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The Face Inc Cleansing Gel That Does Not Foam Up and I Like It? Wow.

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While The Face Inc products has been a hit and miss for me, I absolutely adore the brand overall. A recent digging through the skincare stash cabinet for a mild cleanser had brought me into discovering another hit and love. That is The Face Inc Cleansing Gel. I am going through some kind of cleanser phase at the moment where I need to have 4-5 cleansers at every basin and bathroom. I can never have enough of opened cleanser. Sometimes I find what I like too heavy, sometimes too foamy, sometimes too slippery and sometimes not cleansing enough. Somehow recently I wanted something mild. Something that I can use at a snap of a finger to get rid of some sebum in the afternoon. I do not get very oily nowadays so anything mild works.

Mild. Very mild. That is what I can say about The Face Inc Cleansing Gel. It is said to be a hydrating cleanser that tones the skin as well. I personally do not find this cleanser to be drying. Does it hydrate? I do not know actually. But it sure do keep my skin clean and happy. I guess the answer to that is a yes.

The Face Inc Cleansing Gel 2
It has a very pleasant mild cucumber extract scent to it that it almost smells like lime to me. I cannot get enough of the scent. I freaking love it. So much so that I almost went all out to buy lime, cut it into slices for the product photo. But nah. I knew this review is going to be a short and sweet one so I abandoned the idea lol. If you must know, it comes with Sodium Chloride, which is a natural astringent and antiseptic agent that absorbs moisture, firms the skin and balances pH.

One thing I must warn you. This does not lathers up into a mountain of foams. It lathers but oh so slightly. Just a tiny bit. And one pump dispenses just a little product. Usually I would need four pumps each wash to cover the whole face since this does not foams up. Having said that, the cleansing gel cleanse my face well. It removes every traces of sebum. I don’t know how to describe it but I absolutely love what it does to my skin. A cleansing gel that does not foam up and I like it? Wow. Even I am amazed 😀


The Face Inc range of products is available online at and are retailed exclusively at selected SaSa stores nationwide. For the full list of stockists, please proceed to the website to find out more.

Price: RM48 for 50ml

For more information, please visit The Face Inc website or Facebook Page. The Face Inc is also on Instagram!


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