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Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil: There but not quite there yet

Regulars of Guardian pharmacy would notice a strange looking rack near the check out counter with lots of pastel color bottles in a clear plastic wrapping and stuck on what seems to be a tray that was inspired from egg tray. That strange looking rack with funky bottles which I first reported on my Instagram is Lipidol, a brand new skincare oils by Union Swiss, who is the makers of Bio-Oil.

The whole of the brand only consists of six types of skincare oil and everything is retailing for RM24.90. What I have with me is not all six products but just the Cleansing Body Oil, something that I thought would easily hit all the right marks.

Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil
You know how I always talk about water and oil level balance in order to keep a healthy and well hydrated skin? Well, apparently the founders of Bio-Oil are on the same page with this when it comes to the overall skin of the body, not just the face but the whole body from head to toe. Beauty oil has always known to be a favourite among those who believe in its efficacy and that includes me. If you recall I do love to “oil myself up” before bed 😀 . Lipidol want to be the first company to come out with a full oil-based skin care products in order to help the skin to retain moisture thus creating a healthy skin. Remember well-moisturized skin = healthy skin = problem-free skin?

Lipidol have succeeded in gaining all the attraction due to the way it was packaged, marketed and sold. I bet you would stop at the Lipidol rack trying to get your heads around on what exactly does all the pastel looking bottles are for. I have no idea what it was when I spot Lipidol. There was no description, no proper product name on the rack to at least tell me by first impression what it was and the price tag on the rack were all in short form. It’s really not that hard to gauge what each Lipidol product on the rack is for, really. The company decided to name each six products by it’s function i.e. Cleansing Face Oil, Cleansing Body Oil, After Shower Oil, Sunscreen Oil, After Shave Oil and Overnight Face Oil. A little name tag would be good.

Still on the packaging (because I find the concept fascinating), the bottle is kept clear to showcase the oil color as that’s what differentiate each product and even the cap has been put a lot of thought in it. You will find ribbed surface on the side of the V-shaped cap so that you can grip + twist better with oily hand. Brilliant!

Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil Cap
Because Lipidol are so persistent with everything clear for it’s bottle, even the stopper on the mouth must be crisp clear as well. I remember Justin Letschert, CEO of Bio-Oil / Union-Swiss who flew in from South Africa shared during the media launch that the supplier gave them what deemed as the clearest plastic in the industry to them but he jokingly said that obviously not everyone had the same understanding of the term ‘clear’. Finally they managed to come out with a stopper for the bottle that is as clear as the bottle’s body.

Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil Nozzle
I’m a fan of shower oil but what we can find now is quite costly to use every single day so I reserved it for maybe twice a week pampering. Lipidol gave me a cheaper alternative and I was extremely thrilled by it from the price stand point so you bet I have high hopes on it. Cleansing Body Oil works the same manner as a bar of soap or shower gel i.e. to wash off dirt, minus the foaming action. Typically oil is suppose to work better on the skin as it’s able to clean without stripping the skin’s natural oily layer so skin stay moisturized. As for the consistency, I find this Lipidol one to be similar as to the higher end version.

Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil Texture
Don’t laugh but I do get people asking me how to bath with oil. It’s the same question I got some time ago on using facial oil. Basically it’s the same application method as to a normal shower gel. All you need to do is to lather all over damp skin and rinse. Do not expect any foaming action because you will get none. Rub hard enough and you might get a teeny bit? The shower oil will emulsify into a milky texture once in contact with water. Oh wait. Now I remember. The concept it just like makeup remover oil 😀

What I don’t like is the scent. You must have known by now my nose is not tolerance to anything that smells bad. I won’t say the smell of this is bad, just that lime or anything citrusy is not my absolute favourite. Lipidol carefully curate each product and the color to be as close as it’s purpose and lime is what they said to be something that a user would want to smell fresh and clean right out of shower. To a guy maybe yes but to me, it’s not what I want to smell like. But the good news is, the scent wears off after rinsing. I don’t smell anything after that and usually my body lotion would have already covered it all up if it does.

Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil Emulsification
Here comes the ingredients list.

You will find it hard to read because simplicity is the overall concept of Lipidol. There is no sticker label on the bottle. Even the Lipidol logo is embossed onto the bottle. There are description and ingredients printed on the bottle due to statutory regulation. So if you must know the ingredients, please click on this link 🙂

Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil Ingredients
Lipidol carries only six oil-based skincare products at the moment. Each product is priced at RM24.90. Lipidol wanted to maintain a standard price for every single product which I think is a good thing. You will also find that each product are packaged in sealed plastic wrappers as an environmental friendly effort to stay away from paper carton box.

Lipidol Produt Lineup


Lipidol is available at all Guardian pharmacy outlet nationwide or you can order online at

Price: RM24.90 each

For more product info, please visit


Disclaimer: Press sample.


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  • Aha…I just went into Guardian last night saw the strange looking rack beside the counter…just like how you mentioned it…and I really don’t know what are they for? very clean and minimalist design and today you talk about them yay Fiona 万岁 XD

    • See I can read your mind lol. Actually that’s exactly how I feel when I saw it at Guardian before this. At least a description or something would be good for walk-in customer. I can’t even read from the price tag. All I can see is the cheap price 😛

  • Hi Fiona, I’ve tried searching for Lipidol at my local Guardian and I couldn’t find it. Where else have you seen it?

    • Where is your location? Try bigger Guardian outlet? I went to a few smaller Guardian at some very old mall also I can find it 😛

  • Now I’m curious on the lime scent. It’s too bad there is no tester at all. I would want to test Overnight Face Oil and After Shower Oil on my hand first.

    • It smells like a subtle lime, not as strong as the real lime. Yea bummer that there’s no tester. I’m curious on the scent of After Shower Oil as well.

  • Very weird la use oil as cleansing. I am very irritated with oily stuff. I am sure I need sopa after I use this even though it is more like make up cleansing oil.

    • Nah, it’s not. I’m used to it already. It’s not oily. It only feels slippery when you’re rubbing all over the skin and once it is in contact with water, it melts away and emulsify into milky color. You skin feel smooth after that 😀

  • I also try to fibd this priducts at my local guardian… But i can’t found it….

    • Oh. Most Guardian have it. Try a bigger Guardian maybe?


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