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Review: Clarins White Plus HP All Spots Whitening Corrector

Update 17th Dec 2011 – Fennie suggested to roll the serum on the back of the hand and use a clean finger to apply and pat on the face for hygiene purposes. Why I never thought of that!

Back in September during my second birthday purchase, I picked up Clarins White Plus HP All Spots Whitening Corrector 7ml for RM195 for my acne scar. I’ve been using it day and night for 2 months now and it’s finishing soon so I think it’s time to do a review on it. It’s very pricey but if it works why not. Read on to find out if this is worth to purchase or it’s just another blah product.

Clarins White Plus HP All Spots Whitening Corrector is one of many products in their newly revamped line earlier this year. Why do I say revamped? That is because White Plus HP is now enriched with Sea Lily!

What is Sea Lily & where is it originated?

Sea Lily a clean extraction process
Sea Lily extract comes from flowers specially grown for Clarins in Brittany. It is obtained using a « clean » extraction method, without chemical solvents, by maceration of the aerial parts of the sea lily in water.

Besides Sea Lily, the other ingredients are:
Sea Lily: limits the extension of dendrites.
Alchemilla: limits the transfer of melanin towards the epidermis.
Raspberry, highly stable vitamin C, biotin: brighten, prevent dark spots.
Salicylic acid: fades dark spots.
Tannins from alchemilla: reduce sebum secretion, tighten pores.
Meadowsweet: purifies the skin.

Clarins White Plus HP All Spots Whitening Corrector 7ml – RM195

This item comes with a portable roll-on head. I was advised to roll-on to the acne scar after cleansing, toning and eye care. Gently pat till it’s fully absorbed.

One thing I need to say about this product is that you need to be very very patient and hardworking. Although this serum’s ingredient is more rich, that doesn’t mean your scar will go away in a few application or days. It really do take some time for it to work. New scar fade faster than old scar. So normally I start rolling this onto my fading pimple so that it will not give me a scar.

So does this work? YES!! I can see my new scar fading very quickly and old scar is slowly fading and I’m quite pleased with it the result.

1) Fade new & old acne scar.
2) Comes with handbag-portable roll-on for easy application.
3) Although it’s just 7ml, it does last long.
4) Quickly absorbed.

Pricey for a 7ml!

I’m gonna repurchase this in 2 weeks time as there’s a special Christmas promo at Jusco One Utama 😉

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

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