What I Wore Vol. 9

What I Wore Vol. 9
This one is not so much of what I wore recently but more like what’s on my face. Oh by the way, I may start a new series of What I Wore – Face Edition 😛 . Let me know if you’re interested with that. It’s mainly on makeup used on my face lah.

Before I start with the fashion part of this, I wanna talk to you about the makeup. You must be wondering if there’s any makeup on my face. I wonder too LOL. You see, I’m very much into the American style makeup as you already are aware based on my heavy Instagram photos. I like the warm crease type of eye makeup with a winged eyeliner, contoured, bronzed and highligted face, as well as matte lipstick. That’s my style of makeup, regardless to events or everyday look. Then, everybody else I know are into Korean and Japanese style of makeup. You know, the type of makeup that is so sheer that it’s only noticeable when you’re 10cm away from their face. These are the type of makeup that doesn’t shows up on photos and these are the type of makeup I avoid. So one day I took out the Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes in #Strawberry Mojito palette. It has peach, pink, and green in the palette so I thought I should explore “out of my comfort zone” so-called. It looked absolutely beautiful on the eyes with all the blingy shimmers. But on photo? NOTHING. Just like the photo you see above. I do have tons of eye makeup on trust me lol 😛 . The thing is, I’ve been wearing the same palette for a few days and I didn’t even realized how sheer it is. I should have known better. I have always known actually. Nope. Korean or Japanese makeup is really not for me. Lesson learned.

Pieces of My Heart

Pieces of My Heart
You stole some pieces of my heart when you left. You didn’t ask for it, I didnt give it to you, you just stole it.
I noticed today as I’m sitting by myself over lunch that for a long time I’ve been trying to get those pieces back, to somehow fix my broken heart and make it whole again. But for the first time I learned something.
Even if I had them back, it will never be quite the same again, because when you left, a part of my life left too.
I am a different person now. I grew, I learned. So, I don’t want those pieces back, you keep it, keep them with the memories that you stole, keep them with the future you took away.

Heart-to-Heart: Living With Depression

Living With Depression
10th October was World Mental Health Day. I posted something on my Instagram a day before that but I have been quiet about it here. I’m raising public awareness on mental health especially on depression through #IWillBeOkay ‘Fight Against Depression’ Awareness Campaign and I find it odd that I’ve been quiet about this important day.
Reason being, I fell back in depression.

I thought I had recovered. I haven’t fall into the depression hole since March 2017. I was happy, extremely happy. I was surrounded by good friends, I was busy with work. I was happy. Genuinely happy. But I was having anxiety attacks that I’m not even aware of. I remember my birthday 29th September just last week that I was out celebrating with friends. Everything was OK up until one point of time I shut down and needed to leave immediately. It is only the next day I realized that I had anxiety attack. I haven’t had any anxiety or panic attacks for quite a while so I didn’t realize that I was having one. That explains the need to get away from the place, situation and people asap. Most people are curious but never dare to ask me about life living with depression. I guess what they are curious are, how do you get on life with depression.

I Still Don’t Know How I Feel About The NEW Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion

Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion
You guys know, the Mamonde High Cover Liquid Cushion is my all time favourite cushion foundation. No other cushion beat that. Then Mamonde sent me the entire set of the NEW Brightening Cover Cushion that consists of two variants – Brightening Cover Powder Cushion and Brightening Cover Watery Cushion. So in this new cushion you will get to choose either a dewy finish or a velvet matte finish. Naturally, I’d lean more towards a matte finishing so this review will be based on the Brightening Cover Powder Cushion 😉 . I have high hope on this one!

Brightening Cover Cushion has 4 main features but since there are 2 variants, the features varies but still in the same category. However both of the variants shared the same feature and that is they have Mamonde’s special Brightening Cover™ Complex in it. It is said to enable a skin tone-up created that makes the skin looking “brilliant” while covering imperfections through its phospholipid coating powder in it that is similar to the skin.

Sephora October 2017 Private Sale Haul

Sephora October 2017 Private Sale Haul 1
Wow! I have not done any Sephora haul post since the time Sephora online had a glitch and I managed to score a few items on super low price. Here’s the thing. I have a medium size Sephora at home myself so I really don’t need anything. BUT, when Fenty Beauty was launched, I bought a few items to try and also to patch the hole for the RM593 that I needed to spend in order to keep my Black Card status *&^%^*^$. Yes, that’s me cursing at the nonsense rule. I thought Black Card status is permanent??! The email sent from Sephora was pretty nonsense too, with the title “Don’t Go”. I was like, go? Go where? Then only I know what they meant &%@#^(^%. Yes, I’m cursing again.

After all the unnecessary spending, I am left with RM133 balance needed to spend to keep the Black Card. I have always wanted to go back and pick up the Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Paper Refill (RM40) because I like it a lot. Despite what people say about the Inivisimatte Blotting Paper, I actually like it. The chic packaging with hexagon shape and a mirror on the dispenser are a few of the factors as well. Then, I found out towards the end of September that the private sale will happen on the 5th October. Perfect timing! It make sense for me to purchase the refill since I already have the dispenser. I bought two. I know it seems too much but that will last me probably till the next sale 🙂 . Plus buying one is too little lol.