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My Current Skincare Routine: A complete Shizens anti-aging skincare to maintain a youthful skin

After nearly three years of getting both feet into a proper skincare regime, I’ve toned down a lot on mixing my skincare products. The last time I did an update on My Latest Day & Night Skin Care Routine is back in 2012. That’s two years ago! A lot has changed since then. A few months ago I’ve been thinking to do an update on my current skincare routine but was distracted to something else. Now is the perfect timing as I’ve recently embark on a new skincare range. Just one brand, with five products only. Yes, no more three serums layering on each other 😀

Let me introduce to you my current skincare routine. I’m using none other than Shizens, starting from cleanser down to moisturiser.

Shizens 1
This might come shocking to you but can you believe that Shizens is my first full range of skincare that I’ve ever used? I never believe in using a full set of the same brand skincare all these while. After one full month of embarking on this new journey, I must say it’s really an eye opening for me. You better get yourself a hot cup of coffee or cocoa because this will be a long post. Afterall I’m going to talk about FIVE products 🙂 . Don’t worry, I’ll try to keep it short and sweet this time.


Hydro Cleanser (RM158 / 100ml)

Shizens Hydro Cleanser 1

Hydro Cleanser is a gel-type of cleanser that is able to remove dirt and impurities. The word “hydro” means it’s able to clean your face without stripping the skin’s natural moisture. Instead it helps to increase the moisture level. It’s the most gentle, non-irritant cleanser I’ve ever used. The pump pumps out very small amount of cleanser so I’d usually use 3-4 pumps. It also doesn’t foams up a lot so I’d suggest adding warm water to forms the bubble.

The cleanser has a silver-ish sheen with tiny red dots in it. It contains Aloe Barbadensis leaf extracts which is antimicrobial, antioxidant and these ingredients are able to moisturize dehydrated skin. Especially for dehydrated skin user, you will notice that your skin’s moisture level may increase up to 70% after continuous day and night use for one full week.

I don’t have much requirement for cleanser usually. Hydro Cleanser is quite nice to use but if I’m using it as day time cleanser especially after I woke up, I find it too light to wash away all the night skincare, oil and dirt from my face. Afterall, I do have super oily skin to begin with.

Shizens Hydro Cleanser 2


Hydro Enhancing Lotion (RM188 / 100ml)

Shizens Hydro Enhancing Lotion 1
Here’s a fun fact. I believe most of us use tap water to wash our face, am I correct? Unless you are quite well-off to use Evian water to wash face 😀 . Tap water in general contain chloride and other impurities that is not visible to human eyes. This is part of the reason why following up with lotion after cleanser is important. Hydro Enhancing Lotion serves as a “second cleanser” to further cleanse your face.  I used to skip lotion when I’m younger because I find it unnecessary. As I grew older I know that’s not true. Lotion helps to get rid of what’s left on the face after cleansing and prepare the skin for better absorption of the following skincare products.

Hydro Enhancing Lotion contain licorice root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) extracts to repair skin cells for deceleration of skin aging and witch hazel extracts which is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Same with cleanser, I too don’t have much requirement when it comes to lotion. Oppss! Hydro Enhancing Lotion is very light, smells great and doesn’t leave the face feeling tacky at all. I mentioned that I find Hydro Cleanser to be gentle and light so I rely very much on Hydro Enhancing Lotion to help further “cleanse” my face. And it did! My face certainly feels much better after this step.

Shizens Hydro Enhancing Lotion 2


SHUĬ (RM228 / 50ml or RM588 / 180ml)

Shizens Shui 1
Now, this is one unique product I tell ‘ya. I believe SHUĬ is Chinese word for water? SHUĬ was inspired by the clear purity of mountain water as one of the best beauty elixir for better skin. It is created especially for women, to strengthen the skin’s immune system and to help regain the skin’s youth. Used after lotion, SHUĬ is a watery aqua-base product that is a pure and natural way to detoxify negative substances and replenish nutrients for healthier, supple and luminous skin. I must admit I was quite confuse with this product because it looks and feel like a lotion. But now I treat it as an activator or pre-essence product. The essence is enriched with the Ganoderma Lucidumextract from a type of mushroom known as ‘Reishi’ or ‘Ling Zhi’. This particular ingredient helps to enhance the immune system of skin and delays aging. Ganoderma Lucidumextract, also known as “Medicine of Eternal Life” that is also capable to inhibit the formation and deposition of melanin and irritations in the skin.

Other key ingredients:
– Patchouli extract and Corallina Officinalis extract – stimulate regeneration of skin cells and improve intercellular adhesion, contributing to improve skin elasticity.
– High content of trace elements and mineral salts in the extracts – nourish and revitalise the skin, ensuring there is sufficient moisture within.
– Ginkgo Biloba Leaf extract and Kalanchoe Spathulata extract – provide maximum anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory protection.
– Centella Asiatica extract and Root extract – helps decelerate the skin aging process.

I cannot tell you enough how much I love this SHUĬ! SHUĬ may look like an extra step in the whole routine but somehow SHUĬ is also the product that helps to accelerate each product efficacy. I don’t know how to explain but I can feel the difference with SHUĬ and without SHUĬ. By now I’ve used up 3/4 of my 50ml bottle of SHUĬ. The smell is absolutely divine. It feels so comfortable and much better than lotion (in my opinion).

Shizens Shui 2


NEW! Time Resistance Essence (RM618 / 30ml)

Shizens Time Resistance Essence 1
I was a part of a handful media that get the first hand preview of the NEW Shizens Time Resistance Essence that was held mid of March 2014 at KLGCC. It’s hard to keep a new product hush hush for two months! No Instagram and no Facebooking on it’s existance.

Shizens Time Resistance Essence 5
This my friend, is the main product of my skincare routine. The star product that seals everything.

I like that this product is easy to understand and it helps with main skin aging issues. Time Resistance Essence main focus is nourishing, firming, moisturizing and brightening the skin. Simple and straight to the point right? If you remember a few weeks ago I was telling you about Shizens “Stand Firm Stay Firm” campaign as a means of acknowledging and recognizing the efforts of all women. Also in conjunction with the same campaign, this essence acts as a confidence booster for women. As a busy women nowadays, performing daily tasks with ease and at the same time showcasing inner and outer beauty that exhibits the true attractiveness of a woman.

Shizens Time Resistance Essence 6
The key ingredients for Time Resistance Essence is Ceramide (plant-derived lipids), Kalanchoe Spathulata extract, Sodium Hyaluronate.

Shizens Time Resistance Essence 7
Ceramide is a natural lipid that is essential in protecting and moisturizing the skin. What happens when using Time Resistance Essence is that it reinforces and supports the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layer and forms an effective barrier against moisture loss by restoring Ceramides level in skin. That is because the essence is designed to counter harmful factors and decelerate skin aging. So by plumping up the barrier, the essence is able to ensure the skin to retain more moisture, therefore the skin is looking firmer and healthier.

Shizens Time Resistance Essence 8
Shizen’s NEW Time Resistance Essence comes in a dropper bottle, with glass pipette. However it is not the auto-load type of dropper bottle. I have to do it manually. Each time I’m using the essence, I would need to push the button on top of the cap a few times to load the essence up to the glass pipette. Perhaps due to the fact that the essence texture is thicker, I find that pushing the button once doesn’t pull the essence entirely up the pipette. What I like about the dropper is that the pipette doesn’t unload all that is inside. Instead I get a drop only and usually I’d push for one more drop.

Shizens Time Resistance Essence 2
The essence is quite thick in texture but yet light and easily absorbed into the skin. The scent is similar to SHUĬ, a scent which I love the most among the range. This Time Resistance Essence is the bomb diggity (totally the awesomest), that sometimes I feel like ending the whole skincare routine with this essence at the end but that would mean all the goodness will “leak” away if I do so. I’m already 3/4 down the bottle after a month of using. Not bad for someone who can’t stick to one full range eh? 🙂

Shizens Time Resistance Essence 3


Replenish Nutrient Expert (RM148 / 10g or RM380 / 30g)

Shizens Replenish Nutrient Expert 1
The only skincare that I running out now is the Replenish Nutrient Expert. Moisturizer not only important as a lock-in barrier for essence applied earlier, it also act as a moisture replenishment to stratum corneum, deep into granular layer to promptly improve skin moisture barrier. Replenish Nutrient Expert is enriched with powerful humectants that attracts and hold on to water. It’s tiny molecule is able to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, resulting in 50% more hydration after application. What this means is a well-hydrated skin will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles subsequently.

As for the ingredients, this moisturizer comprises of various botanical extracts and marine extract.
– All the botanical extracts – synergize perfectly with each other to deliver the best result to our skin, stimulates the collagen production, restores elasticity of skin and repairs the damaged collagen fibers and neutralizes free radicals caused by environmental factors. It is a potent anti-oxidant formula that acts against skin premature aging by stimulating skin cells activity as active skin cells eliminate toxins easily and optimize nutrients absorption.
– Marine extract – boost skin regeneration, improves intercellular adhesion that is crucial for skin elasticity restoration.

I would say this cream is suitable for all skin type and everyone regardless if you like to use cream or disliking it. That is because the cream has a light, non-greasy texture, which I find it to smells like grape. Light texture cream allows for a deeper absorption into the granular layer of skin to moisturize as well as prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Of all five products, I started off with this Replenish Nutrient Expert cream first because I ran out of moisturizer and this cream is perfect for day and night use.

Shizens Replenish Nutrient Expert 2
Before I started the full Shizens skincare routine, my skin was at it’s best state despite having one or two pimple popping out during menstrual cycle, which is normal. However ever since I started using Shizens, I have a few new pimples every morning. I don’t know what is it or why, although the products is light-weighted and not greasy at all. It could be that I have super oily skin and a full anti-aging skincare range is too hydrated for my skin or my skin is not used to sole brand treatment. During this one month period I did not mix any other brand serum or any other brand product into my routine. Despite the daily breakout I still continue the routine as I do like how the product feels on my skin.

Being someone with oily skin, I’m blessed to have no wrinkles or fine lines. Eventhough so, I still prefer to implement anti-aging skincare as a prevention. Afterall I’m not getting any younger. No, my face doesn’t slim a bit. It’s the angle ya. What I really like is that the under eye area is somewhat smoother and dark circle is somewhat lesser. It could be when I apply my skincare I applied it too near my eye unintentionally 😀 . My laugh line is also less deeper than before. I feel that this range is best if used together with each other, not mixing in other brand.

Shizens 2
Lastly, here’s all five products’s ingredient list for those who are interested.

Shizens Hydro Cleanser 3

Shizens Hydro Enhancing Lotion 3

Shizens Shui 3

Shizens Time Resistance Essence 4

Shizens Replenish Nutrient Expert 3



Good news for you who is intrigued and interested in trying out the all-NEW Shizens Time Resistance Essence. You can now pick up a 7 Days Trial sample at Shizen’s road show location and at selected outlets.

Shizens Time Resistance Essence 11
There’s two way on how you can redeem a sample.

Option 1: Present the invitation from Female and NUYOU Magazine May 2014 issue (not the flyer below) from 2nd May – 31st May at below roadshow location and Shizens counters:

Roadshow Location:

  • 30th April – 4th May – 1 Utama Ground Floor, opposite information counter
  • 6th May – 18th May – Berjaya Times Square, Ground East
  • 19th May – 25th May – Mid Valley, North Court
  • 27th May – 1st June – The Curve, opposite information counter

Shizens Counter Location:

  • Pavilion KL, 1 Utama, Paradigm Mall, Gurney Plaza, Parkson Pavilion, Parkson Ipoh Parade, Parkson Wisma Sanyan, Parkson Bintang Plaza Miri, Parkson Mahkota Parade, AEON IOI Puchong, Isetan KLCC, Metrojaya Mid Valley, Metrojaya Suria KK, Metrojaya City One

Shizens Time Resistance Essence 10
Option 2: Visit, fill in your details for Time Resistance Essence 7 days trial redemption. You can choose your preferred counter to redeem. Only available at selected Shizens counters.


Shizens is available at Pavilion KL, 1 Utama, Paradigm Mall, Gurney Plaza, Parkson Pavilion, Parkson Ipoh Parade, Parkson Wisma Sanyan, Parkson Bintang Plaza Miri, Parkson Mahkota Parade, AEON IOI Puchong, Isetan KLCC, Metrojaya Mid Valley, Metrojaya Suria KK, Metrojaya City One

+ Hydro Cleanser – RM158 / 100ml
+ Hydro Enhancing Lotion – RM188 / 100ml
+ SHUĬ – RM228 / 50ml or RM588 / 180ml
+ Time Resistance Essence – RM618 / 30ml
+ Replenish Nutrient Expert – RM148 / 10g or RM380 / 30g

Shizens Malaysia Facebook Page:

Shizens Malaysia Website:


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Such a timely post, Fiona! Looking at shopping at Shizens and here you are to save the day lol

    • You should try SHUI and Time Resistance Essence 😀 . Both which I would recommend 😉

  • SHUI really got my attention after reading your post! Shizens is available in Melaka as well!

    • The smell will make you faint! In a good way of course haha 😀 . Actually Shizens is everywhere. I see their roadshows all the time but most of the time they are promoting something to do with eye lashes?

  • I can hardly imagine myself using a full range of products from a certain brand because I believe that not all products from the same brand are equally good. I mean when the serum of Brand A works on me, its moisturizer might not work that well on me. That’s why I always mix and match when it comes to skin care haha. That SHUI is really interesting! And yea, SHUI means water in Chinese yo~~ I want to check on that SHUI in Mid Valley cos it’s really special!

    • Hmmm although it never occur to me that way but it’s true as well. I mix and match my skin care because I’m way too curious with this and with that lol. I dropped by the counter today and learnt more about SHUI. It sounds like SK-II FTE and Estee Lauder Micro Essence lol.

      • Hahaha the curiosity! Yes I agree that its function sounds so similar to Estee Lauder Micro Essence! I don’t mind to change brand if the new comers are good hehe~~ Will check it out at the counter 😀 Thanks for the info ya Fiona~

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