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Anna Sui Luggage Collection Exclusively Available at Guardian Malaysia

Guardian Anna Sui Luggage Collection 1
Last week during the Guardian Sunway Pyramid new store unveiling event, we were told that there will be another event the next following week on a special collaboration with Anna Sui for Guardian Malaysia X Anna Sui Luggage Collection. Needless to say most of the girls verbally RSVP-ed themselves for the event because who will say no to Anna Sui?!

Every year Guardian will come out with a loyalty programme just for Guardian shoppers, whereas you will get stamps to collect and then make a purchase at a special price on promoted items. This year, Guardian Malaysia partnered with Anna Sui to develop a few exclusive design luggage collection. According to Christina Low, Marketing Director of Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd, the luggage collection was inspired by Anna Sui perfume, butterflies, roses, colours of bright pop art, fuchsia and orange. And each design was inspired by different events in Anna Sui’s career.

Here are the stories behind each design, as provided by Anna Sui herself:

24-Inch Trolley Bag

Guardian Anna Sui Luggage Collection 3
The pattern comes from a Mid-century modern tea towel, with a barber shop quartet theme. It originally appeared in Anna Sui’s Fall 2012 collection, which was inspired by the work of Charles and Ray Eames, and their collection of Folk Art Americana. It’s customized with Anna Sui slogans, perfume bottles and lipstick tubes.


20-Inch Trolley Bag

Guardian Anna Sui Luggage Collection 4
The butterfly print came from Anna Sui’s dresses in her Spring 2009 collection. The colours of the original pattern were quite similar to the way they are on the luggage. Some of the butterflies have been replaced with bottles of Anna Sui’s Romantica fragrance.



Guardian Anna Sui Luggage Collection 5
The rose bordered stripe design was originally done-up in black and white, with red flowers for a dress in Anna Sui’s Spring 2007 collection. It remains one of the most iconic Anna Sui prints. A runway shot of the dress is on the cover of her new book, The World of Anna Sui.


Designer Case

Guardian Anna Sui Luggage Collection 6
The pattern is derived from various Anna Sui cosmetic boxes over the years.

Hang on to your horses. There’s more!

Guardian is also offering two limited edition Anna Sui Eau de Toilette fragrances beginning of November 2017. The EDT that will be selling are Dreams Yellow and La Vie De Boheme at 30ml each, both priced at RM99 each inclusive of GST. It will be made available in 150 selected stores only.

Guardian Anna Sui Luggage Collection 2


How to redeem the Anna Sui Luggage Collection?

Shoppers will receive one (1) stamp with every RM20 purchase. You will get an extra stamp if the purchase includes one o the 33 participating brands such as Bio-essence, Dettol, Dove, Maybelline, Nivea and Pantene.

Collect all 10 stamps in order to redeem one of the following item at the discounted price as below:

  • 24-inch trolley bag at RM159.90 (retail price of RM399)
  • 20-inch trolley bag at RM129.90 (retail price RM199)
  • Tote bag at RM69.90 (retail price of RM129)
  • Designer case at RM59.90 (retail price RM99)


Programme starts from 28th September 2017 and ends on 31st December 2017, or while stocks last. For more information, please visit Guardian Malaysia Website or Facebook Page.


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    • It’s Anna Sui! haha. Her things are meant to be this way 😛


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