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Melvita Nectar de Miels: Let The Bees Takes Care of Your Dry and Sensitive Skin

Melvita Nectar De Miels
Earth Day 2016 falls on the 22nd April but I have celebrated the world’s largest environmental event a few months earlier back in January 2016, thanks to Melvita Malaysia for the launch of Nectar de Miels Body Care range. I have been keeping these new launch for months! I am so glad I am able to tell you about it now 😀

Melvita Nectar de Miels Body Care are catering for dry, very dry and sensitive skin thanks to a special ingredient Thyme Honey. This sort of explained why I was “planting” Thyme herb plant as seen on my Instagram. Melvita done a research and found the exceptional repairing power of thyme honey, which acts like a natural dressing with instant soothing effect. When combined with acacia and orange blossom honeys, it reveals this synergic effect to heal and rescue very dry and sensitive skin. Overall, the body care range consists of three products – Comforting Creamy Milk, Comforting Balm, and Comforting Hand Cream.

Nectar de Miels Comforting Creamy Milk (RM115 / 200ml)

Melvita Nectar De Miels Comforting Creamy Milk 1
Despite this body care range is catering for the dry and sensitive skin, I certainly do not fall into either category and yet I find this Comforting Creamy Milk to be one of the best body milk I have tried. Am I concern when I heard it is made for dry skin? Yes of course. But then again, I am someone who like to really oils up after night shower so I do not really mind.

The Comforting Creamy Milk is said to be less oily. It is rich in texture but has the texture of a typical body lotion. The scent is heaven! It is my favourite of all. It has thyme honey and a bit of floral note to it. The scent is mild but leaves a hint of sweet honey floral scent, which lingers till the next morning. Love! The packing too are upgraded. It has a build-on safety seal on the cap that you need to peel off in order to get the tube to open.

Melvita Nectar De Miels Comforting Creamy Milk 2
Besides the main ingredient Thyme Honey, there are three organic honeys complex in the product which works to protect and revitalizes the skin, plant-based glycerine to help restore skin elasticity, soline to repair, and alpha-bisabolol to soften the skin.

I must agree that it is quite rich so a little goes a long way. I applied this body milk like how I do with every other body care products – right after shower, while the skin is still a bit damp. This helps to lessen the product stickiness or richness making it more comfortable on the skin. I am so glad this does not smell like every other organic product. Thank goodness that it has a tiny hint of scent.

Melvita Nectar De Miels Comforting Creamy Milk 3


Nectar de Miels Comforting Balm (RM138 / 175ml)

Melvita Nectar De Miels Comforting Balm 1
The Comforting Balm on the other hand is more concentrated and richer in texture. Surprisingly, I find the texture to be even more smooth than the Comforting Creamy Milk! This tub of goodness here are more suitable for people with driest and most sensitive skin as the smooth and rich texture provides the skin instant soft and soothing effect.

This tub is sealed with a foil on the top, which we rarely see nowadays. There is no plastic shifter so I like to keep the foil attached to the tub till I am done with the whole jar. It is enriched with thyme honey for the repairing properties, complex of three organic honeys to protects and revitalizes, plant-based glycerine to restore elasticity, soline to repair, and alpha-bisabolol to soften from the very first application.

Melvita Nectar De Miels Comforting Balm 2
Comforting Balm is said to act like a natural, soothing “dressing” for extra-dry and extra sensitive skin suffering from the cold. It has the same floral, sweet honey scent as the Comforting Creamy Milk. Just as the other product in the range, the scent is just mild and not overpowering. As this balm is more creamier, I used it only on the dry spots such as the elbows, knee, feet (yes, you read right), and my thighs. I find that the product smooths out tiny rough bumps on the certain part of my body, which is now all smooth thanks to this Comforting Balm 😀 . Once I ran out of Comforting Creamy Milk (which is very soon), I will be using this Comforting Balm as my body lotion after shower.

Melvita Nectar De Miels Comforting Balm 3
Out of the three products from Nectar de Miels range, the only product I do not have in my possession is the Comforting Hand Cream (RM73 / 75ml or RM36 / 30ml). Yes you guessed it right. It is a rich hand cream. In fact, Melvita said it is the richest of all hand creams they have in their store. Whoa! I would need this to “grease” up my hands before sleep. The price is not too bad too 😉 . I guess the scent is the same as the two from the same range, which will be amazing to sniff.


Start Your Organic Journey This Earth Month

Melvita Nectar de Miels Earth Month Promo
French organic beauty brand, Melvita are doing their bit by bringing a touch of nature to our buzzing capital. From 1st April onwards, just spend RM100 and above in a single receipt and you will bring home a FREE organic starter kit, Nectar de Miels experience kit and organic Thyme herb potted plant. This healing herb plant has many medicinal benefits too when taken orally, besides being a culinary staple. Good for your skin, good for your health and good for the environment? It’s almost too sweet to bee-lieve…

Hurry up as it is limited to first 50 customers (each store) only! First come first served 😉


Melvita Nectar de Miels Body Care range is available at all Melvita stores nationwide or online at

+ Comforting Creamy Milk – RM115 for 200ml
+ Comforting Balm – RM138 for 175ml
+ Comforting Hand Cream – RM73 for 75ml / RM36 for 30ml

For more information, please visit Melvita Malaysia Website or Melvita Malaysia Facebook Page.


Disclaimer: Press gift. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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