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Make Up - Beauty Tools Review: Make Up The Brush Guard

The Brush Guard: Small investment brush protection sleeve for long lasting brush lifespan

As my brush collection is getting larger, washing and drying them is getting a little bit tougher as I only have one pack of The Brush Guard Variety Pack of six to rotate whenever I need to deep clean all my dirty brushes. I bought that one pack when I just started with makeup and I remember I bought it for my ELF brushes. That’s how I was taught to dry my brushes from day one and I still practise the same exercise till this day 🙂

Just recently I went on a hunt again for The Brush Guard and I think I found the same seller who sold me my first The Brush Guard many years ago. I reach out to her through her Facebook page and I ended up with these packs. Mind you there wasn’t many people that is selling this brush guard, even online. Hunting the seller down is tough but I always knew where to find them.

The Brush Guard
But of course all this doesn’t come with no drama. And because of this drama, my review that was suppose to go up gazillion days ago was put on hold because I need to get some sort of confirmation before I lash out here. This is suppose to be MY BLOG to share with everyone my tips and tricks or even favourite products so that more people would benefit from it. But nooooo. It turned to be business related and I was furious. I had spoken to the seller who sold me hers so that she can contact The Brush Guard but she sort of wanting me to do it instead. I could have just review this without linking to anyone but I was more interested with the core of the problem so I contacted The Brush Guard personally. In conclusion, I will not link the online store here. More of the drama at the end of the review…