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Malaysia Tatler X Jimmy Choo EDT & EDP Miniature

Dropped by Kinokuniya this morning and extremely excited to see Malaysia Tatler March 2012 issue is giving away not one but TWO Jimmy Choo perfume miniature!!

Before making my purchase I checked with the cashier counter and was told the freebies is still available. I quickly grabbed 2 copies and make the payment immediately. As I was walking towards Japanese magazine section, I took out the cute lil bag and was shocked to find 2 miniature! I checked the other bag and it’s the same.

After making a reservation for CanCam May 2012 issue at Japanese magazine counter, I walked to the stationary section to purchase something and walked back to English magazine section to take a look at the promotion poster. It is indeed with two miniature bottle picture.

The miniature I got is Jimmy Choo Eau De Toilette 4.5ml and Eau De Parfum 4.5ml. So so cute.

And of course if you know me you’d know that I will definitely get more than 1 copy if I spotted such a great freebies like this. I came home with 3 copies (yeap, I got another copy ehehe).

Hurry make your way to Kinokuniya if you like miniature perfume! My friend Wendy went today in the noon and she bought 2 copies as well.

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  • I bought this too!! And there were boxes left on Sunday evening!

  • Haha. Hard to resist! How many copy you got?

  • I only bought one :p cos was feeling a bit guilty buying the MorexCoach too.

  • One copy is enough though. A small dab of the perfume can last the whole day. No kidding.

  • could u prompt me via email when the minutes u know that there is freebies of perfume I would love to know. 😉

    • Keep an eye on the blog update if you wanna know 😉


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