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My Latest Day & Night Skin Care Routine

My skin care routine nowadays has changed quite a bit ever since I ventured into Estée Lauder comparing to previous routine. Read about it here. Here’s a summary of my current routine, products that I’m using and why.

(1) Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser With Cottonseed
This cleanser is superb. Removes all the dirt and oil from skin care applied the night before. Face is really clean after using. A little goes a long way. Just a small red bean size, lather with water and there you go.

(2) Clarins Toning Lotion With Iris
Can you believe it I’m still using the same bottle ever since I bought it last year? The one I’m using is for Combination or Oily Skin. Despite the dehydration issue lately, I do have combination skin.

(3) Clarins Aqua Essence Morning Energy
This pre-serum sort of wakes up my skin in the morning. Without this I looked dull. What a luxurious way to have a fresher skin in the morning 🙂

(4) Clarins Defining Eye Lift & Clarins Eye Contour Balm
At first I’m only using Eye Contour Balm to eliminate soft lines under my eyes. Then I got Defining Eye Lift for free which comes with a set of Shaping Facial Lift that I bought. I use Defining Eye Lift first to eliminate those puffiness and water retention first before using Eye Contour Balm. It works just like Shaping Facial Lift. Cool right?

(5) Clarins Shaping Facial Lift
If you are new to this blog then you should know this is the product that brings convert me to Clarins. I had bad water retention and sagging face due to 3 years heavy dose medication for Hyperthyroidism. I heard lots of good stuff about this from a client of mine who wanted to slim her face down. She bought this, went for the facial and what I see is firmer, slimmer face and I want that! This is also the first expensive skin care I ever bought in my life back in 2011 (March to be precise). I just closed my eyes and spend. And I never regretted for walking in to KLCC concourse event that day.

(6) Estée Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator
I bought 2 bottles of this from Suria Meriang Staff Sales last month. At first I had breakouts badly on the right side of my face and I couldn’t figure what causes it because I didn’t use any new product. It never occur to me it’s this that’s giving me problem until I read a comment in Estée Lauder Facebook page. Prior before that I use Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil to balance back my hormons and what ever inside my skin and apply this to lighten the acne scars at the same time. Surprisingly it works. Then I found out about what causes the breakout but because my method work, I just continue using :). Already too late LOL.

(7) Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher
Brilliant product! I use this all over my face at first as it’s mattifying. It leaves skin feeling velvety. But because my Estée Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer is also making my skin matte and velvety, I decided to only use this on my nose, forehead and inner cheek. Unless I’m using Guerlain makeup base then I’d apply this onto overall face.

(8) Perricone MD Acyl-Glutathione
Gotten this 7.5ml jar from Isetan 1 Utama exchange program. This can only be use on certain area like forehead, laughline and neck. So it’s not much of a hassle for me to just rub this in.

(9) Estée Lauder Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Creme
I was given a deluxe sample of this in 15ml during a purchase at Isetan The Gardens last month Anniversary Sales. I too bought this and a bottle of serum from Suria Meriang Staff Sales last month. I find that this cream is not oily at all. In fact all Estée Lauder product is not oily. I have a mixed review on this. On a normal skin condition this work just fine for me. On a dehydration skin now this is not oily enough. Confusing isn’t it :).

(10) Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection (Tinted)
Last but not least, something important which I don’t skip. I had never look for other sun block ever since I started using this. I mean if you found a good one just stick with it. I don’t see a need for me to waste money trying others if I have the right product. There’s 3 version of this; Neutral which is colorless, Tinted which give skin a bright glow and Beige which is more like a skin tone. Try it. This is highly recommended.

(1) Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser With Orange Extract
This is a makeup remover + scrub at the same time. Although it comes with a duo purpose you still need to double cleanse. I’m liking this day by day. Was thinking to convert my cleansing milk to solely using this. A bit pricey than cleansing milk though.

(2) Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser
This is also a deluxe sample that I received from a purchase. I like Estée Lauder cleanser very much! So gonna buy this next month during Jusco sales

(3) Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye & Estée Lauder Time Zone Anti-Line/Wrinkle Eye Creme
ANR Eye is currently my Holy Grail eye cream. It works just like Clarins Eye Contour Balm only better. Time Zone Anti-Line/Wrinkle Eye Creme is a deluxe sample that I received from my 1st Estée Lauder purchase. I simply just wanna use this with ANR Eye and see if there’s any different lol. And I’m used to applying two eye creme every routine :). It does help if you’re applying 2 eye cream.

(4) Clarins Toning Lotion With Iris + Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil
I’ve mentioned earlier in my day routine that I suffer bad breakout from Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator. Mixing Clarins Toning Lotion with Lotus Face Treatment Oil saved me. Immediately after around 3 days I could see the redness is gone, the bumps shrunk and the breakout stop. What Lotus Face Treatment Oil do is to balance back the hormon inside our skin. Adding the oil to Toning Lotion makes it less oilier and acceptable. However only use this at night. Thank God I decided to purchase this using my RM30 refund from Clarins VIP Beauty Workshop otherwise I’m in trouble. And thank God I remembered this could help to balance my hormon cause I was panicking lol. Of course thank God it works!

(5) Clarins Shaping Facial Lift
Same routine brought forward from Day 🙂

(6) Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Another Holy Grail of mine. I’m guilty for discovering this late! This work like a charm with my Clarins skin care. Clarins is good and this ANR makes everything greater. It repair your skin from deep within. Everything heal faster with this. I must admit I do pop a zit or two sometime cause I know this help to heal my skin faster =P. The result is more visible on my mum especially when she pair this with Estée Lauder Perfectionist CP+ Wrinkle Lifting Serum. She loves it too.

(7) Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase
I swear my skin drink this like a thirsty hippo. My skin is so dehydrated that once I pat this on my face, it’s gone. I like this new formula as the scent is more acceptable now that it’s infused with green apple. Not to mention less oilier too. I only use this at night as it’s too oily for day use especially if I’m using make up. If you’re not, then this is great for you.

(8) Perricone MD Acyl-Glutathione
Same routine with Day. Just apply on certain wrinkle area.

(9) Estée Lauder Time Zone Night Anti-Line/Wrinkle Creme
Another 15ml deluxe sample size received from my first Estée Lauder purchase. This is finishing soon and I’m thinking if I should purchase this. I like that it’s not too oily and since my serum quota is already fully utilized (max 3 serum only), I can only use cream and I needed a something wrinkle. However I don’t see any significant result. Maybe I should source for others. Any good wrinkle cream suggestion?

(10) Clarins White Plus HP Whitening Repairing Night Cream
This is my 2nd jar of Whitening Repairing Night Cream and it’s finishing soon. Although I don’t need any whitening product but I do want to apply something to help with the acne scars. I always wake up with a brighter skin thanks to this.

Well, there you go. That’s a lot but acceptable for me as I’m used to it. No I don’t need 1 hour to finish all that. Just 15 minutes will do.


Tell me, how many products you use in your daily day and night routine? Do you layer your skin care or you’re a simple cleanse-tone-moisturise?


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  • how can you finish 1 round of all the skincare application (with about 10 products or more per round) in just about 15 mins?? @_@
    so fasttttttt
    just couldn’t imagine it >_<
    I thought after I put something on my face,lightly pat for few times and it already took me 1-2 mins >_<

    • It looked a lot but actually once it’s in your daily routine, it’s very easy and fast 🙂

  • Wow alot and detail. Hehe.. Not yet count mine

    • After you count, you’d be surprise to find out how many product you used.

  • Very comprehensive skincare regime 🙂 Worthwhile for good skin. Mine is about 10 minutes or less after double cleansing with cleansing oil and cleanser, then with usual toner/lotion, serum, moisturizer + (AM routine) sunblock/BB cream, primer and compact powder and (PM routine) night gelly.

    • I have lots of problem which is why I need more skin care than other people 😛

  • hi, does clarins shaping facial lift really works? i would like to have a try 🙂

    • Yes, you can see my review from the link given above.

  • hi, thanks… i visited clarins counter today, the promoter giving me some shaping facial lift samples 🙂 i never used clarins products 🙁 cant wait to try on it… ^_^

    • That’s great. This is the best serum to use to eliminate water retention, puffiness, fat etc. Makes you look good oncamera after using haha

  • can we apply more than 1 moisturaizer each round of the routine? i want to keep my face moisture by applying hydration moisturaizer, but at the same time, i wish to use my multi-active night cream too XD
    serum max is 3 serums right, how about moisturaizer? any idea ? =)

    • I’m using 2 creams at night; anti-aging and hydration.

  • I used to use 2 different moisturizer simultaneously, both day and night but I stopped doing so. Some say it’s good to use 2 moisturizer at the same time, some say it’s better to separate both because you don’t want either to offset each other’s effect. Also, sometimes it is not necessary to apply so many products on your face because it is not needed. You think it is necessary, but the truth is, you want to apply it because others are doing the same. Nobody has the same routine. Many things to be taken into consideration. Age, environment, diet etc. Re to Aby.

    • There is no right or wrong when it comes to skin care as everyone’s preference is different. I may like to apply 2 moisturizer because that’s how I like it to be. It has nothing to do with following others. Just go with your own needs.

      • For me, it’s a trial and tested process over and over again. Whatever rocks your boat 🙂

        • Exactly. Whichever you like!


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