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Schwarzkopf Bonacure Fibre Force Range: I wished it doesn’t mess with my sensitive scalp but it did

One of the most asked question to me is what hair care range that I would recommend to strengthen weak hair or to prevent hair loss. Most of the time I am not able to answer that question as I did not have much experience with hair care products targeted for hair loss. Only one. I believe everyone do suffer from hair loss, whether it’s at a minimal or maximum state. It can be caused from bad diet, hormonal changes, post-pregnancy, weak scalp, lack of nutrient in the hair follicle and so on. I may not be bald but I do suffer from hair loss and hair breakage once in a while.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Fibre Force Range strengthens and restores even the most eroded hair to its optimal level of force and resilience after an application time between four and ten weeks. I took this trio for a spin so let’s see if it really does works for me.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Fibre Force Range
The Bonacure Fibre Force are formulated with micronized, hair-identical keratin to penetrate deep into the gaps in the Cell Membrane Complex to reconstruct damaged, eroded hair from the inside and re-cement it. Hair fibre is strengthened after a subsequent usage from four to ten weeks. This range is said to be suitable for all hair types and structures. Hmmm I don’t quite agree on that and I’ll tell you why.


Bonacure Fibre Force Shampoo (RM60 / 200ml)

The shampoo is the least favourite of mine. It has a gel-ish consistency to it and it takes a lot of product to foams up to cover the overall of my hair. The scent is very plastick-y and let’s just say I’m not a fan. I have a rather sensitive scalp so any wrong shampoo could send my scalp haywire. And it sure did. This shampoo is too drying for my scalp. It dries up the scalp surface and now my scalp are all reddish and scaling.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Fibre Force Shampoo
Due to the texture, it does rinse off quickly than other shampoo and does not leave a creamy residue to the hair. It could be a good and bad thing. For me it’s too drying. Do also note that the shampoo does contain sulfate.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Fibre Force Shampoo Foams


Bonacure Fibre Force Conditioner (RM60 / 150ml)

The conditioner however, I’m a fan. It works by restoring the hair architecture from the inside, restoring the moisture balance and seals the hair’s surface. It smells wonderful, not too creamy that will make my scalp oily (not that I’m using it on my scalp) and also due to the semi-gel-ish consistency, it rinses off completely in a jiffy. What I like is that it doesn’t leave a slippery residue on my bathroom floor that could potentially be deadly 😀 . It doesn’t weight my hair down as well, which is a good news.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Fibre Force Conditioner


Bonacure Fibre Force Fortifier Treatment (RM60 / 150ml)

I feel that the treatment cream is quite similar to the conditioner although the benefits of it are different. It works by filling the hair from the inside and strengthens it. It penetrates deep into the architecture of the hair and regenerates the inner hair. To me this is the creamier version of the conditioner so sometimes I would just use the conditioner and skipped this hair treatment if I’m rushing. On days where I really do use the treatment, my hair feels super soft. I must say this and the conditioner is my favourite so far.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Fibre Force Fortifier Treatment
Besides the shampoo that is giving me problem, which now I need to take a few weeks to nurse it back to original state, I did see lesser hair fall or hair breakage. In fact I see a huge improvement. I tend to lose more hair when my hair gets longer and longer, especially now that I like to tie my hair up tightly on a high bun so hair grip tend to break my hair strands a lot. Lately I didn’t notice major hair loss on daily basis, after washing hair or even upon removing hair grip. Not bad, although I can live without the shampoo 😀


Schwarzkopf is available at selected pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide.

+ Bonacure Fibre Force Shampoo 200ml – RM60
+ Bonacure Fibre Force Conditioner 150ml – RM60
+ Bonacure Fibre Force Fortifier Treatment 150ml – RM60

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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I never notice the brand before. Is Bonacure new in the market?

    • The brand is not new dear. It used to be salon-based brand until it went mastige. Bonacure I believe has been out for some time 🙂


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