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Review: In Support of Earth-Friendly Beauty Brushes with EcoTools® 6 Piece Eye Brush Set

A month ago I picked up EcoTools® 6 Piece Eye Brush Set from Shins Mid Valley. Coincidently they’re having a 20% discount on EcoTools®! Lucky me. Perfect timing as I wanted to change all my brushes to a new and better one. This brush set is retailing for RM70 and I only paid RM56 after 20% off.


The brush set comes with a hemp and cotton case with mirror. This is actually the 6th item by what EcoTools® meant with “6 piece eye brush set”. 1st to 5th item is the brust itself.

The brush itself is not too long or too short. Some people called it mini brush set but actually this is not as mini as it is. I always have problem with long brush. I tend to hit my stand mirror everytime I do my eye makeup haha! With this… it’s perfect for me. P/S: I tried to do my makeup as close as I can to the mirror so that I can prevent having wrinkle lines on my forehead lol!


At close state, the pouch is small and handy. Easy to put it in your handbag for on the go touch up.


Each of the brushes is imprinted with a name bearing the usage of it. I use the brushes exactly as the name suggest. It’s a no-brainer for me as I need not figure out what is that brush for!

Blend Brush. The biggest brush of all 5. I use this to blend the crease harsh line after I’m done with applying. Love this brush the most!


Crease Brush. Second largest brush of the set. I use this to apply darker eyeshadow to the outer corner and crease of my eyes. As the brush is thick and huge, I only get the hang of using it after a few times. Liking this everyday.


Highlight Brush. I like the fact that it’s fluffy but pointy at the top. Not to mention super soft too. After I’m done with inner and outer corner as well as blending out the harsh line, I’d use this brush to apply a medium tone color to the top of my crease line. Then using the same brush, I’d pick some highlight color (lighter shade of eye shadow) and applied it close under my brows.


Shade Brush. The second smallest brush in the set. At first I kept thinking what to do with this as I can’t figure out what “Shade” means for a brush. Then I knew it. I used this to apply eye shadow to the inner corner of my eyes. Although a bit small for that, I need more time to kept on going until the half of the lid. The brush is a bit dense. It tend to pick up more eye shadow but it’s okay as it’s small. I can easily spread the excess to the side.


Last but not least, Smudge Brush. Okay. Another not no-brainer name for a brush lol. But I have no problem with this as by the time I’m done using all 4 brushes…my makeup is done too. So what do I do with this cutie 5th brush? Ahhh I know. I’d just use this to line my lower eyelash with eye shadow! This works as perfect as it is. I always have trouble finding the right brush to line my lower eyelash with eye shadow but it seems like this brush solved that 🙂


A lot of trackback lately to my blog is on How to check if your Ecotools brush set is fake. It’s a rant post of me being conned to buy fake Ecotools and also I did a simple comparison on authentic vs fake. As you might or might not aware there’s lots of fake Ecotools brushes in the market especially through online store. So after that bad experience I only buy from Shins.

My first brush set is Ecotools by Alicia Silverstone. In my comparison of authentic vs fake post I did mention that the Ecotool logo must be something like “burnt on” and Ecotools by Alicia Silverstone is not. The handle is more smoother than normal Ecotools and the logo is printed on. But that doesn’t mean it’s fake. It just means that every series’ logo is printed differently. In this 6 Piece Eye Brush Set, you can see what I meant by the logo is “burnt on” type. As it is burnt on every color of the logo on every brush is different. Some darker and some lighter. You can easily feel the burnt on logo while printed one is the opposite.

Do check out my How to check if your Ecotools brush set is fake post to find out if your brush is authentic or fake 🙂


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own


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  • This set looks nicer than the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman eye brush set (USD18 ex.shipping). For starters, the Ecotools bristles are neater and trim.
    I browsed the RT sets on It’s got a big zoom function which enabled me to see that the RT brush bristles somehow looked flimsier.

  • Real Technique is quite a famous brush too. I don’t like it because of the bulky look hehe. The good thing abt RT is the brush can stand on it’s own. Ecotools bristles are more soft and fluffy. So it’s more gentle on the eye.


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