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Here’s a fun fact. When I did my #IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag, I wanted to keep the concept as environmental-friendly as possible therefore there will be no box or card included in the bag. Usually a card in a beauty box/bag is a summary of the content and I knew I would not have the time to sit down and design one so it is not a bad idea not to include a card in. But then I wanted to at least include a campaign Thank You card into the bag so I bite on my lips and quickly design one. Then come a challenge – to find a printing company that is willing to print not more than 100 pieces. I was so in a rush and with the time constrain, I settled with a printing company and had the cards printed for a premium price. After I found out about Gogoprint Malaysia, I wished I found out about them just a few weeks earlier 🙁 . Let me tell you why.

For someone who does not have time to sit down and recce printing companies for the best and cheapest price, Gogoprint Malaysia is my best one-stop printing services company. They offer so many types of printing services from business cards, leaflets, postcards, letterheads, wedding cards, folders and many more, all in one website. You name it, they got it. The best part and most time saving for me is that I do not need to get the company to send me a quote for xx quantities for xx printing days. It is all stated clearly in the website as you place your order. Gone are those days you ask for quotation. This is the future 😀

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Register For An Account

First thing first. You need to register for an account. It is as simple as A B C.

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Once you have registered, you will be directed to your Account Dashboard page. I added in my billing address and it automatically became my shipping address. You do not need to add the address twice unless you want your goods to be sent to another place.

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Placing An Order

Time to place my order! I am most excited about this one because I get to choose everything that I want for example size, quantity, paper type, finishing, delivery time and quantity. I already know what I want so this step is fairly easy, even for a beginner. I like that Gogoprint Malaysia marked certain option as “Most Popular” so even if you have no idea what to go for, just choose the Most Popular option. Safe option 😉

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First up. Business Card. I have left with not more than 50 pieces of my business card so it was time to replenish it. I like my card to be matte and thick, just like my current card so I choose 310g Art Card with Lamination Matte finishing.

Then I need to choose the delivery time frame and the price. There are four types of printing prices according to your production time frame. I am not in the rush so I choose Normal Production. Be sure to enter your postcode in the Location on the top left to get the precise pricing. Quantities are from minimum 100 pieces to 10,000 pieces. I decided to go with 300 pieces, just in case I needed to change my design in the coming year.

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Once you have picked all that needed, a pop-up window will show you all that you have chosen. Check all the details to see if they are correct and click Add To Cart.

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Next, I wanted to print more #IWillBeOkay Thank You Card. I choose the Postcards option for this one as the size is the same as my current card size. My current card is 210g Art Card so I went with the thinnest card option – 260g Art Card with no finishing at all.

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The price is SO MUCH MORE cheaper than what I paid for my previous card (RM0.70 per card) from other company 🙁 . I regretted that I did not Google for options. Gogoprint Malaysia would so be popping out in the search result 🙁

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Same as the Business Card, review and finalise your options and click Add To Cart.

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Important: If you need to do multiple printing on the same item, you will need to add each item into the shopping cart separately as only one file is accepted for one item.


Checking Out

Click on the shopping cart icon on the top right of the page and you will be brought to the Shopping Cart. The full details are all hidden so click Show Details and go through everything before clicking Proceed To Checkout.

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As for the payment, customers are given the options of Internet Banking, Debit/Credit Card and even Offline Bank Transfer. I am impatient so I prefer direct Internet Banking 😀 . Choose your preferred method and bank then click Confirm & Upload Files.

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You will be directed to the bank payment gateway, do the transfer and then you will be redirected to the Confirmation & Upload File page. This is where you upload your files. Only print-ready PDF files are accepted. You may refer to this link for more info.

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View Your Order / Re-Upload File

Anytime you need to view your order or re-upload a new artwork, just go to your account and click My Orders.

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Click on the View Order and you will be viewing every details of your particular order, including the artwork you have uploaded. Before Gogoprint Malaysia process your order for printing, you still have the window to re-upload a new file if necessary. Once your order had been picked up by Gogoprint Malaysia, there is no way you could change the files.

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Notice of Shipment

Once Gogoprint Malaysia sent out your parcel, they will then send you a Shipment Confirmation email together with the courier tracking number.

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The order status in your account will also be marked as Complete.

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Gogoprint Malaysia uses Aramex courier to send out my package and since I have been dealing with Aramex for a few years now, I know that my address is out of their delivery area therefore they had resent the package to GDex. I was at GDex office yesterday morning for another parcel and just as I was leaving, I remembered that they also hold my Gogoprint Malaysia package. I quickly phone Aramex up to get the GDex tracking number and lucky enough, my parcel was about to leave the door for delivery.

My goodies are well packaged in a spacious box. I was surprised to find that my boxes of business card are all bundled up in bubble wraps! That is so nice of them to wrap it up.

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Since I uploaded AI file and AI files are not accepted, I was told to re-upload my files and I missed the deadline so the delivery date was pushed from 25th January to 26th January. Still not an issue for me as it is not that urgent 🙂 . The best part is, I collected my parcel on the 25th January morning and that is also after a few days delayed at GDex. If you are within Aramex delivery area, you may have gotten your package earlier than the time frame you selected. Not bad, eh?

Tadaaa, here are my orders – 200 pieces of #IWillBeOkay Thank You card and 300pcs of business cards.

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Let’s start with the #IWillBeOkay Thank You Card.

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The paper quality is top notch. Thicker than my existing card, color is more vibrant and brighter. It is somewhat glossier but that is okay. It is not that important 😉 . Overall, I like it!

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My business card is same as my current, except that it is 0.4cm bigger. Not a big issue since the whole card is white. The finishing and paper thickness is in good quality, just like my current card as well 😀

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Overall, it was such a pleasant and smooth experience placing my first printing order online. The website are definitely user-friendly with easy to navigate site and absolutely not confusing even for a newbie like me. If you ask me about the price, I would say it is super affordable. This is coming from someone who had her printing done elsewhere for a much more premium price therefore yes, Gogoprint Malaysia is convenient, hassle-free, easy to use, fast, cheaper and affordable than others.

What are you waiting for? Do all your printing services online now at https://www.gogoprint.com.my/. Did I mentioned that it is FREE DELIVERY for all orders? For more information, please follow Gogoprint Malaysia Facebook Page.


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