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The Face Inc Primer Mist: To Set Makeup With an Instant Hydration Boost and for On-The-Go Mist

The Face Inc Primer Mist 1
My friend Carol kept telling me that The Face Inc Primer Mist is a face primer. I remember stalking The Face Inc on Instagram for a few weeks before that and there was no mention that this The Face Inc Primer Mist is a primer in a mist form. I could have missed something, I don’t know so now, as I am typing away for the review, I am looking at the product little booklet and I know why my friend said it is a face primer. The recommended best to use method is to mist all over the face before makeup as it provides instant hydration boost of up to 15 times. Hence it is named as primer mist. But that is not all.

As you already know, I am a slave for face mist. Face mist all day everyday! When The Face Inc broadcasted on the launch of the Primer Mist, I told myself I must get my hands on it. Now that I have it with me, I can tell you what it is. It is a face mist that hydrates the skin by 15 times boost, smooth and tighten the skin in just 15 seconds. Now, The Face Inc is not a stranger with claiming a product to work in seconds. If you still remember my review for Eye Lift, it was claimed to lift, tighten and smoothen the under eyes in 30 seconds and it did. So I have high hopes on this Primer Mist that claimed to smooth and tighten the skin in just 15 seconds. Let’s see if it really does.

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What I like about this Primer Mist is that it is small, easy to throw it in the bag and it comes with two extra refill vials of 15ml each. However, if you go through face mist like I do, one vial will last you for probably 2 to 3 weeks give and take. I do take it out with me and had a full use of it when I am out and about.

What I am most excited about this cute little mist is the hydration benefit. It has enriched formula of proprietary botanical extracts and weightless blend of natural moisture preserving ingredients that delivers all-day moisturised feel to the skin thus plumping the appearance. The Face Inc said this is a 3-in-1 products – priming, hydration and tightening. I am using Primer Mist for everything except for priming my face because I already have so much skincare on my face so this mist is not necessary. However I am using the mist to set my makeup. True enough, it does provides me the necessary hydration to the skin so my makeup was flawless with no shine peeking through. I can get quite oily these days if my skin is too dehydrated 😛 . I like it very much as a skin hydration boost. It does not interferes with my makeup at all.

The Face Inc Primer Mist 3
But what intrigued me is the claim to instantly tighten the skin in 15 seconds, visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and the improvement of skin elasticity. When I first used Primer Mist, I seriously thought this is some kind of magic potion. So I had a table stand mirror set in front of me and start misting my face. Then I stared at the mirror and trying to “feel” the tightening sensation (if there’s any). Nope. There was no tightening sensation, no tightening or what so ever happened in the next 15 seconds. I already knew prior that was quite impossible to achieve so honestly, I did not put too much high hope on it. I do believe that result varies from individual to individual. What may not work for me, may work wonders for others 🙂 . I am already happy to have this as a hydration boost to my skin. I used to have oily skin. If your skin is as dehydrated as mine now, girl…you will appreciate this Primer Mist.

Let’s talk about the refill because I have one funny incident the minute I got this product on my hand. I like to shake all my skincare before using including face mist so when I shake this Primer Mist, the refill inside the tube flew off. Thank goodness the vial glass is not some cheapo glass that breaks easily or else I would be crying my eye balls out lol. I then learnt that the refill vial is just sitting inside the tube with nothing to secure it in place so be careful if you like to shake any skincare bottle like I do. Just hold onto the top before shaking 😉 . None the less replacing the refill is so easy. Simply take out the vial from tube and plonk a new one in. Easy peasy.

The Face Inc Primer Mist 4
Another feature of The Face Inc Primer Mist that I appreciate very much is the pump twist. I like that it hides the pump when it is not in use. The refill vial does stays put in the tube though 😀 , provided there was no vigorous shaking lol.

The Face Inc Primer Mist 5
Do you need this Primer Mist? No you don’t. YOU WANT IT. If you like a heavier in formula face mist than a thermal spring water mist, you will like this one. The mist is something you need to get used to. It does not mist like other face mist. It is a short, stiff mist squirt, which means I am misting my face portion by portion. The mist water however is a fine one. It does not wet your face with a flood of water. So do not worry about that 😉


The Face Inc Primer Mist is available online at and are retailed exclusively at selected SaSa stores nationwide. For the full list of stockists, please proceed to the website to find out more.

Price: RM178. Comes with one spray bottle and 3x15ml refills.

For more information, please visit The Face Inc website or Facebook Page. The Face Inc is also on Instagram!


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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