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Sephora Malaysia Goes Online!

Sephora Malaysia Goes Online 1
The moment everyone have been waiting for. That is right! Sephora is now online in Malaysia!

I guess everyone know by now. I even nominated Luxola as one of My Favourite Top 3 Online Beauty Stores to shop at previously. And if you have been following me on my Instagram, you will know that Luxola has been rebranded as That is a good news for those who does not have access to go Sephora Malaysia store physically. Plus, it is all about online shopping these days 🙂

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All the brands from previous Luxola e-store remains, and of course additional brands were added into the new to coincide with the physically store. Soon we will see more and more brands added into the store.

Sephora Brands 1

Sephora Brands 2

Sephora Brands 3

Sephora Brands 4

Sephora Brands 5
So, what’s next? As I know many are concerned about their previous hard-earned points from Luxola. Good news. All the points in your account remains. You will also be able to utilize your 10% Sephora discount for online purchases. I know this because I received an email from Sephora a few weeks ago informing me about my 10% discount 🙂 . Points accumulation remains the same as physical Sephora stores. Free shipping is also applicable with minimum purchase of RM80. Hint: sometimes Sephora offers free shipping on special occasion too. Just keep an eye on your e-newsletter.

Now comes the most interesting part. Haul time! I have always been wondering about haul with double or triple packages. Will all the parcels arrived in one short or will the courier company missed one or two? This is also my first time experiencing with receiving double parcel. The verdict? Both my parcels arrived at the same time. Issue solved for paranoid buyer aka me 😛

Sephora Malaysia Goes Online 2
In my haul, it is mostly makeup products (you know I’m kinda crazily into makeup now) and just three skincare products.

Sephora Malaysia Goes Online 3
My favourite among the loot is none other than these Sephora PRO makeup brushes! First of all, I loveeeee makeup brushes. I have tones of it and I could not stop buying for more. Sephora PRO line has been a rave among YouTubers for quite some time. What makes mine special is the fact that my name are embossed on the handle! How cool is that! Awwww <3

Sephora Malaysia Goes Online 4
I also get to try loads of Mirenesse and Marc Jacobs products. Undeniably, Mirenesse is a brand that are underestimated in my opinion. I have been using them for the past week and I must say they surprised me a lot!

Sephora Malaysia Goes Online 5

Sephora Malaysia Goes Online 6

Sephora Malaysia Goes Online 7
Matte lip products are so in trend now. I have been a matte lip kinda girl for so many years as I just don’t like glossy lips. However matte liquid lipstick tend to be quite rubbery on the lips, not forgetting to mention dry, chappy and it cracks. It will accentuate any lip wrinkles you have. When I saw these Mirenesse Mattifying Lip Rouge, I broke into the lippie almost immediately. It was on my lips in 2 seconds.

Sephora Malaysia Goes Online 9
First of all, it goes on the lips so easily and smoothly. It does not feels like matte liquid lipstick. It feels more like a souffle. It does not dries down immediately as well. I waited and waited and start wondering if it will ever turns matte. Turns out it does. It took a long time to go matte. Even though so, it is not fully matte. It looked matte but feels absolutely soft and hydrating on the lips. I must say, this has got to be the best matte liquid lipstick I ever tried so far. I have been wearing shade #2 Rome every single day.

Sephora Malaysia Goes Online 11
My first encounter with Nudestix was when it was first out and YouTubers have been using the contouring pencil for contour. I remember watching about Nudestix for the eyes and lips too and my heart still longs for the contour stick. I saw Nudestix a few months ago in Sephora stores but I never bought any as I was not interested with anything other than the contour one.

Sephora Malaysia Goes Online 8
It turns out Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color Pencil is the bomb! I have been using it for a quick eye makeup for days where I do not feel like doing the usual 7-steps eye makeup look. And the days seems to be everyday for the recent week lol. What I do is to smudge the eye color pencil on all over my lid, and quickly use a transition shade with a brush to blend out the harsh line on the crease. It gives me the subtle smokey eye look, perfect and not as extreme as black smokey. The “magnetic” name seems to fit to the product perfectly as once it goes on the lid, it does not budge at all. It sets pretty fast so my suggestion is to do one lid first before moving to the other. Otherwise you will have the hardest time blending the other eye 😀

Sephora Malaysia Goes Online 10
Last but not least, how can I not talk about these gorgeous brushes.

Sephora Malaysia Goes Online 4
Among these four brushes, the one I fell in love on the spot is brush Sephora #83 PRO Ultra-Liquid Foundation. This brush is no joke. It is so heavy on the hand, which is good as you will not drop the brush easily and it comes with super long handle.

Sephora Malaysia Goes Online 12
The bristles are slanted, short, soft but dense, and curvy. It is not your typical slanted-cut brushes you find from every other brand. As huge as it may seems, it is actually quite small and fits into every tight corners around my face. Application are even and flawless, just like what it claimed on the website. I like that it does not have any funky new brush smell.

It is no wonder Sephora PRO makeup brush line received so much rave! Definitely worth the money paid 😉

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That is all from me today. Hope you enjoyed this news bits on Sephora Malaysia online store, my haul and the mini review.


You can now shop at Sephora Malaysia online 24/7 at

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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I’ve been window showing at Tempting! Today I received a newsletter on free shipping weekend. I’ll place my order just for the free shipping^^

    • Yay! Hope you got what you want 🙂 . I missed the Tarte blush set lol


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