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In The Media: Malay Mail 26th March 2016 Interview on Selfie

Malay Mail No Pain No Gain Selfie Interview March 2016
Malay Mail Special Report: Dying For Selfies

A few days ago Sabrina B from Malay Mail asked if she could interview me for her special report on selfies. She said it is one of my forte. And I’m like…me? Selfie? My forte? *shock face*. It has been a while since I appeared in any media coverage 😛 . Today, I am on Malay Mail page 7! A half page mention with a full blown photo of me doing the jumping-for-joy shot. Ohhh that is what they called, eh? It is a part of Malay Mail Special Report: Dying For Selfies.

I started beauty blogging purely for my love for beauty and being someone vocal I could not keep all the excitement to myself so I started Street Love. I did not have the intention to put my face out as much as it is now. A year ago if you notice, you hardly or almost never see my face in my blog or on my Instagram. Even if I go out to events or any readers meet up, most people don’t know me until I introduced myself. A year later, which is now, all you see is my face LOL. I have jumped into the selfie bandwagon but I always like the idea of creating conceptualized type of selfie. Funny or interesting one I would say.

So don’t get bored with my running selfie ya. It took a lot of effort to get the right (non-blurry) shot 😉


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  • Congrats, Fiona! Am going to head on right over to read it! 🙂

    • Hi Milktea! Long time no see! Hope you’ve been doing well 🙂 . Thanks <3

  • Wow! Awesome! Keep ’em selfies coming! We love them!


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