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My Day & Night Skin Care Regimen

I know I haven’t been doing any Clarins review lately. It’s for 2 good reasons though. 1 – I’m kinda indecisive which product to review, 2 – I wouldn’t wanna overdose you with Clarins =P. However. . . I’m still gonna overdose you with Clarins but in other way. This time I’m going to blog about my day and night skin care regimen.

I’m the kind of girl that can’t stay with one same brand or product for long time. I get bored easily. Thus buying full size, expensive and branded skin care is not workable for me. I’d prefer buying trial size from online as they’re cuter and cheaper for my “easily bored” use. I remembered when I started a new journey with Clarins back in March 2011, I only bought a full size bottle of Shaping Facial Lift and Pure and Radiant Mask. About two months down the road my client actually complimented that my skin look radiant and better. They asked if I’m using SK-II lol! From that day onwards I’m totally a convert. I don’t get bored with one brand as it works for my skin. But once in a while I do stray to other brands for fun.


I kept things simple for day as I wouldn’t want my face to be oily.

1 – Purifying Cleansing Gel With Hamamelis
As I put on many layers of skin care the night before, my skin tend to be oily when I woke up. My favourite cleanser in the morning is definitely this. The heavenly scent “woke” me up and cleanse everything from my face throughly.

2 – Toning Lotion With Iris
This toner is very refreshing and light. It’s not sticky like any other toner in the market. Just like water.

3 – Aqua Essence Morning Energy
This is something like “pre-serum” which prepares the skin for following skin care and freshen my face. I looked more fresh and wake up after misting this. But of course you need to pat this dry. One bottle really last very long.

4 – Defining Eye Lift
I called this “Shaping Facial Lift for the eyes”. It lift, reduce puffiness and fine lines. Eyes doesn’t look heavy and droopy using this.

5 – Eye Contour Balm
I bought this to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the inner corner of my eyes. The wonderful thing about this is that it doesn’t make your eye make up oily too.

6 – All Spots Whitening Corrector
I can’t live without this. This my friend works in lightening acne scars!

7 – Shaping Facial Lift
This basically saved me from swollen, puffy, fat face due to Hyperthyroidism medication. My face is now more tone, slimmer, firmer and more defined. Somehow this gives me a radiant too.

8 – Pore Minimizing Serum
This is my 5th bottle already. 1st bottle is full size 30ml, 2nd to 5th bottle is 15ml trial size. My pore is smaller and sebum secretion is in control now. Oh and I managed to track down one of Clarins counter which still have the RM68 best buy set and I reserved another 2 sets. Truly Matte Best Buy set is already faced out so I might buy more when I collect the reserved sets.

9 – HydraQuench Cream-Gel
Hydrating non-sticky gel which provide my skin the necessary hydration the whole day. So far I never found any good hydrating moisturizer which provide hydrating without making my skin oily. When the scent blended into my skin, it sort of smell like Burberry Body perfume.

10 – Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream
Sometimes I use this sometimes I don’t. On days where I wanted minimal stuff on my face, I’d skip this and massage some on my neck instead.

11 – UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection Tinted Version
Last but not least the most important of all. Sunblock. After I discovered this I stopped using BB cream (which will clog pores) or any cream foundation as this alone is more than enough as sunblock and as make up base.


Night regime is more important for me. I love to put a thick layer of skin care on my skin before sleep.

1a / 1b – One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser With Orange Extract / Cleansing Milk With Gentian
I removed all my make up after work with either one of this on alternate rotation.

2 – Gentle Foaming Cleanser With Cottonseed
After removing make up, I double cleanse using this foaming cleaner. This is a must for me to assure there’s no residue left on my skin.

3 – Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel
Exfoliation in toner way! It’s a scrub-like but in liquid form. It’s more gluey than toner though. I use this before mask so that the mask will absorb in more efficiently.

4a / 4b / 4c – Pure and Radiant Mask With Pink Clay / HydraQuench Cream Mask / Intensive Clear Mask
I’m rotating 3 types of masks daily. It used to be Mon, Wed, Fri for Pure and Radiant Mask. Tue, Thu, Sat for HydraQuench Cream Mask. Sunday used to be “holiday” for my skin. Now it’s whitening mask day.

5 – Defining Eye Lift
Same routine with day regime.

6 – Eye Contour Balm
Same routine with day regime.

7 – Lotus Face Treatment Oil + Toning Lotion With Iris
Unlike the usual “toner on cotton pad” routine, I poured some toner on my palm and add 2 drop of Lotus Face Treatment Oil, warm it and pat onto my face and neck. I’m loving what the treatment oil do to my face. My skin condition is much much better now. The effect is something like what SK-II users is experiencing. Face is not as oily as previous during day time too. Once I finished this sample, I’m gonna purchase a full size product.

8 – All Spots Whitening Corrector
Same routine with day regime.

9 – Shaping Facial Lift
Same routine with day regime.

10 – HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase
I remembered I wanted to buy this so much but expensive so the BA gave me a 3ml sample to try and I purchase the full size after finishing the sample. This is the improvised formula, packaging and scent version which is less oilier. I just love the smell and it’s not oily at all although it does look like one of the layer is oil. Sometimes I use this in the morning too but very rarely. I still have 4 bottles of 15ml in my stash :).

11 – Pore Minimizing Serum
Same routine with day regime.

12 – Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Cream
Tried the 15ml trial size and bought the full size after finished the tube. I admit I bought this because of the “Youth Recovery” name at the beginning. I wanna look youthful when I woke up in the morning LOL! It does work in a way. Just don’t expect to look 10 years younger ok? One of the best night cream I ever used.

13 – Foot Beauty Treatment Cream
This is not for face. Something extra for my foot! I have skin disease from young. Every year the skin problem is at different areas. Currently it’s on my sole. Painful to walk on. I gave mum a 8ml sample before so I applied on my sole to sleep. It works. Next morning skin is smooth. This is a 30ml trial size gift from my recent haul. Hope I can get more from the counter lol.

Does my daily regime sound complicated? My friends and even mum said it’s complicated. But I love every single step of applying skin care day and night. The only troublesome thing that I find is the applying method. Currently I’m into body care as well. I redeemed a set of body care recently using my points. Now I’m figuring out which is which first. It gets a bit complicated with body care in the picture lol. Faint.

“There Are No Ugly Women, Only Lazy Ones”. Quoted from Helena Rubinstein


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