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Review: AVON Revolutionary Mega Effects Mascara, The First Wonderbrush That Changes Mascara History

I’m not sure if any of you are following AVON Malaysia’s Facebook page. If you do then you must have been seeing status update on their latest mascara – the revolutionary Mega Effects Mascara appearing on your timeline. I saw the picture, I told myself I got to have it. But I had a problem. I don’t have the time to go Avon boutique. Besides that I saw Avon fans commenting that the mascara has not arrive the store yet. So while I was busy with what I was doing, I stay updated with the stock arrival by checking up AVON Malaysia’s Facebook page once in a while. On one fine day last week, I returned home to a parcel on my bed. It was the new Mega Effects Mascara! I literally jumped up and down when I saw the mascara.

When I first saw the picture of Mega Effects Mascara, I thought the brush looked gigantic. So I was wondering how big is the whole mascara. The mascara overall is in a reasonable size. Not as huge as I imagined it to be 🙂

It comes in a squarish bullet shape like the below. The cap is in red, while the bottom half body is in black.

If you are handling Mega Effects Mascara for the first time, you might fumble a bit with the cap and stuff. I know I did :D. Basically you just need to remove the red cap off, hold the brush holder, wiggle a bit as you pull it out and voilà! There’s your mascara. The brush is sitting in the black body tightly. Remember to put in some strength as you are pulling.




I absolutely love techy makeup products. The weirder the better! You bet Mega Effects Mascara had my attention. The main attraction is the Wonderbrush. Wonderbrush is really a game-changing innovation that took the mascara history by surprise. It is a new innovative way on mascara application. It took AVON six years to came out with this volumizing mascara after getting feedback from over 2,000 women and 5,000 hours of science.

What makes the Mega Effects Mascara one of it’s kind is AVON replaces the standard wand with an innovative new multi-dimensional brush that lifts top and bottom lashes from root to tip in a whole new way. Wonderbrush is the first-ever brush of it’s kind. I don’t remember seeing such mascara brush anywhere before. WonderBrush fits the curve of the eyes and the shape of lashes naturally. It can be bended and used at 12 different angles for a corner-to-corner lash transformation. Although the brush and bristle is bigger than usual, it combs through lashes so much easier. It is said to give lashes a clump-free volume while putting 40% more mascara to lashes.

AVON said that Wonderbrush can be used at 12 different angles but I’ve only tried a few :D. Usually I’ll start applying as normal, pushing the mascara up from bottom to top. And usually this step has already giving my lashes a nice coat of mascara. Then I’ll follow up with another coat of mascara by tilting the brush upward and brush up. This is actually my favorite way of applying :D. Which ever way it is, just apply according to your own like and preference.

Here’s the amazing Before and After picture. Please forgive my uneven curling haha. I sucks at using eyelash curler. What I can say is, the mascara delivers what was claimed. Eyelashes doesn’t clump up and applying is pretty easy. The mascara is not too wet, the texture is quite consistent and good. It may looked a bit odd on me but if you do take time to curl your lashes, the result will be better than what I did below. I was simply crimping my lashes. It doesn’t help when my lashes are not evenly grown. Yeap, I have a set of weird lashes!! I find that it is easier to build length and volume when the mascara is still wet. When the mascara dries down and I apply another coat, it tend to be spidery.

Again, forgive me for the uneven lashes LOL. I have no idea what to do with my right eyelashes anymore. It is shorter in length and more sparse comparing with the left. It is especially stubborn and curling them can be a pain. The curl doesn’t hold up and inner corner half is droopy. No expensive and heated eyelash curler can help. I think it is mainly because of my eye shape and the crease on both eyes is different. So my right eye have a set of lashes that are pointing down while left one is pointing up. Weird eh?

I am quite pleased and impressed with this new mascara from AVON. It fits me well as it doesn’t smudge on me at all. Although it seems to be sweat-proof, removing this using a bi-phase eye makeup remover is pretty hassle free and easy. There is no tucking, no rubbing hard upon removal. If you are looking for a techy, affordable, volumizing, lengthening and sweat-proof mascara, why not give this Mega Effects Mascara a try? This mascara is not made in Malaysia but Made in Poland. You can be assured of the quality 🙂

AVON Mega Effects Mascara goes on sale this 1st September 2013 at RM38.00 for West Malaysia while RM43.70 for East Malaysia. Do contact your AVON Representative or visit the nearest AVON Beauty Boutique.

For more information, call AVON’s Toll Free Line at 1-800-22-AVON (2866) or visit http://www.my.avon.com

Stay up to date with promotions and new launch by connecting with AVON Malaysia Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AvonMy


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Wow love the superb effect on your lashes. Seriously good stuff and very high tech looking piece of beauty gadget.

    • It will be better if my eyelashes are not everywhere LOL. But this mascara is really good. It is something that the high end brand are not offering 🙂

  • Nice, no try before

    • This is just out only Sherry. Last week I checked with Avon outlet and the stock is not out yet.

      • hello..how to order?tq

        • If you read properly at the end of the review, you will find the information.

  • is this better than the RMK extra deep w mascara? ;D i saw your review before, that mascara really work well! 😀

    • Good question. RMK Extra Deep W mascara is my all-time favorite mascara but removing it off can be a pain. This Mega Effects Mascara is quite similar to RMK. The only thing that different is (1) formula is wetter, (2) the brush of course and (3) price. However…the two is different. RMK is more to volume + length. Avon is more to volume only. Eventhough so I can still see increase in length. This Avon one doesn’t smudge but easily removed.

  • haha, suddenly i just noticed that there is so many nice mascara to use 😀 I read about your review on Kiss Me heroine make volume curl too ^_^

    • LOL. Yes!! There is really a lot of nice mascara to use. Choices…choices 😀

  • I have the same problem as u! haha.. my left eye eyelashes just refused to be curled while my right eyelashes curls beautifully.. 😛 anyways, the Avon mascara sounds great but i only have one concern, wouldn’t the mascara dry out much faster since the opening is so much bigger than the usual tube?

    • No it won’t. If you notice in the review I mentioned the brush is quite tightly tuck in the body. Pulling the brush out requires some strength. So it won’t be 😛

      What to do with our lashes Dee :(. Tried everything.

  • Ohmaigawd. So cool^^ I’m convinced after looking at the picture. Price is not bad ^^

    • Avon products is not expensive. Good and affordable for everyone 😉


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