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Selsun Blue Medicated Dandruff Treatment Shampoo: The “bomb diggity” shampoo for dandruff

During my younger days I suffer from seasonal dandruff condition. It comes and go. There was no dandruff shampoo that can ever get rid of my dandruff, that was until Selsun TVC appear again and again in between TVB dramas. One day I pick up a bottle and here I am. Still buying Selsun Blue Medicated Dandruff Treatment Shampoo whenever I need it.

Selsun Blue Medicated Dandruff Treatment Shampoo 1
Before I start, you might wonder how the heck am I able to use and review the shampoo without even removing the protective seal on the cap. Okay. This full size bottle is for photo purposes ya because I just bought a value pack and I’m using the smaller bottle. That’s the smaller bottle on the right from photo above 😀

Selsun Blue Medicated Dandruff Treatment Shampoo 2
Selsun Blue dandruff treatment shampoo comes in three variants:

  • Extra Moisturizing With Extra Moisturizers – For dry and damaged hair (green bottle cap)
  • 2-In-1 With Conditioner – For normal hair (light purple bottle cap)
  • Medicated With Menthol – For itchy scalp (red bottle cap)

Of all three variants I prefer Medicated With Menthol which is meant for itchy scalp. It’s exactly what I need, a shampoo to combat dandruff and at the same time to tame the itchy scalp down. This one right here is the newest and latest improved formula. It is now infused with Honeyquat 50 for a softer and manageable hair. I’ve gone through a few bottles of the old version and two bottles of this new version. There is a distinctive difference between the old and the new. The old version tend to be drier and makes your hair coarse and unmanageable. With the newly infused Honeyquat 50, all the dry and unmanageable hair problem is now gone.

Selsun Blue Medicated Dandruff Treatment Shampoo 3
One downside with Selsun Blue shampoo is that the content tend to separate. Selsun Blue Medicated Dandruff Treatment Shampoo consists of two parts – a more runnier blue component and a thicker yellowish component. Each time before I use it, I will make sure I shake the bottle until my eyeballs popped out because if I don’t, all I get is the blue component. It doesn’t work as how it was designed to if I’m only using the blue component. Once I mix both components well, I get a greenish looking shampoo. The yellowish component I believe is where the medicated part is at. The shampoo used to have more shimmer grains in it. The new version is clear and smooth.

Besides that I also notice the change of scent. The old version is so much more stronger. Eventhough so, I’m quite glad Selsun remain it’s signature scent for the new version. The scent is still quite herbal-y but not as strong as before. The scent will be stuck onto the towel that was used to dry the hair. My mum complain about the odd scent and she wash my towel every single day because it stinks lol. It also leave it’s scent on your hair and scalp up until the next day. Yeap, that’s Selsun! Since mine is with menthol, I do get a cooling peppermint sensation as I was shampooing my hair. It wasn’t bad until it gets into the eyes. It is almost impossible to get rid of the minty sensation from the eye despite washing it over and over again with water. This cooling sensation will still be present even as I was drying my hair up.

I don’t use this shampoo continuously until I finish a bottle. When I know that my dandruff is back, I’ll use it for a straight 1-2 weeks. Sometimes the dandruff is gone in a few days. So it really depends. But the recommended usage is twice a week. So far this Selsun Blue Medicated Dandruff Treatment Shampoo works for my hair. THIS IS THE BOMB DIGGITY!

Selsun Blue Medicated Dandruff Treatment Shampoo 4
Here’s the ingredient list.

Selsun Blue Medicated Dandruff Treatment Shampoo comes with three main ingredients and features. All these features is proven to work, which is why I highly recommend this treatment shampoo to combat dandruff.

  • Selenium Sulfide to control dandruff flaking and itching.
  • Honeyquat 50 to effectively moisturize from within and to restore natural shine.
  • Menthol to help soothe itchy scalp.

Selsun Blue Medicated Dandruff Treatment Shampoo 5
Now, there’s a value pack that made me runs around five to six Guardian pharmacy in order to hunt for it. I saw it somewhere but couldn’t recall which Guardian, which explains why I was hunting for it. I ran out of Selsun Blue Medicated Dandruff Treatment Shampoo for nearly three weeks and I still couldn’t find the value pack. Not even at Watsons. Finally last Sunday I managed to track it down at Guardian Suria KLCC. Bought two packs in fact because it’s so worthy.

I refuse to buy the 200ml bottle because it is now priced at RM32.90, comparing to the old RM20+++ which I used to paid for. I hate the price hike! This 200ml + 120ml Value Pack is only priced at RM39.88. Let’s see. 120ml is RM22.90 and 200ml is RM32.90. That’s RM15.92 saving in total! Not bad eh? 😀

Selsun Blue Medicated Dandruff Treatment Shampoo 6_1
Have anyone tried this bomb diggity dandruff treatment shampoo before?


Selsun Blue is available at all leading pharmacies outlets nationwide.

Price: RM22.90 for 120ml / RM32.90 for 200ml.
Price Update on 3rd May 2014: Spotted these at Mydin at RM20.90 for 200ml and RM14.90 for 120ml

Please visit Selsun Malaysia website for more info.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • Hi Fiona,
    Thanks for the share 🙂
    It’s good to see an ‘old friend’ being revived and still standing strong 😀

    In my teens, my cousins and I were having dandruff. My aunt would made us sit down and gave us a hairwash with the ‘original’ Selsun in the chrome-yellow colour. Initially, it smelled quite foul and quite strong, but it was really effective.
    Then came Selsun Blue. I introduced it to my colleague and it worked wonders for her too.
    Now, I’m glad to see that this trusted brand has come up with new products. Will definitely give it a go when my scalp acts up and starts being ‘itchified’ again 🙂

    • I remember seeing the yellow Selsun. I think can still get that. Selsun Blue is expensive for a shampoo but it works. It’s the only dandruff shampoo that works. I like how itch-free my scalp is in the day time, regardless how I sweat haha 😀

      • Yes, quite pricey for a small bottle, but works wonders and other brands can’t compete with its efficacy in eliminating itch and dandruff 🙂
        *and the ‘free hair wash* by my aunt still lingers on till now 😛

        • I just saw in Mydin it’s cheaper! By A LOT 😀
          200ml is selling for RM20.90 (RM12 savings) and 120ml for RM14.90 (RM8 savings). I stocked again 😀
          So nice of your aunt eh? My parents don’t even bother if we have dandruff or not LOL

          • I think i must go get a small bottle edi… been having itchy scalp lately (and to reminisce abt Its “distinctive smell”) 😛

          • Alamak. Stop thinking about itchy scalp! haha 😀

  • This name so familiar for me but I can’t recall where I heard it from! Now only I know it is for dandruff. Maybe over radio advertisement?

    • It could be from radio advertisement. There’s one point of time they did a contest or something 🙂 . I hope they stop increasing the price. RM32.90 is so expensive.

  • Oooo looks good! I’ve been trying different things, but they never work for the long-term. I shall try this out! Thanks!

    • Yeap, I’ve been trying different things too and none works. I always come back to Selsun Blue Medicated and it works like a charm 😀

  • Hubby’s FAV shampoo! Thanks for the info I must go and buy the value set for him!

    • Rane, try Mydin. It’s RM20.90 for 200ml and RM14.90 for 120ml 😀

  • This brand is really good but has always been quite pricey. Smells medicated and kind of awful but you’re right, it does the job. The Mydin price is really, really good! I’ve only used the yellow one though but is the blue better?
    Another stampede, Fiona?! You always make me want to stampede lol
    By the way, I went to Daiso for the brow pencil and there are at least a dozen brow pencils of varying types available! I got confused but at RM5, it’s worth it for just the spoolie alone.

    • When it’s just RM20++ I think it’s expensive. Now that the price is at RM32.90, it’s crazy! I’ve never used the yellow one though. I started with these Selsun Blue. I used to think it’s named as Selsun without realizing the color difference lol.
      If you don’t suffer from dandruff, there’s no need to get it 🙂 . Even if you do, it’s only recommended to use twice a week but I went till the extend of 1 week and 2 weeks for worse condition.

      Oh yes, Daiso carries a few dozens of brow pencil alone. It depends on the branch. Some doesn’t carry it all. Spoolie can be reusable too haha

  • Thanks for this post Fiona. I have suffered from dandruff since young and although it has gradually decrease the older I got, i still have it. My scalp is not itchy but it gets flaky especially at the back of my head right in the middle. I have tried various dandruff shampoos but none has really worked. I am now on Himalaya but it is the same story. I will definitely give this a try and will try to get it from Mydin since it is cheaper there. Will try the small bottle first because I have never tried this shampoo before 🙂

    • Contrary to your condition, my dandruff gradually increases as I get older. Have you tried any hair care meant for sensitive skin? Sometimes if dandruff shampoo doesn’t work, it could be sensitive scalp 🙂 . Yes do try the small Selsun Blue bottle first. But I must warn you, the herbal smell will linger on 😀


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