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The Truth About Morphe: Would You Still? Or You Would Rather Not?

Truth About Morphe
Photo Credit: Glamlifeguru aka Tati

Morphe need no introduction at all. I bet you know who Morphe are and why every single girl in this planet go nuts over their eyeshadow palettes and brushes. I am too searching for their most sought after palette high and low from my usual resellers online. A huge palette with high pigmentation eyeshadows for a fraction of the price? Sign me up. Let’s not forget all those wonderful looking brushes that all Youtubers used in their video. It is seriously tempting. Very tempting.

To be honest, their eyeshadow palettes are priced at USD22.99 and it’s not expensive. The cheapest I have seen from local resellers who have their ways in buying from the US and get it shipped to Malaysia are at RM130. Due to the currency rate increase, the most expensive I have seen recently are probably RM140-RM160? Still cheaper compared to what Sephora has. RM130 for 35 eyeshadows to me is at an okay price. But then I watched this video below and that changes what I think about Morphe and why their price point is so affordable. Bear in mind, this guy who made the video, John Kuckian is a person who posted all sorts of gossip videos on Youtubers. Please watch it with a free mind like what I did and focus on the facts of the topic.

If you’re too lazy to watch the entire video, don’t worry. I understand because I can’t stand it either lol. To cut the story short, the video is about how Morphe bought their eyeshadow palettes from a private label and had their brand printed on it. I did some googling and found out that what he said is true. Anyone, I mean ANYONE can easily bulk purchase these palettes and have a brand stamped on it for USD3.80 per palette. What Kuckian was saying is that Morphe is not a cosmetic developer, they simply purchase from private label, have their brand stamped on it and claim it as theirs. Shocking? Yes.

Many brands do private labelling, which is fine and I’m okay with it. The whole point of this post is the whereabout of these palettes. They are so cheap, so mass that safety issue is questionable. All I know was that these palettes are made in China. But with what? Are the ingredients safe? Are the pigments safe? Are the coloring safe? There are so many questions that I have on these private label cosmetics. The fact that people kept buying until Morphe ran out of stock again and again and again for something cheap and from unknown whereabout raised the concern for most of us. Us = the one who cares.

Morphe Private Label
The expose video also talk about Morphe brushes that was scratchy and shedding like crazy. This one I can’t find any photos because all the evidence are in the video posted above. Those evidence are from viewers who submitted their proof to Kuckian. I’m sorry, you have to watch it to see it lol. According to Kuckian, these brushes are the exact same with Crown brushes. Crown brushes as you might not know also do private labelling for their brushes. So it make sense.

Crown Brushes Private Label
Don’t ya’all get funny ideas and start your own brand with what I posted. I’ll smack ya lol!

Now that you get the gist of what is Morphe, would you still buy Morphe palettes and brushes? I’m glad that I have yet to really buy any and after what I learnt recently, I don’t think I would.


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  • A lot of brands do private labeling, morphe is just one of them.

    • Which is fine, there’s nothing wrong. The whole point of this is the origin of these makeup palettes. They are so cheap, so mass that the safety is questionable.

  • Hmmmmppphhhh, nice idea Fiona *devil horns growing*
    Muahahahaha!!!!! 😛

    • Oh God LOL ?

  • well.. the ingredients do concerns me a lot as we already know China’s infamous for their reputation of bad quality production and make use of almost anything for the sake of money..doing private labeling is a thing but the safety of the ingredients is quite alarming..

    • Some PRC-made products are not bad but private labeling…I’m concerned. These are mass-made by some random factory. Scary come to think of it.


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