Event News Gives You More Reason to Shop K-Beauty Products Online

I never realized how many people go crazy over K-Beauty. I mean I am aware of all the K-Beauty trend but when more and more Korean beauty brand are made available in Malaysia, suddenly I realized the demand and market for it is so huge.

I was approached by to attend their official launch event last week. I have not heard of and I kept typing it wrongly as “Beautiq” lol. After a quick search, I found out that they actually carry and sell a whole lot of Korean beauty brands. Some brands which I have not heard of but I managed to recognized a few thanks to Pony Makeup lol. was kind enough to get me to invite a few of my friends along and all three of us – Rane, Bowie and I had lots of fun at the launch event. Beauty, girls, makeup, photo booth, makeup demo, food – what more can we ask for 🙂


Who is

Who is is an online beauty boutique that carries some of the biggest Korean brands, which interestingly I was told some only available at certain salon in Korea. In another word, not a mass market brand type of products. The main focus for is of course on Korean beauty products because are into Korean innovation, technology and not forgetting the cute packaging as well as the effective results. Every product are imported directly from Korea or from the brand’s country of origin. All these niche Korean products are then put to numerous tests and selection process, after the founders had met with the brand owners and R&D lab to learn more about the latest innovations. Needless to say, everyone at had tried and tested the products that are available on the website.

Some of the brands had granted exclusive distributorship to such as Eglips, Bbia, Karadium, Sexy Formula and so on, while some will be made available in Watsons very soon.

Talent Cosmetic
For those who are seeking for Halal-certified Korean cosmetics, you will be delighted to know that Talent Cosmetic, who currently operates six flagship stores in the Myeong-dong district, is THE FIRST Korean cosmetics brand to receive the Malaysian government’s Halal certification. The certification was issued by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia.

Stay tune for some of the brands entering Watsons stores, but at the meantime do check out


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