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The Face Inc Eye Lift: Botox in a vial for the eyes

Would you believe if someone were to sell you a skincare product that promises you results in 30 seconds? I am a sales person so naturally it is hard impossible to sell me anything. But when my friend Carol told me this The Face Inc Eye Lift is legit and start raving about it, I wanna bang my head on the wall as I was trying hard to go through my soon-to-finish eye cream so that I could get onto this Eye Lift instead. On my first usage, I WAS SOLD. That is it. It is THE botox in a vial eye serum.

The Face Inc Eye Lift
Having to have tried numerous skincare products, I can tell from the back of my hand what type of eye serum is the Eye Lift. Usually skincare that gives immediate result like this could only mean that this is a cosmeceutical eye serum. What does this mean? It means it is a high performance product that is able to give you immediate result!

The Face Inc Eye Lift comes in a BEAUTIFUL and heavy acrylic box of 16 vials or ampoules. When I first got it, I was jumping up and down as I love anything acrylic. I already planned what to do with the box once I have gone through it. To which is a disappointment later on. I will talk about it at the very end of this review 🙂

The Face Inc Eye Lift 6

The Face Inc Eye Lift 7
Seriously, have you seen anything like this? I have not! It is like an alien just dropped a box of eye serum to my door step. Everything about this Eye Lift is so out of this world. I died-ed. I am a sucker for packaging gimmick lol.

The Face Inc Eye Lift 8
The Eye Lift are created by a group of dermatologists and researchers. Its advanced formula works almost immediately by restoring the skins lost collagen. These syringe-like vials contain a blend of botanical extracts to enhance the effects of the serum. There is Glycine Soja, which smoothes and tighten skin, Perfeline, which helps to reduce any dark circles or puffiness, Vitamin C, which is a natural anti-oxidant to reduce inflammation, soften all fine lines or wrinkles, and tones the skin.

The Face Inc Eye Lift 9
As I said earlier, I totally buy the out of the world packaging idea. The eye serum itself are in a vial that looks like a syringe. But not quite yet. Wait till you see this! In order to get the eye serum out, you have to break open the top near its neck.

The Face Inc Eye Lift 10
The serum does not ooze out like any other eye serum or cream. Everything still stays inside the vial. So how do you get the product out? Easy! Remember the pointy top that we broke open earlier? Use the flat base, put under the vial and start pushing. The vial has a vacuum-like base inside the vial so pushing the thing up is not as easy as I thought. I usually use the table to push lol.

Each vial contain 1ml of product. This eye serum is meant to be used morning and night. And each vial can only be used for 3-days. Anything more than that, you have to toss it in the dustbin no matter what. To be frank, even though the content is just 1ml, however it is still too much per application even if I used twice a day for three days in a row.

The Face Inc Eye Lift 11
Here comes the best part. After each application, just invert the pointy tip to the opening neck to reseal the vial! Impressive, eh? Told ya this is out of this world 😀

The Face Inc Eye Lift 12
Now, the beauty of this Eye Lift eye serum is that it promises to lift, tighten, and smooth the under eyes in 30 seconds. Say what? Yes, you heard me. In just half a minute, you will see instant result. Face Inc also said that if you continue to use this eye serum, dark eye circles and puffiness will be reduced. We will see about that, shall we? 🙂

First thing first, the 30 seconds claim. The first time I used it I was blown away. I do not even need the mirror to know how tight the skin under my eyes are. It is so tight that it felt like I had botox. One thing you should know about botox is that you cannot have it on the eye area so Eye Lift is your next best thing. However, I also noticed that the tightening sensation really depends on the amount you used. Because a vial is too much for three days usage, I go generous with it – as usual. This explains the extra tightening I was feeling 😛

Here is the AMAZING Before and After, 30 seconds after application. Remember how I hate all the fine lines and wrinkles on my under eyes? GONE. I have to warn you that the serum does leave a white residue if you used too much or applied too thick. My advice is to pat until the serum fully absorbed. And because the serum leaves a white layer on top of the skin, you will see a brighter under eyes.

The Face Inc Eye Lift Before and After 1
Although I have been using The Face Lift Eye Lift for more than a month, I stopped for a week to see if it will go back to the original state. The effect does disappear if you stop using but re-using the eye serum back seems to solve that.

Another thing to note. The eye serum dries down matte. It is not an issue for me but somehow it makes my crease fold on the upper lid dry and it starts to peel. This is also one of the reason why I stopped using for a week. I want to see if it is the eye serum that could be causing it or the weather is. I think it is the weather. I have been back on the eye serum and all good.

The below is the Before and After using for a month. Not much different as I have not been using it for too long and I believe the product itself is concealing everything when I had it on. One thing good about Eye Lift is that because the product tighten the skin so much and prevent folding, the skin somehow will smoothen out on the long run.

The Face Inc Eye Lift Before and After 2
Ahhh the pretty acrylic box. I thought I could remove the inner nesting and reuse the box for jewellery. It turns out the nesting on the inside is sealed. The best reusable for this box I could think of is to put some of my most used eye brushes in each of the holes. Or pencils. I do have lots of lip pencils. It does not stand well as it is not deep enough but it will work. Kinda disappointed I cannot get the nesting out though.

The Face Inc Eye Lift 13
After seeing the futuristic packaging and the Before and After, would you try eye serum? I personally do not think RM358 is expensive. Think about this. A normal eye cream is near RM250 for 15ml. Here you get 16ml (16 vials x 1ml each) and each vial will last you for 3 days with morning and night usage. That means a box of Eye Lift will last you for one and a half month. Other eye cream probably last you for 3 months but with slower effect. Because The Face Inc Eye Lift is afterall cosmeceutical, you get instant result! 😉


The Face Inc range of products is available online at and at key Sasa stores in the Klang Valley, Malacca, Ipoh, and Penang. For the full list of stockists, please proceed to the website to find out more.

Eye Lift Price: RM358 per box of 16 vials with 1ml each vial.

For more information, please visit The Face Inc website or Facebook Page. The Face Inc is also on Instagram!


Disclaimer: Press gift from the media launch. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I just bought it yesterday but I want to ask whether you have put any makeup after putting this eye lift cream. My experience tells me when I put the makeup or any lotion or cream after the eye lift, the tighten effect is gone at once. Have you ever experienced this?

    • Hi Diana, yes I have. This was my day and night eye care so day time I would have makeup over it. The tightening effect does not goes away though. You have to try it yourself to know if this is the same for you too 🙂


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