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Review: Laura Mercier Lip Pencil #Naked

I might have sounded that I picked up Laura Mercier Lip Pencil #Naked just to be eligible for free shipping but actually not. There’s a wide selection of good products to choose from but I particularly wanted a lip pencil to further “enhance” the lip lines especially on the outer corner of my lips. Yea I wasn’t born with pretty pouty small perfect lips.

Laura Mercier Lip Pencil #Naked that I got is trial size which weights only 0.39g. Small I know. I bought this for only RM15. It’s dirt cheap for a Laura Mercier.


The colour definition for this lip pencil is labeled as “Naked”. I would expect maybe nude colour which resemble a skin colour but the led is more to pinkish nude. The led is hard which is good. If it’s too soft, it’d be too fragile to draw onto the lips repeatedly.


The colour payoff on the back of my hand is expectedly a soft pink. I have no problem with the colour as all my lippie is pink, pink and pink or coral. When it’s drawn onto my lips, the colour turns nude!


It’s invisible as soon as lipstick is applied. I like this very much. I never like the idea of lip pencil colour that is different from lipstick colour. Nude is the way to go. Laura Mercier really live up to it’s name. I might check out Laura Mercier cosmetic line soon 😉

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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