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Accentuate the Beauty of Bare Skin with a Glowing Complexion with THREE New Base Makeup

THREE New Base Makeup
A good base makeup is not makeup that alter how your skin look but enhances its beauty. That is how I feel about base makeup 🙂 . THREE, a Japanese cosmetic brand that is based on achieving balance of the mind, body and skin has recently introduced its new Angelic base makeup. THREE is a well-known minimalist brand and when it comes to Japanese base makeup, I already know right off the bat that it is going to be a good one.

Japanese are into natural, glowy makeup look. It looked similar to the Korean but there is something about it that is complete different from the Korean that I personally like. Glowy but not dewy, definitely not oily. That’s Japanese makeup for you. Before we even talk about eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and so on, base makeup is the essence in creating the perfect natural, flawless look. THREE’s base makeup accentuates the beauty of bare skin with a glowing complexion. In another word, a healthy skin that translated into flawless skin.

So, what’s new? New naturally-derived botanical ingredients that’s gentle on the skin, easily blend, harmless and enhances the nature beauty of your skin. This time, THREE inflused a new ingredient – Seabuckthorn oil (沙棘), an oil that are derived from plants in a group of species of the genus Hippophae, the most commonly used of which is Hippophae rhamnoides. It firms the skin, improves unevenness and dullness, is antiantioxidative and adds a transparent effect.


THREE Angelic Complexion Primer SPF 22/PA+++ – RM183 / 30ml (available in 5 new shades)

I’ve not had many experiences with color correcting makeup primer and don’t be surprise if I tell you this was my first time trying. I was blown away. When it comes to color correcting primer, I would think of something thick and somewhat opaque. Now, these Angelic Complexion Primer from is a total different case. It is smooth and lightweight but it does give a color correcting coverage. Just nice, not too thick and scary looking. Makeup primer is important to keep the sebum at bay but also important to provide the necessary moisture to the skin. You will find the product to contain shea butter in high formulation ratio as that enable moisture to be retained and to protect the skin.

THREE Angelic Complexion Primer
Angelic Complexion Primer contains 7 types of botanical oils namely NEW Seabuckthorn Oil, Tea Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter, and Beeswax. It is available in 5 new shades to cater to different skin needs:

  • 01 Pink Petal: This is a pink undertone primer that brighten up the skin and to use to balance pale skin by adding a flushed complexion. Best suit fair and cool-toned skin.
  • 02 Just Peachy: This peach undertone primer spread away almost to match every skin tone. It even skin tone out by removing dullness entirely. Best suit warm-toned skin.
  • 03 Yellow Rose: An interesting yellow undertone primer that is used to tone down redness and remove dullness. It also brighten up the skin beautifully, especially for warm tone complextion. This primer suits warm and cool-toned skin that are concerned with dullness, especially those with fair reddish skin.
  • 04 Minty Froth: A green undertone primer used to tone down skin redness or acne scars. It can be used on both warm and cool-toned skin that has reddish skin concern.
  • 05 Apricot Blossom: An orange undertone primer mainly used to neutralize dullness (including cool blue-toned dullness). Best suit darker or tanned skin tone who has dull skin concern.

These 5 color correcting Angelic Complexion Primer also comes with new formulation. Besides being a skin tone correcting primer, it acts as a second skin color and finishes with a lucent reflection powder effect. Extremely lightweight without extreme coverage on the skin but enable the skin tone to adjust just by a translucent tinted layer instead. It is infused with THREE colour pearl to control pores, wrinkles and skin roughness. These primers are made with a mixture of 3 primary color combination – Red to improve complexion, Green to manipulate the skin tone and Blue for a firmer skin effect.


THREE Angelic Symbiosis Foundation SPF 10/PA+++ – RM236 / 30g (available in 4 new shades)

Now, foundation. We all are somehow intrigued with new foundation. The New Angelic Symbiosis Foundation complements the Angelic Complexion Primer very well. This foundation features a new technology that concentrates powder into jam-textured oil gel. This technology enables its user to skip powder setting. Despite the finishing looking like a matte finish, it finishes to a frosty, translucent cool gloss, which carries a different effect from a matte finish.

THREE Angelic Symbiosis Foundation
Angelic Symbiosis Foundation contains 7 types of botanical oils in high formulation to retain moisture and to protect the skin namely New Seabuckthorn Oil, Tea Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter and Bees Wax. It is available in 4 new shades:

  • 01 Winsome Water Lily: Corresponds with existing foundation colours of 100, 101, 102
  • 02 Dearest Dahlia: Corresponds with existing foundation colours of 202, 203
  • 03 Magnificent Magnolia: Corresponds with existing foundation colours of 204, 205, 206
  • 04 Captivating Camellia: Corresponds with existing foundation colours of 208, 210

The foundation is unique in the sense that it has powder in oil gel formula. It gives the skin a smooth finishing, without the need to set it with a powder. The formulation is also rather unique. The combination of glossy flat powder in the foundation and light dispersing ball-shaped powder, controls the texture of the skin with a soft and frosty texture. So the skin does look super healthy with the bouncy effect but not oily. It has oil control function as it is formulated with oil control powder to moisturize the skin while controlling excess sebum. Sweat and sebum resistant, what more could I ask for? 🙂


THREE Radiant Wand Invisible Concealer – RM166 / 5g (available in 5 new shades)

Radiant Wand Invisible Concealer is a stick concealer with multiple usage such as on the under eyes to conceal visible dark circles, acne scars, freckles or pigmentations. Not all concealer is a multi-tasking concealer and this one does. It contains 80% naturally derived ingredients and 7 types of botanical oils such as the New Seabuckthorn Oil, Tea Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter and Bees Wax.

THREE Radiant Wand Invisible Concealer
Radiant Wand Invisible Concealer is available in 5 new shades:

  • 01: Compatible with existing foundation colours of 100, 101, 102, 202
  • 02: Compatible with existing foundation colours of 203, 204
  • 03: Compatible with existing foundation colours of 205, 206
  • 04: Compatible with existing foundation colours of 206 05: Compatible to existing foundations colours of 210

When it comes to stick concealer, one would think that it would be a thick concealer and that is not the case with this. It goes on the skin creamy, with just the right amount of thickness so that it adhere better on the skin. After all, this is a concealer for covering skin flaws as well. It’s Smooth Fix formulation make sure that the concealer doesn’t budge from the skin. It has soft balloon powder to conceal skin concerns evenly and naturally with just a thin layer. The pearl-shaped powder enables the concealer to cover dark circles, acne scars, freckles or pigmentations without much effort, unlike liquid concealer.

Have you try THREE cosmetics before? Something worth to check out if you are into minimalist, clean packaging like I do and if you are into healthy looking skin makeup 😉


THREE New Base Makeup is available at all THREE stores nationwide.

+ Angelic Complexion Primer SPF 22/PA+++ (available in 5 new shades), 30ml – RM183
+ Angelic Symbiosis Foundation SPF 10/PA+++ (available in 4 new shades), 30g – RM236
+ Radiant Wand Invisible Concealer (available in 5 new shades), 5g – RM166

For more information, please visit THREE Website, THREE Malaysia Facebook and THREE Malaysia Instagram.


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