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6 Inch Hair Cut and Coloring at A Cut Above, I’m All Ready for Year of The Rooster!

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I love my current (before cut) hair. It has reached to my waist in just a short few months and all fashion color from previous coloring are all gone except for the bleach, which is also a color I like. I play safe when it comes to hair fashion. I cannot say the same for hair color though lol. I have been very much into fashion color although it does not last long sadly. I can go beyond boundaries for hair color. Pink, purple, green, blue, you name it. So when it comes to new hair color, I usually leave it to the hair stylist. They will know what to do, what is new that I should try and how it is.

All my preparation for Chinese New Year this year are ready. The only thing left for me to do is to get a hair cut and a new hair color. Then I am all set for the Year of The Rooster! Two months ago, A Cut Above invited me over to be one of their guest at any of their salon. I was given the freedom to choose to go to any of their salon that I preferred. I chose A Cut Above Mid Valley as it is nearest to me and I can go over to Mini Mini Cafe after that to settle some work 🙂

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Talking about Chinese New Year preparation, A Cut Above went all out with decorations! This picture does not do its justice. The cherry blossom tree was more massive in real when I am standing underneath it.

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Now, back to the hair. The long overdue hair cut and color. This is my Before. For someone who had bleached her hair numerous times, I am lucky to still have a soft and healthy hair length. My hair grows steadily regardless the stress I had put it through. How? Condition your hair each time after shampoo, hair masque, hair treatment and coconut oil. Yes, coconut oil. It does make your hair looked oily but it works in conditioning the hair.

My stylist of the day is Steph Lu. She said I should keep my hair length as it is beautiful being at that length. I kind of agree with her and despite how unwillingly I am to part with my long hair, I need a hair cut. It is too long for me to handle. And because my hair grow out so fast, I am not too worried. I also told her what color I want. I wanted to skip fashion coloring this time and just do a one tone hair color. The shade that I wanted is the bleach shade I had on my hair length. That bronzey light brown which I love!

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After consulting and talking to Steph, she then came back over to show me Shiseido latest color – Baby Pink. For some reason I said I did not want fashion color this time but I ended up agreeing to have Baby Pink on my lower bottom hair LOL. I can’t say no to pink or purple. That is my weakness 😛 . So she sent another girl over and start coloring my hair with extreme gentle and light hand because despite having a healthy hair, I do not have a healthy scalp. I have been having sensitive scalp, which means it is red, itchy and flaky. The flakes are due to sensitive scalp. Many people would get mixed up between dandruff scalp with sensitive scalp. I have written about that before. You can search for it by using the search bar on the right 😉

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I have to say, Shiseido hair dye is more stinging and minty comparing to other brands I have tried. So be prepared if you are thinking to have Shiseido hair coloring. I was told that it stings even more if you freshly shampooed your hair like I did. Wrong move. You should shampoo your hair the day before, not the same day. I shampoo mine because I always wake up with an oily scalp. But the stylist told me a little bit of oil is good for hair coloring. It provides a grip for the color to grip onto. Lesson learnt. But the stinging goes away after a few minutes so it was all good.

After all the hair dye is on my hair, a rotating UFO-alike steamer is placed on top. So cool! It rotates all over the top of my head so it does not feel burning or too hot.

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After rinsing off all the hair dye, my hair was given a little treatment using L’Oreal Powerdose Color A-OX.

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The hair length I had in mind requires me to chop off 6 inch. Not an issue for me. In fact I was looking forward to it. The Baby Pink doesn’t show up like how it should be because my hair was not bleached before that. The previous bleach were all on the bottom of the hair length and I chopped off most of it. So medium brown hair is what I ended up with. I was really looking forward to a lighter brown. Perhaps next time 🙂

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Oh and the prices for all A Cut Above services are displayed on the glass at the entrance. You can easily take a look at it even without walking in. I like this idea. At least customers get to know how much they are paying for a service before walking in and agreeing to one. No hidden charges.

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Thank you A Cut Above for having me at your salon <3

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For more information on A Cut Above, please visit A Cut Above Website, Facebook Page and Instagram.


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  • This color looks beautiful on you dear~ Have a blessed Happy Chinese New Year ^^

    • Thanks Irean 🙂 . Have a blessed Chinese New Year too xoxo

  • Love your hair. BTW, are you still use Gamila soap to clean your face? I saw your review and wondering if you still stick with the bar, thank you!

    • Hi Jenny, nope as Gamila is no longer in Malaysia so it is not convenient for me to repurchase.


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