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Post-Event Report: A Retro Fun and Easy Run at Symphony Life That ‘70s Run

That 70s Run 1
There are a lot of factors involved as to why I stop registering myself to a running event, such as location and parking. Now, this Symphony Life That ‘70s Run is a different story. It may seems a little bit too far for most of my friends (hehe!) but for me, this event is just 20 minutes away from my house. Like finally! A running event so near me! The run was held at BizWalk, Taman Tasik Prima, Puchong. The parking spaces are ample! I usually reach minimum an hour early to secure myself a parking space. And because the location has a lot of parking space, I parked quite near to the starting line.

Runners was flagged off at 7.30am by Tan Sri Azman Yahya, Executive Chairman of Symphony Life Berhad after warm-up session and opening speech. A total of 1,035 runners from all ages came together and did the ’70s thematic run. Symphony Life That ‘70s Run is Symphony Life Berhad’s first ever fun run event and I can already see the next one from them. I will tell you why.

That 70s Run 2
Flag off by Tan Sri Azman Yahya, Executive Chairman of Symphony Life Berhad


As it is a thematic run, runners are encouraged to show up at the run dressed up in their ‘70s-themed look. The run supposedly was 5km but my Nike+ app recorded a mileage more than that. All of us ran a total of 5.8km.

That 70s Run 3
Love this group with their customized bell bottom pants!


In every running event, the organizer are being judged by how well they handle the whole event including water station. Water station is VERY important for runners in any running event regardless 5km, 10km, 12km, 21km or 42km. I have been and seen worse. Runners pushing each other for water due to lack of water station, zombie apocalypse kind of water stop due to overwhelming thirsty runners and many more. Now, I have to applaud the organizer, Symphony Life for setting up two water station even for just a short 5km run.

Let me tell you why. First water station was not long after the flag off. I cannot remember which KM was that but roughly it was 2km I think? Not only 100 plus was provided, there are mineral water and get this, BANANAS! Yes. How often you see bananas provided at a fun run water station especially at KM2 of a 5km fun run? I never. Volunteers are working hard and making sure there are sufficient water ready for all runners.

That 70s Run 4

That 70s Run 5

That 70s Run 6
The fun part about That ’70s Run is that there are two checkpoints which runners need to stop and dance. Everyone are obligated to dance and get their marker before continuing running 😀

That 70s Run 7
Halfway through the run, I bumped into the cheerful purple pompom ladies group which I saw from the parking lot. Love their costume!

That 70s Run 8
The second water station and checkpoint was at Symphony Life Studio.

That 70s Run 9
I am glad to see the same water and banana station as the first water station. This time I did not take the banana, just a few sip of 100 plus and off I go!

That 70s Run 10
Again, we have to dance. This checkpoint is more lively thanks to the purple pompom ladies group! They are so energetic and fun 😀

That 70s Run 11

That 70s Run 12
So me and fellow blogger friends jump into the dancing bandwagon and shake our bum bum, hands, legs. Everything!

That 70s Run 13
Upon completion, we exit the checkpoint with another marker and proceed with running. From Symphony Life Studio to the finishing line is about 1km away.

That 70s Run 14
Blue marker was from 1st checkpoint, while Purple marker was from 2nd checkpoint


I think we were quite early as there was no queue for the medal as well as the breakfast entitlement claim.

That 70s Run 15
We were provided with bread, a packet of drink, mineral water and bananas. Inside of the breakfast pack there are a RM3 coupons, which we used to redeem some food at the food truck. On location there are over 10 food trucks and vendors including free health checks by Lincoln University College. The checks included diabetes, BMI (Obesity checks), and blood pressure checks. Arthritis Foundation Malaysia (AFM) also supported the event and an exhibition to raise awareness about arthritis.

That 70s Run 16
This is how the medal looks like! The retro van in the middle is twistable. Definitely a memorabilia item to keep plus it is huge and well-made too.

That 70s Run 17
Besides that, there are also many entertaining activities such as blowing giant bubbles, street clown performance, inflatable playground, face painting, colouring workshop, and photo booths to pose at were also available for the whole family to enjoy. Runners stay after the run to take part in some mini games and contests as well as lucky draws with prizes worth of up to RM10,000, including a grand prizes of a TV, bicycles, smartphone, tablet, and more. All this are made possible thanks to all sponsors and partners, which included Garmin Malaysia, Salonpas, Eagle Brand, Tongee, Hung Fuk Tong, Sunway Lagoon, Running Malaysia Magazine, Ultron, Z Fitness, Lincoln University College, Arthritis Foundation Malaysia, Ideamax, RunningEvents.my, Getwell Physiotheraphy Centre, and more.

That 70s Run 18
Doing my signatory happy jump after completing a run


What is Symphony Life actually? Just in case you are wondering, Symphony Life Berhad is one of Malaysia’s leading property developers and they have a good presence in the Taman Tasik Prima area. A good example is their premium, low density Elevia Residence. This development coupled with an upcoming lakefront mall, will add plenty of vibrancy to the neighbourhood. An added advantage is the new interchange to Taman Tasik Prima that has made travelling to this part of Puchong quite a breeze.

For more information, please visit Symphony Life That ’70s Run Official Facebook Page or Symphony Life Website.


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