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Sudio Klang: I may not have seen the hit TV series Orange Is The New Black but Klang earphones is a HIT

Sudio (not Studio) is a Swedish lifestyle brand which specifically make IMHO, one of the most stylish earphones with studio-quality sound. The name Sudio was stuck in me since I heard it for the first time due to the similarity to the word “studio”. The name is actually a special honour to Phil Collins song Sussidio 😀 . It all happened when the founders spotted the musician Phil Collins in New York having problems with his headphones. How coincident!

Sudio Klang 1
Sudio have 3 earphones collection within the brand – Klang, particularly made for Apple productsTvå, suitable for any type of electronic devices, and the latest addition Vasa, one of Sudio ́s premium models for Android and iOS. Between Klang and Två, I went with Klang earphones as I’m like the most hardcore fan and user of everything Apple 😀 #nosecret. Even though their office is located at the center of Stockholm in Sweden itself, rest assured that they do offer free shipping online AND to Malaysia. If you prefer to purchase from physical store, that will do too. They are available in 20 countries.

My parcel reached me within a week, securely wrapped in padded envelope and in an air-tight ziplock bag. The box itself is made from hard duty cardboard so there will not be any dent or whatsoever. On the inside, everything is boxed and arranged neatly. I did not expect this at all so imagine how happy I was to see this, since I’m kinda OCD 😛

Sudio Klang 2

Sudio Klang 3
I like that the boxes are labelled properly

Once I unboxed everything, I find the Klang earphones itself, Owner’s Manual, Quality Assurance Card, Genuine Leather Carrying Case, Quick Start Card, 4 pairs of extra sleeves, and a cable clip. Just so you want to know, Klang earphones comes in 4 different colours – Brown with gold detailing, Black with gold detailing, White with gold detailing, and Orange with Black detailing. Personally I prefer everything of my Apple accessories to be in white because that’s how Apple accessories came originally. Then I figured that since I have makeup on most of the time, white is not feasible for me as I would stain the cord. That explains why I’m still using my Blackberry phone earphones and not my iPhone earphones. So I chose this super stylish bright orange for a change and I’ve been loving it so far.

Sudio Klang 4
To get started, I took out the Quick Start card, the earphones and the packet of attachments. Klang earphones cord has been designed to be longer than the other so I started off with unwiring the cord and choosing the right ear sleeves. The longer cord prevent the earphones from being pulled out and it acts as an accessory as well.

Sudio Klang 5

Sudio Klang 6
One of the main feature of Klang earphones is the stay-in-ear design. It is also the reason why I chose this earphones to try out as I love my Blackberry earphones, which has a similar design. I notice that stay-in-ear design like this usually provide a very good sound quality and not to mention very good bass sound 😀

Sudio Klang 7

Sudio Klang 8
Another main feature to note is the full-feature 3-button remote, which is designed for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and MacBook. It took me quite some time figuring out how to skip to other song, skip a few seconds and go back to the previous song with the button as there aren’t any guide on that. Other phone or operating system will still have the function of picking up calls but the increase and decreasing volume feature may differ. I tried it on my other phone aka Blackberry and it works just like an Apple product surprisingly!

Sudio Klang 9
I always have problem with protruding earphones connector. Do you notice that the thing is sticking out and it’s absolutely annoying? Finally I have something that solved this issue for me. I like how neatly Klang connector is. It is not even a bit protruding once the connector is connected to the phone. Absolute love the flat edge. Major love!

Sudio Klang 10

Sudio Klang 11
There is also an attachment package which has a metal cable clip and 4 extra pairs of sleeves for the earphones. That is because everyone’s ear hole? is different so you get to choose a suitable rubber loop. Initially I went with the smallest of the lot but after using it for a few days I switched to the 2nd smallest as I find that the extra rubber grip better 🙂

Sudio Klang 12
I personally don’t use the cable clip on normal days except when I’m running, which I’ll tell you why at the bottom. However this cable clip will be useful if you want to keep the long cord in place.

Sudio Klang 13
Now, you know how girls get all excited with pouches and stuff right? I do too. So when I know that the Klang earphones comes with a genuine leather carrying case, boy oh boy I was so excited. I tend to have my earphones tangled up in a huge mess. The pouch helped to keep everything in place and safe.

Sudio Klang 14

Sudio Klang 15
The stay-in-ear dynamic speaker is measuring at 10mm for a natural bass without compromising the high tones. I love how crisp clear the sounds are and the bass is absolutely a music to my ear. I’ve tried all the buttons with Spotify as well as the Music app on my phone and it worked very well. With normal earphones that comes with the phone, I only get one button with the pause or play button. The volume adjustment button comes really handy especially when I’m running.

Sudio Klang 16
The top button is to increase the volume, bottom button is to decrease the volume and the most function button is none other than the middle button.

The middle button act as a button to answer phone call. On standby, if you press it once and long, you will get Siri popping out. This is when you can have a chat with Siri if you’re bored lol. That’s not all. This middle button is literally THE button to do everything else. To make your life simpler, I’ve come up with a list.

Press 1x – pause song.
Press 1x long – Siri.
Press 2x – next song.
Press 2x slower – same song, fast forward a few beats.
Press 3x – go back to the previous song.

The tricky part is getting the right pressing beat. If you are not consistent or 1 second slower, you will be at a different function 😀 . It took me just a day to master the whole clicking anatomy.

Sudio Klang 17
As I said earlier, I don’t use the cable clip on normal days. Why? Because the cables are highly durable that it doesn’t stick to my face! I loveeee this cord. I’m not afraid to use it when I have makeup on as I know the cable do not touch my face at all. I like how it sticks out and away from all the foundation haha 😀 . Due to this, I don’t need a cable clip. When I’m running, I need the long cord to be away from my hand movement so I have the clip tucking the cable to the side.

Sudio Klang 20
I was all hyped up with this Klang earphones as I needed something for when I’m running but after trialling the earphones for my run, I find that it is not that suitable for such activity. The cord is too long and the stay-in-ear earphones doesn’t stay well in my ears. Bummer 🙁 . This earphones serve much better as a lifestyle earphones more than for sports purposes. I figured I could make it work for running and I can’t. So I’ve been using this a lot when I’m working from a cafe during the day and everything else when I’m at home 😀 . The bright orange cord is an attention seeker whenever I go.

Sudio Klang 21
Interested to grab a pair for yourself? I have an exclusive discount code for you! Enter “street-love” at checkout for a 15% discount! 😀

Sudio Klang 22


Sudio Swedish lifestyle earphones with studio quality sound is available for online purchase at

Product available and price:
+ Klang earphones – RM249
+ Två earphones – RM159
+ Vasa earphones – RM315

For more social media update or be a part of the Sudio earphones movement, do visit Sudio Facebook Page or Sudio Instagram Page for more info and be inspired.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • OK… Before your review, I thought some Klang ah beng developed this brand. I feel like a frog under a coconut shell.

    • LOL!! No babe. You should come out of Malacca 😛

  • Nice and thorough review. I have read a few review on this earphones. I like yours better as you explained the feature and how to use the 3 buttons feature.

    • Thank you Diana! Glad to hear the review helps 😉


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