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Chasing The Bus – Dior Addict Extreme Bus Roadshow that is

In my post about Dior Addict Extreme Bus Roadshow, I mentioned that I’d be at Menara Milenium stop but due to some issue at work I didn’t make it 🙁

However after checking their roadshow schedule again I managed to match one of their stop to my schedule! As I’m gonna be at KLCC for Lancôme’s party in the afternoon, I decided to stop by 1 Utama in the morning to catch the bus!

As I reached the parking of 1 Utama, I was a bit worried that I couldn’t locate the bus. I was expecting the bus to be at old wing open air parking area. As I tagged in with my One Card I couldn’t see the bus in the parking. So as I drive in I peep again at the main entrance and there it is! I spot the bus so I save time walking around looking for it :). Happily I parked my car at Preferred Parking just next to Jusco and walked over to the main entrance.

I spotted 2 Dior girls at the main entrance and I stopped by at one of them, filled up my detail card and I was ushered to the bus.


This friendly guy is my Color Stylist. Didn’t managed to get his name as his name tag is only stating Color Stylist. He’s very nice, explained about Dior Addict Extreme lipstick to me while trying on a color on my lips. I told him I was looking for a nude with pink base lipstick but the Dior girl whom I met earlier had this beautiful pink on her lips and I want that too! I was wearing pink blouse so I thought I can rock pink that day :). So the Color Stylist suggest that I try #486 Cruise from Riviera range. Love it.


This is how the inside of the bus looks like.


After the quick touch up with the beautiful Dior Addict Be Iconic Extreme #486 Cruise on my lips, I was handed a product booklet, Dior Addict IT Tattoo and a Diorsnow UV Shield BB Creme sample redemption card. I could redeem the sample from either Jusco, Parkson or Isetan. As I needed to use up my RM20 Isetan cash voucher I decided to stop by Dior counter at Isetan.


And I got myself a Dior Addict Be Iconic Extreme #486 Cruise lipstick. Every girl gotta have one Dior lipstick :). The lipstick is retailing for RM98 each. I only paid RM78 after my RM20 Isetan cash voucher.


This is a best buy ever. I was quite surprised to found out that they’re not selling the lipstick in the bus. I find that this concept is very good as they’re mainly focusing on promoting and creating awareness of the lipstick and there’s no hard selling involved.

Did you managed to chase the bus? Today they’ll be at The Curve from 10am to 10pm. Drop by and check out the gorgeous lipstick yourself. You couldn’t resist buying one after that.


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  • No wonder I didn’t saw you :p I got something different than yOurs. Read my blog :)) angelineng92.blogspot.com

  • No wonder I didn’t saw you that day 🙂 I got something different btw 🙂 but I didn’t got the bb sample 🙁 but the girl is super nice! Read my blog :)) angelineng92.blogspot.com

  • Lolololol. I also very old :p hahaha

  • Hehe yea. Couldn’t manage to sneak out to Milenium.

    Maybe they see me older so they gave me the BB creme sample redemption card.

  • You’re still in school! 😛

    Old peep get BB creme
    Still in school girl get diamond tattoo ahahahaha

  • So glad you get on the bus

  • I’m glad I hopped on!

  • Ohh nice 😀

    • Hope more bus to chase soon 🙂

      • Yeah,and hopefully it’s somewhere nearer to my area such as Bukit Bintang area 😀

        • Cross fingers dear


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