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My First Luxola Mini Haul

I’ve always wanted a good blending brush. Remember BLEND BLEND BLENNDD! Sigma is my first choice but unfortunately it’s not available in Malaysia unless I get it online. But of course I can get MAC one but it’s too expensive for a brush. I placed an order at but the system had a slight issue during checkout. After emailing Sigma and numerous tries I still had problem checking out so I gave up. The last resort would be Luxola.

Almost all Sigma brushes at Luxola are sold out. After receiving an email that the brushes are in stock I placed my order immediately. Here’s my mini haul.

My main purchase is Sigma brushes. I bought 2 blending brush. Sigma E25 Blending (RM40) is said to be similar to the iconic MAC 217. I like Sigma E45 Small Tapered Blending (RM40) because of the round shape and pointy tip. Perfect for crease.

I notice that there’s a slight price increase with Sigma brushes in Luxola and I asked about this in Luxola Facebook page. According to them there’s a price increase globally. Thank goodness it’s not that much.

I also notice that Sleek Blush in Rose Gold are in stock therefore I ordered one too. Luxola refunded RM35 for the blush the next day due to system glitch. It was in fact still out of stock. As soon as the money was refunded I received an email from Luxola. They apologized for the error and mentioned that they will send the same blush tester. That was very kind and thoughtful of Luxola to do so. Thank you!

And not only that. Luxola also mentioned that they are sending me a Sleek Storm i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette (RM50). Now…that was a total surprise and unexpected. It’s not necessary for Luxola to compensate me with this palette but they did :). Once again THANK YOU!


I’m impressed with the overall shopping experience and the speed of processing my order. My parcel was packed and sent out the next day after payment. I was also provided with the parcel tracking number so every 2 days I will go online and track the whereabout of my parcel. It reached me in about 1 week which is okay since it’s shipped out from oversea (Singapore).

Every single item was bubble wrapped heavily in 2 layers and another layer for overall all items. Even the plastic packaging is also pre-bubble wrapped. For Luxola virgin shopper…you can be assured that your ordered item are treated with all the tender love and care before sending out to you.

I’d definitely be back for more Sigma brushes and hopefully this time Sleek blush are in stock.

Shipping to Malaysia – Free delivery for order above RM63
Brands – Sigma, Sleek, Butter London, BECCA Cosmetics, Face Atelier, Edward Bass and many more. For full brands list please click here.


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  • Wow,this is a really awesome haul 😀

    • A mini one but really happy with the brushes 🙂

  • Lovely haul! And excellent customer service from the Luxola team too. I have placed some orders with them and can’t wait for the parcel to arrive!

    • One of the best I dealt with! Oh do tell what you get from Luxola 🙂

  • Lovely, Luxola team is always kind and efficient 🙂

    • Yes they are wonderful!

  • is it they changed? I saw in the website is free delivery for Orders RM 100.00 and above…

    • Aiyo. Changed again! At first it’s RM100+, then RM100 then RM63 and now back to RM100 =.=”

  • wow…lucky you..
    i’ve made 2 purchase from luxola malaysia, the delivery was fast.
    the wrapping – excellent.
    my 1st purchase was the sleek blush trio in lace,
    the i-divine storm, just like yours..been using it on and off , coz of the shimmer, once blended, not that shimmery.
    Btw how do you compare sleek palette to Itsjudytime palette?
    My 2nd purchase was sigma Mr Bunny travel kit and sigma contour brush (forgot the code)- they hv 50% less that time.

    • I’ve given away the Sleek palette so I can’t compare both palette. Judging from the outlook I like It’s Judy Time palette more because the color regardless neutral/colorful is more vibrant and “alive”.

  • Hi Fiona,

    Just wanna ask if that time you ordered from Luxola, did they used Aramex courier as well? I just got place my 1st order from them, and they shipped my items via aramex. But since there has no any aramex branch here in Kedah (I thinked only Petaling Jaya got the main branch) I’m not sure which courier I should expect to collect my item. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Hannah, Luxola only uses Aramex courier. For areas / states without Aramex branch, Aramex will courier out using a local courier company. I’ve gotten Gdex and Nationwide Express before so do make a quick call to Aramex when the parcel tracking stated “out of delivery – beyond delivery area” to get confirmation which courier company 😀

      • That was a fast respond 😉
        Yes, based on my tracking status it’s already stated as “out of delivery- beyond delivery area”
        Thanks Fiona! Have a great weekend

        • Pink panther style lol 😀 . You should be receiving the parcel tomorrow if I’m not mistaken. There’s a 40% discount code for this weekend. Are you aware? Just in case you wanna buy more 🙂

          • Haven’t heard of it, I just got myself convinced to order when I saw they had the 33% discount the other day. But now 40%, that was a huge sale! Will go take a look at it 🙂

            Thanks Fiona

          • I shopped with 33% discount as well. Happy shopping!

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