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The Thick and Fluffy but Incredibly Durable ALBION Facial Cotton – L [Soft]

Albion Facial Cotton L 1
I have a soft spot for facial cotton. Good, huge, fluffy and soft facial cotton. I used to buy RMK one a lot until I discovered this ALBION Japan Facial Cotton – L [Soft]. Goodbye RMK, Hello ALBION!

I went for the official launch of ALBION last year and went home with their iconic Skin Conditioner Essential along with other product. Then a few days later the product manager kindly mailed over a pack of ALBION Facial Cotton – L [Soft] because I was told I could benefit the full effect of using Skin Conditioner Essential with the facial cotton. I finished the whole pack and I have bought another one since 🙂 . It is only these few days I restarted the ALBION 2-step skin toning, and hence restarted using this ALBION Facial Cotton – L [Soft]. Yes, I stopped this routine a few months ago to try other products. Then I remembered how much I love this facial cotton and the ALBION products.

This pack of ALBION Facial Cotton – L [Soft] contain 120 sheets. It is a large-sized cotton pad made with 100% cotton. As you know, not many large size cotton pad out there especially good one. This cotton pad is thick and fluffy but incredibly durable.

Albion Facial Cotton L 4
This facial cotton is certified under the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, an international standard regarding the material safety and quality of textile products. It measures at 8cm X 6cm, with 0.6mm thickness approximately. You can even tear this cotton pad up layer by layer. In total you will get 5 thin layers, which would be great for masking purposes.

ALBION Facial Cotton – L [Soft] is made specifically for the use of its Skin Conditioner Essential. I’m sure you could also use this cotton pad for other toning products as I have done so too myself. However there is something different with using it with ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential. Usually I would soak up a large area in the middle of a cotton pad but you don’t need to do the same with this one. That would be too much product. Just a small 20 coin size will do. Because of its thickness, it soaks up more product than you think of.

Albion Facial Cotton L 5
What I really like about this cotton pad is that it makes my skin so moist and moisturized every time I run the cotton pad on my face. That effect I usually don’t get from using a normal cotton pad. With other facial cotton, the toner on the face will dries off in no time. This one, a total different story. It is so dense and well-made that it doesn’t roll up or break after a few second. I could keep going and going until I am satisfied lol. It’s expensive, so I’m making full use of it. After using ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential, I would follow up with Exage White Pure White Milk II. The skin feels amazingly soft and bouncy with this routine using Facial Cotton – L [Soft] 😉

I can’t remember how much I paid for it as it has been quite some time. But if you are ever near Isetan KLCC or Isetan The Japan Store at Lot 10, do drop by the ALBION counter to check it out 😀


ALBION Facial Cotton – L [Soft] is available at Isetan KLCC and Isetan The Japan Store Lot 10.

Price: Cannot remember

For more information, please visit ALBION Malaysia Website.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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