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The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palettes Glides Over The Lid Oh-so Buttery Smooth

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palettes
I don’t think I have much prominent experience with The Body Shop cosmetic products. If you’ve been watching The Body Shop since many years ago, you would know that the brand had evolved in so many ways. And especially with their cosmetic range.

The Body Shop has quite an interesting eyeshadow collection. By collection I mean you can either customize your own palette to a mono eyeshadow, a quad or you can buy their eye palette and switch the shadows around. The one I’m talking about is Down To Earth Eye Palettes. I have heard so much good reviews on these eyeshadow and when I finally got around playing with the shades, I see myself nodding head in agreement. I have three Down To Earth Eye Palette quads – Go For Gold, A True Romance, Down To Earth – 03 and one mother palette, Down To Earth – Eye Palette.

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palettes Overall


Down To Earth ‘Go For Gold’ Quad (RM109)

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palette Go For Gold Quad
Majority of you who are into brown shadow would love this Go For Gold quad. I mean what’s not to love? You have four versatile matte and metallic shades to create a day time to night time look easily. This palette features four tonal shades from light to dark that can be used dry as it is or wet to intensify the shades.

The mattes in Gold For Gold Quad are Sahara Dune and Amazonian Earth, while the metallic iridescent shades are Aztec Gold and Essaquira Bronze. All four shadow feels soft and buttery smooth to touch, swatch and upon application.

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palette Go For Gold Quad Swatches


Down To Earth ‘A True Romance’ Quad (RM109)

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palette A True Romance Quad
When I first opened up the package, I was more excited with this A True Romance quad. I am more of a mauve shade type of girl than brown but after looking at the quad a few more times, I can tell you that this ain’t a mauve eyeshadow palette. I confirmed my own assumption after swatching them for the first time. This quad is a brown-tone quad but a cooler tone compared to Go For Gold quad. It has only one matte shade and three metallic iridescent shimmer shades, which swatches buttery smooth and beautifully. However the darkest shade in the quad – Bengal Granite has a little bit of gritty touch to it.

Is this still my favourite? Oh yes! 😀

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palette A True Romance Quad Swatches


Down To Earth ‘Down To Earth – 03’ Smoky Grey Quad – RM109

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palette Down To Earth 03 Quad
The name of this quad ‘Down To Earth – 03’ Smoky Grey is rather longer than the rest because on the packaging it is printed as Down To Earth – 03 but on the website it is named as the Smoky Grey quad. So don’t be confuse if you are looking at this post while looking at The Body Shop website as it is the same quad.

This is a true grey palette. Interestingly, this quad has not two but three texture shadow combination – true mattes, iridescent shimmers and eye-catching sparkles. The only matte in the quad is Atlas Rhassoul. India Rose Quartz and Siberia Anthracite are both metallic iridescent, AND the beautiful Cerro Rico Silver has sparkles in it. This shadow is still soft and pigmented despite having specks of sparkles in it. You can definitely feel the gritty shimmers when touch with your finger.

This is one palette I thought I would like the least, until I tried it on. I actually like the grey on me much to my surprise. In fact I would choose this quad over A True Romance quad 😀

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palette Down To Earth 03 Quad Swatches


Down To Earth – Eye Palette (RM149)

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palette Main
Currently sold out at the moment but highly recommended you to bag it if you see it in stock is the mother of all. The Down To Earth – Eye Palette. A double-quad palette with eight shades in three different finishes – true mattes, iridescent shimmers and eye-catching sparkles.

This palette has a few repeat shades from their quads – Sahara Dune and Aztec Gold from Go For Gold quad and Bengal Granite from A True Romance quad. As mentioned above, Bengal Granite has small gritty shimmers in it but not noticeable on the lid that much. My favourite shade has got to be Peru Clay. I like American eye makeup style and so a crease transition shade is like life and death to me. Of all the shades from all three quads and this palette, Peru Clay fits the transition shade bill the most. It is definitely not the typical warm brown that everyone uses as transition shade. This one has a cooler tone but on photo it is brown alright. I absolutely love this palette. It has a huge and clear mirror that I uses everytime I am using this palette. Usually you won’t see me using any eye palette mirror as I prefer a big mirror on the table, but this. This changed my routine a bit 🙂

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palette Main Swatches
Every shade swatches and goes on beautifully on the lid. The lighter shimmer shade would need a boost if you are into using a popping bright shade on the mobile lid (aka center of the lid) like me. So, this is when I pick the shadow up with my flat shader brush and mist the brush with makeup setting spray. This way, it intensifies the shadow to another level.

A look I did over the weekend are all used dry as I was testing these eye shadow out for the first time while photographing it as I go. What I get for being absolutely random and “go with the flow” is a warm grey look. I decided that I did not want to do any winged eyeliner as the main highlight is The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palettes! Notably, these shadows may swatch beautifully but I do notice that some of the shades do need a bit more effort in getting it on the lid and blending. You may find this tedious if you like a pigmented shade on the lid on first swipe but for me, I like to build the pigmentation up and blend thereafter. I find this way to be way better and easier to work with rather overdoing it on the first application. You will appreciate it if you like makeup routine as much as I do. Psstt. I can easily spend 2 hours putting on my makeup as I LOVE the process of it 😀

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palettes Look
These eyeshadow palettes reminds me so much of the ELF contour and blush kit. Then I tried popping the shadow out and voilá! It popped right out, confirming my curiosity that these are interchangeable. Now, that is such a great idea. I can pop the singles out and customize it into a quad for when I need to touch up when I am out.

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palettes Overview
What if you only like certain of the shades? Easy! The Body Shop do sell the casing and eyeshadow separately therefore you can customize your own preferred palette into a quad. It is slightly more costly to do so, which is normal. If so, why not take the ready quad? Each shade are selected to complement to each other.

See any quad or palette you like?


The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Palettes are available at all The Body Shop outlet nationwide.

Online Store:

Price: RM109 for the quad, RM149 for Down To Earth – Eye Palette (big one).

For more information, please visit The Body Shop Malaysia Website or Facebook Page.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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