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Review: Clarins White Plus Renewing Gentle Exfoliator

Instead of doing a review on the current Clarins White Plus HP Gentle Brightening Exfoliator, I’m gonna review on the previous version before Clarins changed the name and packaging; Clarins White Plus Renewing Gentle Exfoliator.

Last December 2011 I went to Clarins’ Beauty Fair and I bought 3 White Plus Renewing Gentle Exfoliator for RM40 each. It’s the same with the current Gentle Brightening Exfoliator. The only different is the name and the design on the packaging. That’s all.

I always like their slim non-slippery squeeze tube. It’s a simple design which I’d appreciate. However the new design looks much better than this old design. But not to worry. You won’t be able to get this anymore hehe.

As usual Clarins kept the info on the back of the tube short and sweet. You need to refer to the insert included inside the box for full description, ingredients and how to apply instruction.

Every new tube comes with a protection seal. The dispensing hole is quite small. Which is good as you won’t be squeezing more than what’s needed 🙂

The first thing that caught my attention is how white the exfoliator is. Then there’s this heavenly scent. You’d know what I mean if you’re a Clarins user. The product’s scent is nice but not too overpowering.

Then there’s small orange beads inside the exfoliator.

Simple. Apply and massage in circular motion onto face avoiding the eye area and rinse with water.

This exfoliator is creamy and hydrating. There’s no dryness or tightening sensation after using. On long regular use one could see result. I paired this with their Intensive Clear Mask so the result is much more faster and visible.

1) Creamy and hydrating. Doesn’t leave skin dry after using.
2) Easy to use
3) Smells heavenly.
4) Visible result if use regularly as per instruction.

Definitely! But I have another 2 unopened tube so repurchasing would only be after finishing the 3 tubes 🙂

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

Clarins Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Scrubs Skin Care - Whitening

Review: Clarins White Plus HP Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel

One of my favourite whitening product from Clarins is definitely the White Plus HP Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel.

I’m lucky to score two bottle from previous PWP promotion and I only paid RM99 per bottle. This is 125ml and it’s retailing for RM152.

What exactly is Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel? The name makes no sense to me at first until the BA explains to me what is it and what is the usage of this. In short. . . this is a liquid “scrub” which is why Clarins named it “peel”. You can’t see or feel the scrubbing but it’s doing the dead skin peeling job. One thing for sure; I like the shiny pinkish smooth oval bottle heh!

Although the peel is in liquid but it’s not entirely runny type of liquid. When you shake the bottle you can hear hard liquid sound inside. Something like melted gelato? The dispenser head is just like normal but it doesn’t dispense anything out unless you squeeze the bottle. When you stop squeezing the dispensing stop. I like the idea a lot as it prevent dispensing more than enough content out.

Instruction from Clarins – Apply with a cotton pad soaked in lotion. Use on the face and neck, avoiding the eye contour area.

Okay. I don’t follow entirely what’s printed on the bottle nor I ever read the insert. I have 2 ways of using this peel.

Before mask – I’d use a cotton pad to apply on the face, leave it for 5-10 minutes and apply my mask. Either it’s sheet mask or Clarins wash-off mask.
Before toner – After cleansing face, use a cotton pad to apply on the face, leave for 10 minutes and apply toner follow by usual skin care routine. I learn this from reading other review.

Yes it does. My skin is smoother, skin care absorb better after using this and this is gentle enough to be use everyday! But of course I still have my other scrub from Clarins which I’d use one a week :). However this is a must for me before any mask.

1) Gentle to be use everyday. There’s no burning sensation unlike other scrubs in the market.
2) One bottle really really last long. I think I’m not even used up 1/4 of the first bottle. It’s really worth the money.
3) After using this skin care absorb better.
4) Good for lazy simple person that hate spending time scrubbing.

I already did ;). And yes I’d repurchase in the future after finishing the 2 bottles I have on hand. It’s gonna be a long time before I get to make a purchase lol.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

Clarins Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Whitening

Review: Clarins White Plus HP All Spots Whitening Corrector

Update 17th Dec 2011 – Fennie suggested to roll the serum on the back of the hand and use a clean finger to apply and pat on the face for hygiene purposes. Why I never thought of that!

Back in September during my second birthday purchase, I picked up Clarins White Plus HP All Spots Whitening Corrector 7ml for RM195 for my acne scar. I’ve been using it day and night for 2 months now and it’s finishing soon so I think it’s time to do a review on it. It’s very pricey but if it works why not. Read on to find out if this is worth to purchase or it’s just another blah product.

Clarins White Plus HP All Spots Whitening Corrector is one of many products in their newly revamped line earlier this year. Why do I say revamped? That is because White Plus HP is now enriched with Sea Lily!

What is Sea Lily & where is it originated?

Sea Lily a clean extraction process
Sea Lily extract comes from flowers specially grown for Clarins in Brittany. It is obtained using a « clean » extraction method, without chemical solvents, by maceration of the aerial parts of the sea lily in water.

Besides Sea Lily, the other ingredients are:
Sea Lily: limits the extension of dendrites.
Alchemilla: limits the transfer of melanin towards the epidermis.
Raspberry, highly stable vitamin C, biotin: brighten, prevent dark spots.
Salicylic acid: fades dark spots.
Tannins from alchemilla: reduce sebum secretion, tighten pores.
Meadowsweet: purifies the skin.

Clarins White Plus HP All Spots Whitening Corrector 7ml – RM195

This item comes with a portable roll-on head. I was advised to roll-on to the acne scar after cleansing, toning and eye care. Gently pat till it’s fully absorbed.

One thing I need to say about this product is that you need to be very very patient and hardworking. Although this serum’s ingredient is more rich, that doesn’t mean your scar will go away in a few application or days. It really do take some time for it to work. New scar fade faster than old scar. So normally I start rolling this onto my fading pimple so that it will not give me a scar.

So does this work? YES!! I can see my new scar fading very quickly and old scar is slowly fading and I’m quite pleased with it the result.

1) Fade new & old acne scar.
2) Comes with handbag-portable roll-on for easy application.
3) Although it’s just 7ml, it does last long.
4) Quickly absorbed.

Pricey for a 7ml!

I’m gonna repurchase this in 2 weeks time as there’s a special Christmas promo at Jusco One Utama 😉

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

Clarins Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Whitening

Review: Clarins White Plus HP Whitening Repairing Night Cream

I got this Clarins White Plus HP Whitening Repairing Night Cream 50ml from a friend almost a month ago and I’ve been using this night cream since then. I’m quite happy to get this as coincidently I have some breakout and acne scars normally heal and fade very slowly on my skin. Also I want to prevent pigmentation from happening as not many people know the fact that pigmentation doesn’t stop at night.

The essential anti-dark spots care to complement daytime brightening products. The repairing cream the skin needs to ensure soothed, repaired, brighter skin in the morning.

An exceptional cream combining freshness and comfort. Soothes, regenerates and moisturizes the skin. It repairs harm caused by UV rays and daytime stress factors, and slows the production of melanin during the night. Skin is brighter and more radiant in the morning. Thanks to a draining action, the face appears smooth and rested.

Apply cream to the face and neck on dry skin, after thorough cleansing, progressively moving the flat of the hands from the middle of the face to the sides. Then carry out light pressing motions with the hands on the face, to encourage absorption of the cream without stretching skin tissues.

Active Ingredients
Sea lily extract: slows the spread of melanin which causes dark spots. Daisy extract: soothes skin to reduce hyperpigmentation linked to daytimes stress factors. Extracts of alchemilla and raspberry, derivatives of vitamin C and vitamin B8: block the causes of hyperpigmentation.

The jar is a clean, white and heavy huge jar. And all Clarins product is sealed with a shrink wrap on top. This is not exceptional too.

White, huge jar used.

Shrink wrap on top of the cap of all new Clarins products.

Inside there’s another milky white plastic separator between the screw cap and the cream itself. I like how face cream / moisturizer is stored in such way to prevent the cream from sticking to the screw cap and not make it messy.

The cream is so fluffy and light weighted. It spread easily like a serum or moisturizer. This doesn’t feel like a cream at all! The scent is pleasant to ones nose and smell so heavenly. I’m already liking this cream even before putting it on my face!

To maintain the freshness and hygiene of the cream, I use a clean spatula and transfered some cream to a clean jar for everyday use and repeat the process when the small jar is empty.

A big jar like this can last for quite some time. At the beginning I used this generously on my face on the first few days. Then I realise how expensive this is and how waste I am so I use this night cream moderately.

1) Nice and pleasant scent.
2) Light weighted.
3) Good whitening cream for and to prevent pigmentation.

The only thing is the price. It’s retailing at RM240 for 50ml!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.