, I am not happy with as I too developed some other skin issue as well. But the most obvious change after being put on massive medication is my face shape. After so many years of trial and error with trying out products that claimed to make one face sharper, I have come to a conclusion that those claim are near to impossible. Having said that, I do notice that all these products do lift and firm but not changing the face feature itself. So when the new Swiss Line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II landed on my review table, I was ready to see a firmer and lifted face.

Right off the bat, the Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II is one expensive product. RM698 expensive! How am I going to repurchase this if I do like it? We’ll figure that out 😛 . I was pretty excited about this one. Anything that said “lifting” excites me. The beautiful gold serum came housed in a sturdy box. The bottle was nestled in an inner shell. Love the fancy feel when I slide the box out 😀 . My first impression according to @whoisthatcarguy was priceless. I went WHOAAAAAA so loud because I wasn’t expecting a gold bottle of serum lol.

Swiss Line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II Box
Now, Cell Shock is a range within Swiss Line. And two of its classic – Eye Zone Lifting Complex II and this Face Lifting Complex II went into a revamp, now with the concept of combining anti-pollution to fight urban stress. Its original actives are retained. But its best Lifting formulas were improvised and incorporated with botanical biotech ingredients to effectively provide shielding from pollution and environmental toxicity. Newly engineered Urban Detox Complex is added into the classic formula as its high concentration of plant boosters is able to offer tightening and restructuring properties.

Recently I am trying out the idea of using toner with palm patting motion, rather than using it with cotton pad. Reason being is that my toner is so expensive that I find it is a waste to leave the goodness on a cotton pad. Yes I do know cotton pad is crucial in removing dirt and cleanser residue or what not. Just exploring the idea to see if I like it. I find that if I pat my toner straight from my palm to my face, my face is “wetter”. I was told this is good for the next skincare absorption. But then, I encounter an issue. A pump of this Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II hardly feels on my skin and that small pump amount suddenly is too much. You know me, I like to go all-out with skincare especially anti-aging product, what more a face lifting product. So I switch things up a little bit. I ditch the idea of toner without cotton pad so that my face is not too saturated with toner. THEN, it feels right with this Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II.

Swiss Line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II Pump
You see, the serum is in a gel consistency and it is on a liquidy side. It feels absolutely lovely on the skin. There was no worry about hydration because this serum is definitely hydrating, provided you use two pumps minimum. It smells a little perfume-y, but not too overpowering for me. I kind of liking the floral scent. From what I see on the tube, there are small little beads suspending inside the gel. Sometimes I can feel it on the skin, sometimes I don’t. The beads are not a lot so it is not always I get to pump the beads out. It’s not scratchy or anything like that so don’t worry.

Now, it claimed to give a noticeable face lift within minutes and reducing wrinkles. I feel the lifting literally a few minutes after I make sure I have all the serum absorbed into the skin. I don’t have visible wrinkles to witness the wrinkle reducing 😀 . I like that my face is more toned, not too tight and I definitely felt the lifting. It was weird but in a good way 😉

Swiss Line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II Texture
Now that I like it, how am I supposed to repurchase this serum? Please send help over here lol. I do like it for when I am going out. I do not need to worry that I would look saggy on photos. I also notice that I need not to retake photos since I started using this serum. When I’m working from home, I try not to use this serum as I fear I would run out of it soon. I’ve used 1/4 of the serum you bet I am afraid I run out 😛


Swiss Line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II and Eye Zone Lifting Complex II is available at over 50 Cheerful Beautique member beauty salons nationwide, including Energy Day Spa at Great Eastern Mall Ampang.

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+ Cell Shock Eye Zone Lifting Complex II – RM438 for 15ml glass bottle
+ Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex II – RM698 for 30ml glass bottle

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