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Discovering The Science of Aging Beautifully with Perricone MD International Skincare Expert, Jane Meredith

Last week I was invited by the lovely girls at Perricone MD to join their “Experience Perricone’s Workshop” at Parkson Pavilion Personal Shopper Room. This would be my first time real encounter with the brand; Perricone MD in an upclose and personal way so you might probably had guessed that I’m pretty excited about it.

Rebeccah (Trainer for Luxasia (M) Sdn Bhd) introduced us to Ms. Jane Meredith; Perricone MD International Skincare Expert.

Can you believe Jane Meredith is already 52 years old? Believe it. That’s the power of Perricone MD.

Isetan Naraya Perricone MD

Isetan 1 Utama Grand Opening Short Report, Perricone MD Exchange Program & Door Gift

As you know, the new Isetan at 1 Utama just had their grand opening last Friday. I never thought of going but with the recent “tension in the air” in the office I decided to go. And I brought my mum along for a whirlwind trip. It’s like amazing race I can tell you that.

Our own amazing race start from the minute we drove out of the house. It was the usual traffic congestion that I had to brave through everyday to work. By the time I reached 1 Utama, it’s already 9.40am. I drove in to the One Card Privilege parking on the open air car park as I’m too lazy and rush to drove inside. The parking lot is empty so we thought no one would actually take leave and go for this opening. As we walked from the main entrance I didn’t see any queue line nor do I see people running around so we assume we were right. As soon as I turned to The Body Shop. That’s when I saw the queue line! ZOMG. It was all the way from Isetan zig zagged all the way to the Tissot outlet (which is just 2 – 3 shop away from Body Shop). As I was walking over there were a few aunties which saw me walking and for no reason they wanna race with me. I don’t like to be challenged so I race with them and as I mini walk over to the queue line I was shouting MOM MOM MOM. As usual and expected my petite mum which of course with her short legs couldn’t catch up nor did she understood what was happening to me. The Isetan Floor Manager saw me and cheerfully told me to quickly get in the line and he hold up the red string up for me to go in but my foreverslowmum is still far away and I needed to wait for her to get in. My gosh. I told her if we were in a war and we need to run for our life she’d definitely be left behind and I can imagine myself screaming MOM MOM MOM MOMMMM ahahahahaha.

As soon as we got in the line the lady who is passing out numbers reached at our side and we got our number. Mum was 262 and I was 263.