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A Pleasant Sunday Morning Casual Shopping Trip and My Haul

I haven’t been doing a haul post, haven’t I? I’ve been a good girl for the past three months ever since I quit my job and stays at home for a short break. I do buy small little thing like RM5 Daiso Eye Brow Pencil, RM5 Daiso brush holder or RM23 The Brush Guard but there was no major haul that could break the bank. Now that I’m going back to work soon, I’ve slowly started with my usual Sunday beauty shopping at KLCC and yesterday I gave myself a day off and spend a tiny bit of money on some stuff.

This is my haul.

Sunday Shopping Haul 7
I never knew anniversary for hand cream ever existed but I just found out L’Occitane Shea Butter hand cream turns 20 this year. Last Friday I received their newsletter on a 10ml hand cream redemption. I registered, chose my preferred outlet for redemption and I received the email notification immediately.

In the email there was a promotion on purchasing any 75ml or 150ml hand cream to receive a trio of mini hand cream 10ml in a limited edition sock. I honestly don’t need any hand cream but I couldn’t resist the promotion so I’ve decided to get a 75ml hand cream. Unfortunately my favourite Shea Butter Hand Cream doesn’t come in a 75ml tube so I was introduced to Cherry Blossom Hand Cream. I tested out the hand cream at the outlet and I like it. I paid RM77.90 after 5% member discount. I have to keep reminding the BA to not forget my 10ml hand cream redemption because she was a bit blur and kept on asking me what redemption and what hand cream I was talking *facepalm* about eventhough I’ve shown her the email as soon as I step into the outlet. As a token of appreciation in conjunction with Mother’s Day, I received a small box of chocolate with any purchase as well. Not bad eh?

Sunday Shopping Haul 2
Yesterday was also the last day of Naraya 50% discount. Last week I bought several items like sanitary pad holder and makeup pouch. This time I wanted to get more makeup pouch for gifting but most of it was sold out. I managed to get a medium size elephant makeup pouch (RM7) that I couldn’t find last week. I also grabbed another sanitary pad holder (RM6) as I like the color, a matching makeup pouch (RM5) and a bag for mum (RM24.50). I don’t know why but I wanted to get mum something. She like those small purse, which I managed to grab one for RM5 last week but to no avail this week. Yesterday I thought mum would like a bag so I started to search for a simple design for her. This bag is so thick, it comes with a base shaper, a zipper on top and it’s very spacious too!

Sunday Shopping Haul 3
Something unexpected happened. I was gifted with a Burberry Effortless Mascara by a dear BA (who shall remain anonymous) whom I bought several times before. I shall break into this once I’m done with my current Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara 😀

Sunday Shopping Haul 4
I ran out of lip balm for night and all my current lip balm is tinted. ALL OF IT. I wasn’t keen with the idea of sleeping the whole night with tinted lip balm on. What if the color will somehow darken my lips after a long duration of time? That would really sucks. I happened to saw L’Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm but that was RM40+. So I went to Sephora and I saw Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm for only RM22. I’ve heard good reviews on this many years ago.

I also redeemed Shizens Time Resistance Essence 7 Days Trial at Isetan KLCC. This new essence was just launched three days ago on 2nd May 2013. I’ve decided to do a redemption on the essence to show you how the trial sample looks like. It’s not in sachet *hooray* but instead it’s in a bottle for convenient use. If you’re curious on the essence, do read My Current Skincare Routine: A complete Shizens anti-aging skincare to maintain a youthful skin review.

Sunday Shopping Haul 5_1
Last but not least, my monthly local magazine purchase every single month – The Malaysian Women’s Weekly May 2014 issue 😀 . This magazine comes with a cracked heel cream deluxe sample. One more local magazine (couldn’t remember which) comes with a Darlie toothpaste. Nothing interesting this month.

Sunday Shopping Haul 6
Eventhough I don’t get to shop much lately but I absolutely love reading or watching video about other people’s haul. I was just as excited as they are! 😀 . I do have small purchases from time to time but I never thought of doing a collection haul post. Hmmm, why I never thought of that? That’s too late now because I’ve used up all of it haha!

How was your weekend? Did anyone of you managed to redeem the L’Occitane 10ml hand cream? I hope you do because they don’t give out that cutie so often these days.


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  • Happy shopping ya Fiona… Love reading your hauls shoppings reviews… =)

    • Just tiny bit only. Comparing to other bloggers, I think I shop the least.

  • hehe i was also tempted by Loccitane’s promo despite having sufficient stock at home. do they have almond hand creme in 75ml?

    • Get it then think later lol. I have no idea what sizes they have. Perhaps you can check their website up?

  • I love to buy small little things to make myself happy too! 😀

    • Hehe yea. And Daiso is the best place for everything.

  • I’m sorely tempted to get the cherry blossom hand cream (even though god knows i have more than a few that i havent even used) just to redeem the trio set, lolol.

    • That’s what I did exactly 😀 . Bought Cherry Blossom Hand Cream for the trio set 🙂 . I can’t do 150ml although Shea Butter is my favourite.

  • It is because of you that I started looking at magazines in bookstores again just to see what free gifts they have on offer. Hahaha. I missed the Naraya sale eventhough I received a sms on it. Could not find the time to go to Isetan over the weekend. Such a pity because I really like Naraya stuff and always stop by when I am at Isetan KLCC.

    • Really? Ahhhh you should go! The sales is crazy. People are buying bags and bags. Makeup pouches are worthy to get in my opinion. It’s great as gifts for RM5-RM7 price range (the one with mirror underneath the flap). That was 98% sold out by yesterday 🙁 . I wish I’ve gotten more.

  • Yeah! I did received the mail from them but I haven’t go and redeem it. Heheee!
    Never heard of Naraya. By the way which one is the sanitary pad holder? The square pinky thing?

    • Oh my. Do be quick. These kind of redemption usually will be gone in no time. I made L’Occitane my first stop thinking there should be a lot of people. The sales lady said not many people redeemed yet on Sunday but weekday will be crazy as all the office lady will rush over to the store.
      You never heard of Naraya? Oh my 😀 . Yeap, sanitary pad holder is the small square thing. It opens up to 3-compartments.

  • oh I like Burts Bees!! I finished 2 of it and I am still keen to use it. No lipbalm ever beats it.

    • This Beeswax Lip Balm? It’s not bad. On the day I bought it, my lips is so dry that there’s a thick dry skin on top. Today is the 3rd day of me using it. The lips is so smooth now. Even smooth all the way till day time 😀


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