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The Face Inc Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with Limited Edition Gold Primer Mist

The Face Inc Limited Edition Gold Primer Mist
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Earlier this year, I did a review on The Face Inc Primer Mist. This face mist came to me when I was obsessed with face mist. I still am 🙂 . So when The Face Inc invited me for the launch of the Limited Edition Gold Primer Mist, I said yes. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I have to absent myself from the event and to meet the beautiful Tong Bing Yu, the product ambassador for The Face Inc. But it’s okay as The Face Inc kindly send me a set of the Limited Edition Gold Primer Mist!

I’m not going to elaborate much on it because it is the same exact product as the original Primer Mist. The only difference is the gold packaging in conjunction with The Face Inc’s 2nd anniversary. This face mist is a hydration face mist that is lightweight and works by smoothing and tighten the skin in just 15 seconds, together with instant hydration boost up to 15 times. The function remains the same as the original version as well. Because of this, I knew I would love this gold packaging one as well.

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The Face Inc Primer Mist: To Set Makeup With an Instant Hydration Boost and for On-The-Go Mist

The Face Inc Primer Mist 1
My friend Carol kept telling me that The Face Inc Primer Mist is a face primer. I remember stalking The Face Inc on Instagram for a few weeks before that and there was no mention that this The Face Inc Primer Mist is a primer in a mist form. I could have missed something, I don’t know so now, as I am typing away for the review, I am looking at the product little booklet and I know why my friend said it is a face primer. The recommended best to use method is to mist all over the face before makeup as it provides instant hydration boost of up to 15 times. Hence it is named as primer mist. But that is not all.

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The Face Inc Cleansing Gel That Does Not Foam Up and I Like It? Wow.

The Face Inc Cleansing Gel 1
While The Face Inc products has been a hit and miss for me, I absolutely adore the brand overall. A recent digging through the skincare stash cabinet for a mild cleanser had brought me into discovering another hit and love. That is The Face Inc Cleansing Gel. I am going through some kind of cleanser phase at the moment where I need to have 4-5 cleansers at every basin and bathroom. I can never have enough of opened cleanser. Sometimes I find what I like too heavy, sometimes too foamy, sometimes too slippery and sometimes not cleansing enough. Somehow recently I wanted something mild. Something that I can use at a snap of a finger to get rid of some sebum in the afternoon. I do not get very oily nowadays so anything mild works.

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The Face Inc Rejuvenate Regime: Secretly Boosting and Correcting My Skin From Within

The Face Inc Rejuvenate Regime
When you are aging like I am, you will find everything you can find to delay all signs of aging. We have all heard about collagen and how important it is to our body and skin. Collagen can be found in the skin, bones and all connective tissues. Needless to say, it is the most common protein in the human body. Without collagen, fine lines and wrinkles will deepen and emerged to the surface of the skin. Just like Hyaluronic Acid, our body produces collagen in a small quantity and it will depletes over time. If you are living a poor lifestyle, this will accelerate the depletion and slow down the reproduction process. As a result, you will get signs of aging appears, saggy skin and age spots.

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The Face Inc Eye Lift: Botox in a vial for the eyes

Would you believe if someone were to sell you a skincare product that promises you results in 30 seconds? I am a sales person so naturally it is hard impossible to sell me anything. But when my friend Carol told me this The Face Inc Eye Lift is legit and start raving about it, I wanna bang my head on the wall as I was trying hard to go through my soon-to-finish eye cream so that I could get onto this Eye Lift instead. On my first usage, I WAS SOLD. That is it. It is THE botox in a vial eye serum.

The Face Inc Eye Lift
Having to have tried numerous skincare products, I can tell from the back of my hand what type of eye serum is the Eye Lift. Usually skincare that gives immediate result like this could only mean that this is a cosmeceutical eye serum. What does this mean? It means it is a high performance product that is able to give you immediate result!

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The Face Inc Eye Lift smooth and tighten skin around the eye area in 30 seconds

The Face Inc is an interesting skincare brand with an unique concept. Besides providing the ultimate skincare solution to modern urbanites, the brand uses only the purest and most effective ingredients. What I find interesting with The Face Inc is that you can get your skincare regime tailored online with a short ‘virtual’ consultation with Dr Rei. There are a series of questions and these questions are able to determine the best combination skin care to best suit your skin condition. As the skin consultation is being done virtually, that means one can do it at anytime or anywhere and then have the prescribed products delivered to your home.

The Face Inc Eye Lift 1
All The Face Inc products are manufactured using the highest ethical standards and they are never tested on animals, does not contain any parabens, and its comforting to know that the brand only engages some of the top aesthetic Doctors and French Researchers 😀