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Review: Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection Tinted Version

Last Monday I redeemed a UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection Tinted Version sample pack from Clarins from last Sunday’s Sin Chew Jit Po newspaper. Although I had tried before at their counter but the demo was on the back of my hand. With a sample pack on hand, I was able to tried it on my face. I’m not gonna review the sample pack that I had. I’m gonna review the actual product which I bought. I bought their limited edition 50ml bottle. Their usual bottle is only 30ml and the LE 50ml will not be available after the stock finishes.

The first demo was at Metrojaya Mid Valley counter. I remembered telling the BA that even the tinted version is too sheer and will not be able to cover my acne scars. She assured me that it will but I kept telling her my skin condition is very bad and she looked at me weird lol. Second demo was when I redeemed the sample pack at Jusco Mid Valley. Same conversation happened again. Maybe my skin wasn’t that bad after all 🙂

Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection Tinted Version 50ml is with SPF40 UVA-UVB/PA+++ is retailing at RM198 and 30ml is retailing at RM158. There’s also a Neutral Version too which applies transparent.
It is 100% mineral screen, oil-free and anti-pollution. It appear sheer upon application but will set into a slight tinted colour and surprisingly my acne scars was not that visible a few minutes after application.

UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection is now formulated with a unique antioxidant action thanks to an exceptional Cantaloupe Melon extract. Cantaloupe Melon is a natural fruit with valuable high-performance antioxidant benefits, from the region of Provence in France. It has the natural wealth of antioxidants which delivers great anti-aging benefits. It’s so great that we use cantaloupe melon extract as the key ingredient for the new UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF40. As a result? Skin remains fair, clear and youthful. GMO-free and non-hybrid, this variety is organically-framed and when compared with other types of melon, presents remarkable anti-ageing benefits.
Product Information
A cutting-edge formula providing high protection against UV rays combined with protection against pollution and free radicals responsible for dark spots and skin ageing. The incredibly matte, featherlight texture forms an invisible film on the skin. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Provence, France where Cantaloupe Melon originated


The English description on the box.
Red Clarins brand on the top of the cap.

The bottle’s nozzle. Be careful with the content spilling out as I carried the bottle with me the whole day and when I opened the cap for this photo, the content was oozing out!

Shake bottle well. Apply with light pressing motions from the middle of the face moving outward, then quickly smooth-on with fingertips. Can also be applied to the eye contour area. However, avoid contact with eyes

The fluid is delicate pink colour. This is somewhat similar to tinted moisturizer. The colour is very sheer. Don’t worry about turning pink though!

Here’s how the UV Plus HP is after spreading. It is very moisturizing and delicate enough on sensitive skin. However do check with Clarins BA on your skin condition beforehand.

Here comes the before and after photos. If you have any evil comments on my look or whatsoever, please keep it to yourself! I don’t need any criticism on my medication side effect.

Ok. Here’s the “before” without any skin care, UV Plus HP and makeup. Yes this is my bare face.

This is after I applied my daily skin care and UV Plus HP.

And this is after applying ZA 2-way foundation and makeup.

I am quite pleased with the result. Finally I can ditch BB cream and liquid foundation. I still can’t believe that this product really can cover up what was needed to be covered. It is quite pricey for a 50ml. Let’s hope Clarins will keep on selling the LE 50ml as it’s more worth it than 30ml.

1) Double up as makeup base and sunblock. I ditched my BB cream for this!
2) One bottle although quite pricey but can really last long as you only need maybe 20cent for the whole face. I even use another 10cent on top of 1st layer lol.
3) Tinted version gives a glow on the face which I like very much.
4) Light-weighted, non-sticky formula which doesn’t clogged up pores.
5) Lightly scented which is not too hard on the nose.

Couldn’t find anything I dislike with this! It’s a great product.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

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