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BY TERRY Expert 2017 Collection Lifts Selfie Lover’s Mood and Whim Every Minute of the Day

By Terry Expert 2017 Collection
So far BY TERRY‘s new launches has been nothing but interesting and a hit. From the much love Rouge-Expert Click Stick, which remains my most used and favourite lipstick, to the interesting Techno Aura Glow-Expert Duo Stick, which I had fun making video of, and Eye Designer Palette Parti-Pris, which is an underestimated eyeshadow palette. Out with the Spring now let’s welcome Autumn/Winter 2017 collection – the BY TERRY Expert 2017 Collection.

BY TERRY Expert 2017 Collection adapted a new technology – I.M.C.® short for Intensive Mimetic Camouflage technology that is inspired by backstage and photo shoot makeup session challenges. The products within the collection are formulated with optical prisms blend, micro-camouflage pigments and mineral powders. All these work hand-in-hand to blur every imperfection on the skin, it smoothes skin texture if any, minimizes shin, capture and reflect light and it brings out the skin’s natural beauty. Terry de Gunzburg was inspired by the cultural trend that makes her create this new collection: as technically crafted and superior as professional makeup products, that are able to attain flawless skin without requiring any particular makeup expertise. No photo touch-ups but appears as perfect as it does in real life. Sounds like every selfie lover’s dream came true, eh? 😀

By Terry Event News

BY TERRY Techno Aura Spring 2017 Touches on Hybrid Innovations, No-Makeup Look and Cosmic Tints

By Terry Techno Aura Spring 2017 1
Luxury beauty brand By Terry recently unveiled its Spring 2017 collection with the theme Techno Aura, Style Collection Spring 2017. The collection made out of three main products that are described as “icy-chilled” textures, light-catching shades, and irresistible and “hybrid” innovations, with shimmering haloes of light, hues that change and mutate collection. By Terry described the collection to be a supernova, with explosion of cosmic, joyful light from the “techno” galaxy. It what Terry de Gunzburg, the Founder loves so much.

By Terry Event News

BY TERRY Rouge-Expert Click Stick: Newest Unique Water-Droplet Shape Lipstick That Lets You To Pick, Click and Stick

By Terry Rouge-Expert Click Stick 1
This has got to be the most interesting lipstick launch I have ever been to. You know how we are all craving for something innovation, something different from the others and something unique? If you are one of them, like me then you are in for the new hybrid lipstick from BY TERRY.

Let me go back to how this new lipstick started. A little bit of history. BY TERRY’s iconic foundation in a brush – the Light-Expert Click Brush is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month. To celebrate the anniversary, BY TERRY Founder – Terry de Gunzburg launched this Rouge-Expert Click Stick lipstick. It is invented as a three-in-one wonder for the lips. PICK, CLICK, STICK as she named it. You PICK your shade, CLICK to release the right amount of color, and the lipstick STICK with you all day long.

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Terry de Gunzburg Thé Glacé Aqua Parfum: A Refreshing, Sparkling Summery Scent Reminiscing Taking A Sip of Iced Tea at The French Riviera

Terry de Gunzburg The Glace 1
I am sure by now you know the cosmetic brand, By Terry. But did you know By Terry also have skin care AND fragrance line as well? I am not aware about the fragrance line until I went for Terry de Gunzburg Thé Glacé launch.

Thé Glacé Aqua Parfum is a perfume by Terry de Gunzburg, the Founder of By Terry. Terry describe this new scent as a chic, unique, magnetic, aquatic scent based on her herb garden. The fragrance opens up to a refreshing, sparkling Eau Fraîche summery scent, an olfactory tattoo in limited edition. When the scent tones down, I was pretty sure I’m smelling something that resembles a cologne. Not the manly type of cologne mind you, but a light refreshing one. It was…delicious! 😀

Beauty Workshop By Terry Event

A morning with By Terry International Make-Up Trainer, Sophie Kilian for Terrybly Makeup Workshop

By Terry Terrybly Make-Up Workshop 1
Two weeks ago, By Terry Malaysia held a make-up workshop just for a few of us bloggers over at KENS Bangsar Shopping Center where I met up with By Terry International Makeup Artist & Trainer, Sophie Kilian for the first time. Sophie, who flew in from France was present to introduce to us the brand, By Terry as a whole and its wide range of skin care and makeup products as well as to do a simple yet gorgeous makeup application demonstration with just five products.