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Dove Hair Range Upgraded with Dove Nutritive Solutions and The Launch of Dove Salon for PLAY.DOVE.REPEAT Campaign

Dove Nutritive Solutions
Yesterday was the reintroduction of the entire Dove hair range whereas all has been upgraded with Dove Nutritive Solutions, an improved formulation to deliver instant damage repair and progressive nourishment.

Each Dove hair care range is now in the new Dove Nutritive Solutions that caters to different types of hair needs. Dove developed their hair care solutions which goes deep into the cellular level of the hair strand for instant repair with long term care and long lasting result. The patented Keratin Repair Actives which was previously available in Intense Repair is now extended to Hair Fall Rescue and Nourishing Oil Care range. Microsheet technology was also included to instantly smooth and restore hair surface for manageable, soft and healthy looking hair.

Dove Event

New From Dove: Dove Intense Repair for 10 Times Stronger Hair Against Damage

Dove, who is not a stranger in hair care recently introduces it’s new Intense Repair range as they recognises the importance of repairing hair damage at a deeper level. It is unavoidable that we women love to experiment and change hair style in an attempt to look our best. What we women didn’t realise and often overlook is the daily damage we put our crowning glory through. Even the simplest daily routine such as brushing and blow drying or even exposure to the UV ray is slowly taking it’s toll on women’s hair.

I’m pretty excited about this Dove Intense Repair range in particular because my hair is kind of spoilt at the lower end and with split ends. Each time I brush my hair, it broke into small pieces and my clothes is literally covered with tiny broken hair strands. Let’s you and me find out more about our hair and on the new Intense Repair range 😀

Dove Intense Repair 1
As usual, I’ll talk a little bit about our hair and hair damage as I find this piece of information useful and not many knew about this. I’m quite glad I learnt all this just the other day.

Dove Event

A Morning Affair with Dove® and The New Dove® Body Wash with NutriumMoisture™, Now Nourishes Better Than Milk

Last Saturday’s Dove blogger event was the earliest in my event history as it was scheduled at 9am. No problem for me as I’m used to waking up early despite waking up to a migrain because I couldn’t sleep well lately :(.

Rather than the usual mall concourse, hotel ballroom, counter launch venue that I’m used to attending, the event this time was held at a beautiful, luxury environment of Mont Kiara – The Food Studio at Amarin Kiara. That’s right. It is a center that offers a variety of culinary events and private cooking classes which means I’ll be cooking!

This is one event that focus more on giving us a good time and experience on a beautiful Saturday morning rather than injecting us with product A-Z so I will be writing more on the event itself this time round as I want to note this experience down for remembrance 🙂


Dove Watsons

Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Trial Set

Purchased 3 trial sets of Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair from Watsons KLCC yesterday for RM1.70 per set. Each set consists of a shampoo and a conditioner. The PWP only applicable for purchase of RM20 and above. If the store permits me to buy more, I’d buy more but I was told maximum is only 3 items.


Dove Beauty Body Wash – Deep Moisture

My intention is to grab more of the Ginvera Green Tea shower scrub but too bad Watson’s has ended the promo and the price revert back to normal. I’m not as bad luck as I think cause I saw Giant hypermarket having stock clearance of Dove Beauty Body Wash (Deep Moisture) for just RM10. Normal retail price is about RM22.90. Don’t worry. Its not expired or something like that. Still got 1 year to go hehe. So I bought 2 bottles of this. Now I’m regretting. Should have bought all =.=”

My thought on this? 
Absolutely love this. A little goes a long way. The smell is flowery and soothing and…girly? Heh. The cream is so rich and creamy. Very moisturizing in fact. RM10 for such a huge bottle is definately worth to try…for me of course =). I guess there’s no other bargain like this anymore *sob**sob*