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SOUFEEL Christmas Gift Idea: Finding the perfect Christmas gifts

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have notice that I am already in the Christmas mood. Every event I went I wore my SOUFEEL Christmas Charm Bracelet as most of the event this month are evolving around the Christmas theme. Perfect timing 😀

Soufeel Christmas 1
What I like about SOUFEEL is that everytime they are about to release a batch of new charms, they will open up a pre-sale where you can get their new charms at 40% OFF. I remember seeing all the Christmas charms in the pre-sale section a month before this. So keep an eye on the pre-sale section every once a while. I know i do 😀

SOUFEEL Christmas Gifts are loaded with lots of absolutely beautiful Christmas charms for any charm bracelet fans regardless if it’s SOUFEEL or Pandora. That is because all SOUFEEL charm fits Pandora bracelet and vice versa. AND, you are in luck as you are reading this because most of the Christmas charms are on 50% sale!

Soufeel Christmas 2
I had the hardest time choosing my Christmas charms. It took me a good one hour trying to figure out a theme so that each charm match with each other. You will understand why if you had read my previous SOUFEEL review 😀 . You will too if you are on the Christmas Gifts section as all the charms has a significant meaning and design to it. I finally settled with these five Christmas charms for the festive.

Soufeel Christmas 3
I like my charms to be bulky. The first charm I chose is Snow-Covered Log Cabin (RM107.29 after discount from RM215). It is a house with snows on the rooftop. It also has a Christmas tree and a snowman on the side. Because it is a huge charm, it looked very nice on the wrist. No kidding.
No Christmas will be complete without a Snowman (RM85.79 after discount from RM172). I thought the snowman would be bigger but it came out to be a tad bit smaller than I thought. But it’s alright as the snowman kinda match everything else I chose 😀 . And cute too.

Soufeel Christmas 4
Another essential when it comes to Christmas theme is of course reindeer, Santa Clause, and a sleigh. Perfect, as Soufeel has a Sleigh and Reindeer Set (RM214.79 after discount from RM430). This set comes with two charms separately. I like that the reindeer has a hook at the back for Santa’s sleigh. The Santa Clause sleigh is also another favourite of mine. It’s another huge and bulky charm. It’s the most colourful charm of all. Major love for this one. Christmas felt complete. Almost 😛
I know I already had chosen a reindeer but just like my first Soufeel charm bracelet, I like to have at least one dangling charm. I have a theme going on and I tried to get as many colours as I can so besides going for the usual green, red, or brown, I went for one with crystals and gold. Christmas Reindeer (RM150.29 after discount from RM300.57) is the right choice as that pop of shimmer and gold adds another element of design, shape and colour to my bracelet.
Last but not least I have chosen an angel. This Sweet Angel (RM42.96 after discount from RM86) carries a certain meaning to my personal life and everything else. Not just for the bracelet but I hope this angel is able to bring peace and harmony to my life.

Soufeel Christmas 5

Soufeel Christmas 6

Soufeel Christmas 7
Here is a close up shot of my complete SOUFEEL Christmas Charm Bracelet 🙂 . Beautiful isn’t it? I am very happy with my charms selection as each charm matches with one another and the colours stood out perfectly just like the way I want them to be. This bracelet is quite heavy as most of the charm are quite huge hehe 😛

Soufeel Christmas 8
I will not talk much about the packaging as I had mentioned it before in my previous SOUFEEL review (click here). I still keep my SOUFEEL bracelet in the gift box that comes with the bracelet. Because why not? It has a cushion in the box and a dust cloth included for cleaning purposes 🙂

I also have received a few enquiries on the delivery time. I received my parcel in about 5 days from the day SOUFEEL sent out my parcel. There was no delay or whatsoever and the local courier handled my parcel delivery in the most efficient manner. The courier guy was not able to find my place and he called, spoke to me in the most polite manner in English and he delivered my parcel not long after the call without any delay or issue. Two thumbs up!

Soufeel Christmas 9
Now, something different. This time around a wrist measurement ‘ruler’ was included in my parcel. Funnily, I always ordered for the wrong bracelet size. The first one is too loose while this one is too tight lol. I am so happy to see this ruler in my box. How did SOUFEEL read my mind? lol. I still cannot believe I got the bracelet size wrong AGAIN on the second time 😛

Soufeel Christmas 10
If you have been wondering what to get someone for Christmas, look no further. You can either start up a basic SOUFEEL charm bracelet collection for your girlfriend or get them some charms to add into their collection if they are already a collector 😀

Soufeel Christmas Gift Sale
You now know what to get me for Christmas or birthday right? *cough* anything with star will do *cough**cough*


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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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