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In The Media: DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet 2013

Remember the review I did for DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and DHC Mild Soap back in July 2013? The story on how this mini appearance in the product booklet begin when I met up with the brand people from Watsons (exclusive retailer for DHC in Malaysia), where she handed me a bottle of Deep Cleansing Oil and a bar of Mild Soap to try and for review. Then came a small request to provide a testimonial for their upcoming DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet.

DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet 1
It was a rush project. Initially the brand people requested for one liner testimonial but she also told me I can do a longer one if I wanted to. Being a thorough product reviewer all these while, you bet I gave her a longer testimonial 😀

I have forgotten about this project until last month, where I was browsing inside Watsons and I tried searching for a DHC booklet just to check if it’s out. I was delighted to find two copies left on the booklet stand. I took one, flip directly at the back page and voilà! I saw me in it.

So, here’s the DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet. Click on the picture to enlarge to read if you want to 🙂

DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet 2

DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet 3

DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet 4.1
It’s just a small feature but nonetheless nothing is too small for me. It turns out good although my testimonial is a bit lengthy among three. I actually think it’s too short for these two wonderful products! lol

Thank you Watsons Malaysia and DHC for the mini feature.


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  • congrats!!!! hahaha… thumbs up for your new archievement!!

    • Thanks dear Gin 😀 . Small feature only 😉

      • nah, not every tom dick and harry blogger gets to be featured like this!! so happy that u are on this! haha, next time when i go to dhc counter i shall check wheter i can get a pamphlet… haha

        • Some get TV and magazine you know lol. I don’t mind. Nothing is too small for me. I’m not a famous one anyway haha. Next time I saw these booklet again I’ll hoard it all haha 😀

          • they dont have it in the batu pahat watson… =( checked last night
            haha but i dont watch tv and magazine!! dont even have tv! and magazine is too mafan to be bought…

          • Oh yeah. Not all Watsons carry DHC. But slowly when all the Watsons outlet undergo renovation, I believe DHC will be more accessible.
            I specialize in print publishing for work so magazine is a must-buy for me 😀

  • I saw your review in that booklet! Such a great achievement!! Keep it up!

    • Thanks Melissa 😀 . I’ve done 2012 and 2013. Let’s cross finger for something in 2014 lol

  • I hope more brand will approach you for similar project^^. You are good at what you do. Keep it up!

    • I do hope too dear. Comparing with new, young bloggers nowadays, I get the least media coverage lololol!! But I’m not a bit sad or jealous at all. I have other achievement in life that are more important. This is like a bonus 😉

  • Lovely! Pat pat on your back, dear Fiona 🙂 Congratulations and I certainly look forward to more and more publications and exposure for Street Love. Hehe, I can show my mum that I know someone famous! I will stalk Watson’s to see if I can hunt a copy to show my mum. Or do you have any idea where I can get a copy? *Blush* For my memento sake 😀

    • Thank you dear 😀 . Eh no no. Still not famous yet! Try Watsons KLCC. I think they should have it. Haven’t been to that Watsons for quite some time so I’m not quite sure. Sometimes they hide it in the drawer lol

  • Good job for 2013. Cheers to more media exposure in 2014 🙂

    • Thank you Sarah dear. Cross fingers 😉


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