New Cam Exposed! Olympus PEN E-P3

During the Digital Lifestyle Expo 2011 in KLCC back in July, I grabbed a new micro 4/3 camera for myself.

The choice? Well. Initial plan is to get Panasonic GF2 but since GF3 is already here, there’s no point. So me and my friend decided to get Olympus PEN E-P3 which was just launch not more than 3 weeks ago back then. Retail price is RM3,199 and the special price at this expo is RM3,099 but they decided to lowered it to RM2,999.

Along with this, I paid another extra RM180 for 2 years extended warranty which makes the total to RM3,179. I got myself loads of extras such as 8GB memory card, Olympus original casing, Olympus couple umbrella (dui!), Olympus pillow (duh!), Olympus microfibre cleaning cloth, tripod and managed to squeeze myself for a free screen protector which my friend paid for. As Maybankard was the official payment gateway there, I redeemed four (4) Nando vouchers which me and my mum went for lunch at KLCC for absolutely free!

And here’s my new cam!

The funny this is, my friend is a food blogger and I’m a product blogger. So now he only knew how to shoot food and I only knew how to shoot product pictures. We’re both laughing at each other and we decided to sign up for Olympus workshop next month to learn about photography. And the ironic thing is, my company’s new photographer is conducting photography workshop for Canon as Canon is our sponsor for a photography section in our magazine and we can’t attend! LOL. So weird.

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  • oooh nice camera!! Did you have to pay for the extras or were they free?

  • Yes its a very nice camera. Oh all the extras is free 🙂


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