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Comfort Zone Hydramemory, a 24-Hours Double Hydration System Using the Safest and Finest Natural-Origin Ingredients

Comfort Zone Hydramemory
I did not even know there’s a brand called Comfort Zone here in Malaysia until the recent Comfort Zone Hydramemory range launch. Other media friends started telling me about their previous attendance for the anti-aging launch and I was like “are they already in Malaysia??” lol. But I’m more interested with these. The new Hydramemory range. The name says it all – hydration. Who doesn’t like hydration range? I know I love them!

Now, let’s understand more on our skin. Our skin’s outer layer is composed of around 20% to 35% of water. Proteins and lipids together with water gives the skin softness, flexibility and elasticity. When the water level dropped to 20% of less, the skin become parched hence the formation of aging such as wrinkles.

Comfort Zone developed Hydramemory range which has a 24-hours double hydration system. It is made with exclusive natural oils and high-tech active ingredients combination that not only provides water but also restructures cutaneous barrier and water distribution inside as well as outside of the cell evenly. It features a light “sorbet” textures minus silicones to complete the innovation mechanism of action for immediate, lasting hydration.

Understanding Color Blind and Dyslexia, including Treatment Available

Color Blind
Growing up, up until these days I get ask often – “do you wear any specs?”.  And every time someone ask me that, I am proud to answer “no, I’m not wearing any”. Not even contact lens? That is usually the question that follows. Nope. Not even contact lens. However a few years ago I started suffering from watery eyes and that issue which seems small to everyone else has taken a toll on me. Having to be out in the public, chatting with other people with sticky, crying eyes is not comfortable. Not when that melts my eye makeup off. So I started to take notice of my eyes more. Even more so now after mom went through lasik. Creepy procedure for me lol.

Most of us are concern about cataract and all the common issue but do you know that majority among us suffers from color blindness? It is pretty much self-explanatory. Color blindness, which is also known as color vision defect, is a disability to see color or differentiate colors. How do you know if you are color blind? Take this test below.

NEW from Mamonde! Flower Pop Eye Brick and Flower Pop Blusher

Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick and Flower Pop Blusher
I’m a fan of Mamonde makeup the minute I saw them at the pre-launch event last year. Mamonde, is known to mainly only uses flowers as its key ingredient, together with other natural ingredients in its formulation to create beautiful and efficient products, especially in their skincare range. Amorepacific, the company behind Mamonde has invested a great deal in R&D to ensure the efficacy of Mamonde products and that these products are gentle on the skin just like the characteristics of a flower.

That brings us to today. There are two new Mamonde makeup products launch, which you can find at all Mamonde stores and beauty counters nationwide from July 2017 onwards. The Flower Pop range consists of two products – Flower Pop Eye Brick and Flower Pop Blusher.

5 Things You Need to Know About Unicorn Brushes

Unicorn Brushes 1
Unicorn, holo, rainbow, iridescent. These are what beauty enthusiasts are obsessed with from the recent trend. I think the key word is unique. Anything that is not the ordinary sells like hot cake. Then came the obsession with anything unicorn. And the Unicorn Brushes were launch and people go nuts!

The original Unicorn Brushes are not cheap and it is based on pre-order. Is there even such thing as the “original”? I don’t know. It’s the first to launch, it has better aesthetic look to it such as iridescent handle, evenly-made unicorn rainbow bristles and a unicorn brush pouch. I didn’t jump onto the unicorn brush bandwagon the minute it was out. I learnt through all the years of being a beauty enthusiast that some things are best to wait. And I was right this time. Unicorn Brushes are sold at RM90 per set of 5 or 10 on average, depending on the seller. Thanks to some shopping vouchers I obtained from some event, I had to browse through an online shopping portal that I discovered Unicorn Brushes selling for just RM11 per set of 5 or add RM4 to upgrade to a set of 10. But of course all the 10 pieces were sold out and I had to settle with a 5-piece set. I bought two different 5-piece set as I had to maximize my shipping fee. I got them weeks later and I hated them. Then I browse through the site again only to discovered the same seller changed the price to RM11 for a set of 10 pieces. This time I was determined to get another set but in plain white bristles. I got them weeks later again as seller informed me that it was sold out. When I got them, I was so happy with it. The plain white bristles with pastel purple handles are way better looking than the colorful bristles. Here are 5 Things You Need to Know About Unicorn Brushes.

Spa Therapist Complimented My Baby Soft Skin, Thanks to ShiKai Yuzu Moisturizing Shower Gel and Hand & Body Lotion

Shikai Yuzu Moisturizing Shower Gel and Yuzu Moisturizing Hand Body Lotion
I’m into yuzu these days. To be honest I have no real knowledge on what is yuzu. All I know is they looked like a hybrid between an orange and a lemon lol 😛 . But one thing I can assure you is that yuzu smells amazing. I first fell in love with yuzu scent when I bought a pack of yuzu scented steam eye mask from Singapore last year. That changes everything as anything with yuzu is either expensive or hard to get. However that’s not just the only scent from ShiKai. I mentioned a week or two ago that TNS Skin Lab recently added the brand ShiKai into their array of natural personal care selection. You know what’s better other than ShiKai is all natural? It is Made in the USA and are not tested on animals ❤️