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Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-In Lotion, A Great Idea for Oil and Water Balance for the Skin

Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-in Lotion
I have come to a realization that oil suspending in water type of skincare is somehow not doing my skin good.
I don’t know what is it that I am currently having massive breakouts from a similar product, which also has oil suspending in a serum. At the same time, I was also using this Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-in Lotion. Let me tell you something – this lotion has got to be the most exciting product that I’ve gotten from the mail because I saw this at the drugstore earlier and I was super interested with it. I like beauty oil and especially now that my skin is more mature and more dehydrated that anything that has oil in it will automatically be in my favourite list.

Hada Labo are always known as the Japanese brand that has hydrating lotion that is more thicker in texture like an essence. So when the new Hada Labo released Hydrating Oil-in Lotion that has watery consistency, boy oh boy I am shocked! In fact, the Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-in Lotion is THE FIRST oil-in lotion product. What does the oil-in lotion mean? It is a “toner” that combines water and oil. The idea is to allow oil to adhere on the skin to retain moisture better, while the water penetrates deep into the skin with more hydrated. This is a product that you have to ditch you facial cotton as it is a product that need to be applied using both palms.

I’m not going to show you the water texture like how I did with other skincare review because it looked just like water. So what’s the point right? 😛 . Having said that, it may look like a normal water but it uses nano encapsulated and dispersion technology so that the product feels like water AND nourishes like beauty oil do. It has plant-derived squalene oil (not from whale ya) in the lotion so that it penetrates into the skin through nano-dispersion technology so that the oil is solubilized in water for a transparent, ultra-light, pleasant and comfortable feeling. You know what’s good about this oil-in lotion idea? Oil and water balance!!


Hada Labo Hydrating Oil-In Lotion is available exclusively at Watsons stores nationwide.

Price: RM69.90 / 220ml

For more information, please visit Hada Labo Website and Hada Labo Malaysia Facebook Page.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I saw this the other day and really want to try it too! Very innovative product and Hada Labo always offers great products at affordable price. Hope that it won’t break me out though.

    • Go try it! It’s quite nice to use. I like it but won’t dare to try again now haha

      • Bought a bottle last Saturday, gonna start using it!

        • Yay! Hope you like it 😉

  • I have bad experience in using Hada-Labo so I am really afraid to try this now. Too bad they don’t have sample to test out.

    • Oh wow. I don’t have issue with Hada Labo. This one I need to try again after my skin recovers. Now it’s minimal skincare time.


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