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Redeem Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15/PA++ One-Week Sample

Clinique Malaysia is doing another sampling exercise and this time it’s their Even Better Makeup SPF 15/PA++ liquid foundation.

Just go to

I redeemed mine on Monday after work while on the way home. I was matched with Even Better Makeup SPF 15/PA++ in shade #63 which I told the BA not to give me my exact shade as most liquid foundation oxidize on me in the afternoon.

I’m liking this foundie. Have you redeem yours? I’m still “test-driving” this foundie for the week 🙂


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  • What do you mean by oxidize?

    • Oxidize means the foundation turns darker when your face starts to produce oil

      • Oh. Is that why later in the day, the skin on the face looks darker?

        • Exactly. That’s oxidization 🙂

          • Is this due to the skin condition or the product itself? What can be done then?

  • I redeemed mine already. I was given choices not only from Even Better, but also from other ranges as well. The assistant asked me if I prefer something thick or thin, I prefer thin, so she recommeded Even Better. I choose the same Even Better shade 63 too. 😉

    • Hi dear,

      Yes :). Clinique BA customized accordingly to your skin type and preference. Coincidently I was matched to Even Better as that suits me more 🙂

      Yay for your sample too!

  • Thanks for sharing the link.

    The staff at Pavilion’s Clinique shop was surprisingly unhelpful. He just handed a sample of Even Better in shade #64 and said Clinique only has that for a sample. If he had said that they’ve ran out of stock, I would’ve understood. I did ask him for a match, and I was actually shade #63. Probably won’t be visiting that Clinique store again.

    • Sorry to hear about your bad experience at Pavilion. I used to get the same treatment at Mid Valley but the new batch of BA is more friendlier. Perhaps you can alert Clinique by emailing them at


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