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Anna Sui Cosmetics Spring Collection 2016 + A Look At The Newly Refurbished Counter in Anna Style

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 1
Anna Sui Cosmetics fans, rejoice! Anna Sui Malaysia had just refurbished all their counters recently, making the space even more spacious with more product display. Customers can now have more privacy and space to try the products out on the spot.

I paid a visit at the Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion counter yesterday to check out the new concept counter. If you are a frequent visitor to Parkson Pavilion you will recall that the previous Anna Sui counter is just a small lot in front of the escalator. Now, they have moved to the right side of the escalator and IT IS HUGE.

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 2
Now. What is so different with the new counter concept? What you are seeing at Anna Sui counter is actually a replicate of certain things from Anna Sui’s home. Like this red chest drawer.

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 3
This is my favourite. A vintagey, Victorian drawer table top.

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 4
This wallpaper is not just any wallpaper. Anna Sui have it in her home too.

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 5
And this red door. From Anna Sui home too 😀

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 6
And here is a quick tour and overlook on several of the island at Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion.

Facing the front is an island displaying current new release. In this case it is the Spring Collection 2016, which I will talk about later. At the back you can see some value set and current GWP offerings.

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 7
This is the main product display island. All the base makeup such as loose powder, compact powder, and liquid foundation is on one side. There are also a small collection of accessories for the vanity table such as hand mirror, table mirror, cosmetic tray, brush holder, brush and so on.

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 8
On the other side is more interesting. This is where all the colorful things in life are at.

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 9
At the far end is none other than the fragrance island. Anna Sui is not only known for the fashion line and cosmetics but also her fragrance collection.

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 10


Spring Collection 2016

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 11
For Spring 2016, the collection is divided into two sub category – Travel Stamps and Magic Trick.

Travel Stamps

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 12


Cream Cheek Color (RM98)

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 13
The Cream Cheek Color blush are inspired by the look of travel stamps, thus the stamping packaging you saw from the photo above. The sponge applicator reinvents the way you apply your blush. It is fun, convenient, and cool too.

The product features a generous amount of Balloon Powder – a hollow, spherical silica powder with a gel base that is able to soften when in contact with light pressure. The consistency is not so much of a cream bit a bouncy, velvety light powder. So it make sense when I tell you this blush sets immediately to a soft focus, powdery finish thanks to the Balloon Powder and Pore Smoothing Powder. However you will still have time to blend away with your fingers to get the glow-from-within look.

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 14
Overall, the Cream Cheek Color comes in seven shades. 300 being the lightest which acts as a highlighter, 303 being a Limited Edition shade and 400 being the Anna Red.

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 15
303 – Limited Edition Shade. The rest will be parked under the permanent line

Here are the swatches of all the Cream Cheek Color. Arm courtery of Chency 🙂

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 16


Limited Edition Double Lip Gloss N (RM98)

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 21
The Double Lip Gloss N is a dual-ended double lip gloss that offers a glittery lips with lustrous shine on one end, and a protective lip gloss with SPF20 on another end. It is very rarely to find a lip product that contains SPF and this is one of it!

The Glittering Lip Gloss is a light, moisturizing lip gloss for the plump-looking lips with lustrous shine. The Protective Lip Gloss SPF20 on another hand is a hydrating lip gloss with SPF20 to shield the lips from harmful UV rays. You can use both lip gloss together or individually. It is totally up to you 😀

There are three shades overall but for Malaysia we only have two – 01 and 02.

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 34
01 – Glittering (Vermillion shade), Protective (Coral Red shade). 02 – Glittering (Gold Sparkle shade), Protective (Fast Orange shade)

Double Lip Gloss N features two key ingredients group.

  1. Rosa Canina Fruit Extract and Honey – Moisturizing effect.
  2. Rosa Canina Fruit Oil – Emollient effect.


Magic Trick

Gel Foundation Primer (RM105 / 28g)

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 17
Primers nowadays comes in different texture and colours. The NEW Anna Sui Gel Foundation Primer is something that I have not seen before. Described as an ultra-hydrating primer inspired by the rich creamy texture of blancmanges, this primer spreads like a créme to conceal visible pores while its intensely moisturizing properties hydrates the skin.

The texture is like a pudding, which are able to goes back to it’s original form after a few seconds reminds me of Astalift Jelly Aquarysta. It is a water-based gel product that gives a luminous, hydrating shine to the face. When in contact, the product releases water to the skin. It has a feature called Moisture Veil that clings tightly onto the skin to lock in moisture. Its white-ish transparent colour on the other hand is because of the Clear Cover Powder in it. Combined with Trick Powder, which is also in the product, it conceal the pores and discolorations and gives the skin a soft focus effect. It also has a glossy Slide Powder to smooth out uneven skin and to remove any dullness.

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 18


Matte Powder Foundation (RM105 / 10g)

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 19
Now now now now. Anything with the word “matte” gets my attention. I love it when brands comes out with a matte base makeup product. The Matte Powder Foundation, I was told is virtually weightless like a loose powder but able to give the coverage needed for a luminous velvety-smooth complexion.

Apparently this new product features a unique raspberry-shaped powder molecule instead of the regular spherical (round) powder molecule found in most foundations. What this raspberry-shaped powder does is to diffused the light beatifully at all angles for a soft-focus effect.

It is made with a large amount of organic powder that naturally forms a strong bond with each other so less oil is used to make it into a press form. I touched the powder pan at the counter just so lightly and the powder loosen upon touch therefore less is more. When used with the included smooth-textured sponge, you will get a fine, fluffy powder so that the foundation glides onto the skin smoothly and effortlessly.

Anna Sui Parkson Pavilion 20
I did not adjust the brightness of this photo so that you can roughly see the shades

Overall, there are seven shades. 100 White Beige, 101 Light Beige, 102 Medium Beige, 103 Beige, 201 Light Pink Beige, 202 Pink Beige, and 303 Dark Pink Beige. 100 to 102 are yellow-tone base, 103, 201 to 203 are pink-tone base.

Last but not least, here is a gallery of the rest of Anna Sui products 🙂 . Click to enlarge.


Anna Sui Spring Collection 2016 is now available at all Anna Sui counters nationwide.

+ Cream Cheek Color – RM98
+ Double Lip Gloss N – RM98
+ Gel Foundation Primer – RM105
+ Matte Powder Foundation – RM105

For more information, please visit


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  • The counter so huge^^ I remember last year they have the lipstick in star shape right? I know you like everything star hehe. Do they still have the rose ring like the one on your IG??

    • Very huge. The Anna Sui sign so high that I couldn’t see the counter and walked pass it hehe. The rose ring? No more dear. Now all the lipstick are in star shape.


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